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TU Darmstadt – MS in DSS – FAQ

Question 1: I heard from many people that course is very tough and generally take 2.5 to 3 years to complete. Is this true?

According to me, the course is doable in 2yr.  I finished all my credits in 1.5 yrs. I’m planning to do a voluntary internship just for my own desire before my thesis. So I essentially completed the course in 2yrs and I strongly disagree with the fact that the course is tough. May be because previous semesters the university did not filter properly in giving admissions to foreign students… as a result, a lot of less motivated students got in and only they keep spreading such false news. If you are focused it’s kinda normal.. not very easy, not tough either. Many of the good students from year intake have almost finished their credits in 1.5 yrs and about to start with thesis coming semester.

 Question 2: Since this course is more focused towards Distributed Software Development , what level of coding or programming skill is required?

This is new to me.  Are you talking about Distributed Software Systems. May be I haven’t checked homepage for long time. I would say, basic programming skills are sufficient, but you should have willingness to learn. Else it would be useless to do the course. Because every theory lectures is complimented with an exercise session which in turn has theory and practicals. However Exercises are optional.

According to me, and to professors,  taking a lecture without exercise is like just mugging up theory and writing exams.You don’t gain knowledge. By taking exercises, you can improve programming skills in different areas, step by step. Even if you didn’t have a super duper coding skills already.

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Question 3: What is the job prospect after this course?

Plenty of job opportunity for this course, but we need to put in efforts to find them and pick them. Motivated students get recognitions from professors, thesis and research opportunities keep coming to your hands. But if students want to just time pass and do some part time job earn money not concentrating on course,  professors won’t even mind you exist

Question 4: Due to many international students coming in, finding part time job and accommodation is quite difficult. Is this true?

Accommodations. Yup. It is crazy. You will have a tough time in finding one. But don’t worry you will have a bunch of guys accompanying you in the search and for your initial stay you can always manage with some Indian friends here. In your second semesters, you would get your own accommodation from Studentenwerk, which is kinda government and university accommodation thingy. Hope you have already registered for that.

Part time jobs: I am not a big fan of part time jobs. Nor do the professors encourage them. They strictly dislike it. Reason, if you do part time you tend to miss out many lectures and exercise classes. However you can still pass the exams, which many Indians do. Some get carried away by the money they earn and concentrate more on part times than the study. So, they take only few credits per semester and keep doing the course for 3 years or more. Now you understand where does the rumor, the course is tough, it takes 3 years to complete come from. Finding a part time IT job is pretty easy here. Every tom dick and Harry has a part time here. You also have opportunities like student assistant and research assistant at the university.

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Question 5: What type of profile does student target after this course ? What type of Job they get ?

To be frank the scope is wide. Students can align their interest and profile based on their interests such as

  • Communications and technology
  • Peer to peer
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Security
  • Databases, Data Analyst, Warehouse, Mining – is other possibility
  • Wireless Technology, Mobile Applications


Completely into Static Code Analysis, OS Security, Optimizers, functional programming, Software Design etc. So once you are specialized in any of these areas based on your interest, you search for related  offerings in Industry. I am focusing on Big Data Analysis, Cloud Technologies, Search Engines etc.. for which I am doing few external courses also. So for full time, you get start as a Software Entwickler(developer) in any of these fields.


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