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German Grade Calculator

German Grade Calculator
German Grade Calculator

Wanted to know German grade scale equivalent for your academic score? Tired of seeing huge formulas  on other websites to get it converted? Well, here’s our very own German Grade Calculator. Simple and ease to use. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Let everyone else benefit from this free tool.

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Grading Practice in Germany

International students who wish to study in German Universities need to understand the German Grading system and calculate their German scores for two reasons. First, they need to translate the school report into the German method of grading for sending the application to the German institutes. Second, for their understanding of how the German education system works, and how much marks they need to score to make it to the elite German schools.

In Germany, the grading system comprises of grade scale from one to six; grade one means excellent, and grade six means very poor. If a student achieves grade five or Six, it means he didn’t pass the exam. This system is used in from the year one to year ten in German schools, and also at advanced universities and colleges. 

Here’s the translation of German grades from 1.0 to 6.0: 

  • 1.0 indicates Very Good
  • 2.0 indicates Good
  • 3.0 indicates Satisfactory 
  • 4.0 indicates Adequate  
  • 5.0 indicates Poor
  • 6.0 indicates Very Poor

If the German Grading system were to be compared with the international scale, here’s what the assessment scale would indicate 

PercentageInternation GradeGerman ScaleIndication
90 – 100%A1.0 – 1.5Excellent
80 – 90%B1.6 – 2.3Very Good with few errors
65 – 80%C2.4 – 2.9Good, with some errors
55 – 65%D3.0 – 3.5Satisfactory, with many errors
50 – 55%E3.6 – 4.0Sufficient

Grade Conversion as per the German Grading Scale 

There are a variety of grade conversion systems that can help a student have an estimation and reasonable approximation of their scores in terms of German grading standard. One such grading conversion system which is used in most of the German schools when they screen an international student is the Modified Bavarian formula. The Modified Bavarian method comprises of three factors that are considered for calculating the German score; the best possible score in the International grading system, the lowest passing score in the International grading system, the marks obtained by the student. The resulting value after this calculation 

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Grading Practice in Indian Institutes or Universities 

In most of the colleges or universities in India, the students are marked either through the 10-point scale called the Cumulative GPA (CGPA), or just the plain percentages. The 10-point scale (in most of the elite universities of India) are relative, or absolute. Some Indian universities grade the students very stringently, and the majority of German Institutes thrash away from the applications straightway if the GPA is more than 2.50. 

Considering how the minimum pass percentage for graduate-level colleges in India is 50%, the calculation of grades as per German standard turns out to be 4.00, which is something no elite University will entertain. If you are an average student who scores 7.0 or 70% in the Indian University Examination, it means that your German scale or GPA would be 2.80 (above 2.50), and again something that will not get you admission in premium institutes of Germany. This will not work. Hence, if you are an Indian student, bear it in mind that your German score should be below 2.50.

Our German Grade Calculator: We’ve Got it Simplified for you

We have an incredible grade conversion tools that have been designed with the primary motive to assess International students to learn whether or not they are eligible to send applications to their dream Universities in Germany. There are millions of candidates all over the world who wish to study in Germany and pursue the Bachelors, Masters, or the Doctorates degrees from the elite institutes. The reasons from Choosing Germany instead of other countries could vary, but to name few, it is mostly the excellent job opportunities, technical education quality, lower tuition fees, and the opportunity to explore the world. 

Given the unprecedented demand conjuring in front of the aspirants, it’s common for them to be skeptical about the eligibility criteria, and that’s why we’ve built a tool dedicated to serving that purpose alone. This tool made as per the Modified Bavarian formula estimates German grade by calculating the CGPA or the total percentage. With this tool, you don’t need to apply the complex formula to get your score converted. Here, we’ve got you our very own tool which not only simple to use but also assures an accurate estimation. 

The tool requires you to insert the following:

  1. Highest obtainable grade or percentage in your University
  2. Minimum criteria to pass the examination
  3. The percentage or CGPA you scored in the examination
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As soon as you insert the answers for all the three requirements, our tool will calculate your German GPA and display it to your computer/mobile screen within one second (or lesser).  After the conversion, if your score turned out to be lesser than 2.5, bear in mind that you have a higher chance to get admission in the German University of your choice. 

Things you need to know before sending the application to German Institutes:

1.    Refrain from Converting your percentage or CGPA to German grading system (Unless specifically asked). Most of the German Institutes when accepting applications from International students don’t even ask the students to write down their scores as per the German grading system. It’s advisable that you apply to such universities without converting the scores. You can apply with the CGPA or percentage obtained. Just mention that it’s as per your University grading system. 

2.    If your university has a very stringent policy of Grading, only tell them the maximum marks obtained by the student, and your grade or percentage relative to the student who topped the class. In short, you can mention that you belong within the top 10th percentile. There are several German universities that take consideration of this factor and give special attention to students who have passed the exam from University with the stringent grading system. 

