Applying for H1B Visa: When to apply? How to apply?

Applying for H1B Visa in 2014. When to apply for H1B Visa FY 2015 Quota? How to apply? How soon can i apply? Who will apply for H1B Visa 2014.

Applying for H1B Visa

Your lawyer/employer will apply H1b Visa for you. you just need to provide them the documents they need such as Education certificates, resume, previous paystubs etc. USCIS is the government agency that is issuing H1B Visas. There are three steps in Applying for H1B visa –

1) Your employer/sponsor will apply for LCA (Labour Condition application).
2) Once they receive LCA approval, lawyer will do the H1B documentation. They prepare form I-129 and other H1B supporting documents, H1B Visa fee check.
3) Lawyer will post the documents to USCIS.

When to apply for H1B Visa

Your lawyer will apply for H1B Visa on or after April 1st of 2014. Usually USCIS will accept applications in first five business days of April. If Cap is reached (received enough number of applications) in first five business days USCIS will conduct lottery for the received applications. If the cap is not reached USCIS will continue accepting H1B visa petitions until Cap is reached.

Can i apply before April 1st?

If you apply for H1B visa before April 1st, your application will be returned. So you should never apply before April 1st. Make sure your lawyer will not post documents early and spoil your visa petition.

May 14, 2017

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