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Required GRE Scores for Harvard

GRE Score requirements for Harvard. Want to know what it takes to get into masters program at Harvard? Here is data about the GRE score for Harvard.


One of the most oldest universities in the world, Harvard University is one of ivy league universities and so tough to get into. It has acceptance rate of 9% for engineering programs, but if you have the right scores and have a stunning profile, then nothing should stop you from applying to Harvard.

Given below are GRE scores to get into Harvard based on US News data.

For Master’s Programs in Engineering

Verbal Reasoning Score Range : 156 – 160
Quantitative Reasoning Score Range : 161 – 165
Analytical Writing Score Range : 3.5 – 4.5

For Doctoral Programs in Engineering

Verbal Reasoning Score Range : 152 – 155
Quantitative Reasoning Score Range : 157 – 161
Analytical Writing Score Range : 4.0 – 5.0

Only GRE scores won’t get you an admit. However, GRE scores in the range mentioned supported with great academics, SOP, LORs will certainly put you in great position to be considered by Harvard.

Many departments are considering PhD application only. Harvard is the most competitive university in USA. GRE Minimum of 325 is suggested when applying for Gradauate programs at Harvard.

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