3.    Make sure to add something like this to your LOR: Ms./Mr. X was among the top 5th of top 10th students in the class. This may earn the selector’s attention. But don’t fool around and provide false information because German Universities always scan the LORs and screen the provided information before judging the student by their bachelor’s grade. 

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Final Verdict on German Grade Calculation 

There are a variety of grade conversion systems that can help a student have an estimation and reasonable approximation of their scores in terms of German grading standard. These systems are based on some of the proven formula used at Elite German Universities. While the method is almost accurate, it can be daunting at first. 

Hence, at OnlineMacha, we provide the aspirants with free German Grade Calculation tool. With this tool, you don’t need to apply the complex formula to get your score converted. Here, we’ve got you our very own tool which is not only simple to use but also assures an accurate estimation. Try this tool today and estimate your eligibility to get admission in your Dream German University.


  1. I hope u help me out. Im currently in my 7th sem, Electronics and Communication Dept from Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore. I have a bad GRE score 302(Q=160, V=142, A=4), but a TOEFL score of 104(R=28, L=26, S=24, W=26) and GPA 7.5 in my undergrad and 10th and 12th score of 92%. I want to pursue robotics or mechatronics in RWTH or TUM, I want to know whether do i have to take my GRE again, because of my low GRE Score. I also have 2 projects, 1 research paper and 2 internships at B.E.L and B.S.N.L. for 1 month. Pls reply.

  2. My Advanced level results were 39.8.Am I eligible to do Bachelor in accounting in any German university. And what other business courses am I eligible to do with that weight. Thanks.

  3. hi my BE score is 2.42 on german scale i want CS course in germany in English language , pls tell me list of university that should i apply more referable is free or loe fees university.

  4. Hi,my B.E percentage in german grade is 2.90 and 10 th is 1.48 and 12 th is 2.25 with IELTS 6.5 and work experience of 2 Years in Software related automotive, can i get admission in any of Germany universities for Mechatronics or Automotive ?

  5. My grades
    B.E. – 2.9
    10th – 1.48
    12th – 2.25
    2 years experience in automotive software development and testing
    preferable field of study- mechatronics and automotive
    Am I eligible to apply for the universities?

  6. Hi my German gpa is 2.7 and I’m interested in applying for a masters program in economics. I have a GRE score of Q155 V148 and a working experience in banking close to 4 years.Will I be considered for admission since almost all the schools want 2.5. Kindly assist

    • Certainly YES! On the positive side, you’ve got ample years of relevant industry experience which will work in your favor. SOP plays crucial role in cases like this, so make sure your SOP is well written. Our suggestion for you is to apply to as many universities as possible, not just the best ones.

      Onlinemacha team can help with SOP if you require assistance, contact us to get a quote.

  7. I’m currently in my 3rd year of BTech Mechanical Studies with 2.29 german grade equivalent with 1-2 month industry internships and few projects, do I need a formal work experience to apply for Masters in Systems Engineering or Mechatronics, does work experience increase your chances of getting selected?

    • Having relevant work experience(WE) is recommended but not mandatory. From our experience, if you’re overall academic score is good, not-having WE shouldn’t be a blocker. However, if you’re fellow applicant has better profile with WE then he stands a better chance than you.

      Our suggestion for you is to have relevant work experience if you can. Meanwhile keep applying for universities. If you happen to get an admit, you can always leave the job.

      Note: Applications for mechanical courses are quite competitive in Germany

  8. hi sir, i am nirav malaviya. i have completed my B.C.A in april 2019. i got 8.9 out 10 cgpa. In german grade 1.51 and i got 5.5 in ielts exam.can i apply in german public universities ? please guide me.
    i want to apply in master computer science or information technology

  9. Hi sir,
    I am shyam, complete my B. Tech in mechanical from Symbiosis international university with 2.8/4.00 cgpa. Also I have Master degree in Industrial Automation with 9.00/10 cgpa. I do have 2 years experience in industrial automation and control. Ielts- 6.5 and German language- A2. B1 is pursuing. Preferd course is mechatronic and robotic or Automation and control. How is the chance for getting admit?

  10. My 10th percentile is : 91.09%
    My 12th percentile is : 65%
    My BE percentile is : 65%
    according to the german grade i have : 2.74
    Ielts : 7.5
    I am willing to apply for Masters course in Artificial Intelligence or Embedded Engineering or any course related to Electrical engineering or Electronics Engineering.
    Which universities would you suggest?

  11. Hi, I’m looking for doing my undergraduate and post-graduation from Germany.
    My profile is 1Year university completed with CGPA of 2.46 out of 4.00 which in german great 3.31. IELTS 5.5overall ( R5.5,W5.5,L5.5,S5.5) And now completing A1.0 German language course. Could you please suggest me some public university to apply for This winter intake (MY study background is Business Studies) So I’m looking for the subjects like ( Business related any king of subjects or Social science, Political Science, etc.)


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