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Update 2018: Problems with US H1B and F1 Visa

Should you consider studying in the US with Trump as the President?

If you have been planning on going to the united states for your masters, you must have heard about the turmoil after Trump became the president. There are tons of problems with US H1B and F1 Visa cropping up every single day, it is making life strenuous for students who wish to go to the United States for further studies. And for those who reside in the universities, it has become a nightmare to even think about the hefty loans they took before flying in the country with high hopes and expectations.

In case if you have not already acknowledged the fact that Indians and other foreign students are not only unwelcome and unwanted but are even thrown out of the United States, read on.

The trump revolution

The H1B visa was originally introduced to render companies with highly skilled professionals on a temporary basis for a specified skill. This helped people from all over the world to work in one of the greatest countries on the planet, the United States of America. It gave immense wealth, education, knowledge, experience and learning to individuals. But after regular monitoring of the statistics about the H1B Visa, it was found that many companies are hiring people from other countries such as India, China, Germany, Japan, Australia and many more to do regular jobs which need no specialization.

After a while, this became a substantial reason for the unemployment of Americans. Contributing to the chaos, these IT companies began misusing the power of H1B Visa and started outsourcing people just to have the work done at a minimum wage, thereby saving billions on their net profit.

All this has been put to a halt by Trump, he has reasonably decreased the number of approved H1B visa in an attempt to increase the American employment ratio and regain its original purpose of giving out permissions to only those with highly specialized skills and valuable knowledge.

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In addition, the problems with H1B Visa, the president has also put a plethora of orders on immigrants and foreign students with respect to the F1 Visa. Increased scrutiny admission process has caused a significant decrease in foreign universities. Also, those who are currently in undergrad or other programs are burdened with the thoughts of even staying back in the United States after their OPT’s, let alone finding jobs.

Ivy league stamp is not helping in finding jobs

Image source: https://www.happyschools.com/f1-visa-approvals-india-declines/

Ivy league schools leverage the education and job opportunities segment all over the world. But unfortunately, after Trump’s extensive changes in the policies regarding international students and careers in the United States, even Ivy leagues have lost the battle.

Of course, their degree will hold much higher value than the rest of the universities and colleges, but when it comes to Visa approvals, the ball still lies in the court of the government. Majority of the companies which proffer international students job opportunities after their programs are not willing to sponsor their H1B Visa, the remaining few have too strict policies and are extremely difficult to get into. This has made crucial cuts on the whole education system for foreign students.

Unwelcomed in the United States

Apart from these unsettling and upsetting facts about how difficult it is becoming to get jobs in the United States, people are literally counting their chickens and booking return flight tickets to their home country. People are going bankrupt, families are suffering and destabilizing because of financial and emotional setbacks. A huge shift has been observed in countries like Canada, Australia, China and Germany in the last 2 years. Consistent rules on restricting foreign students to get jobs and settle down in the country have led to a massive decrease in the migration rate along with the uprooting of already present employees.

For those who worked part-time jobs, took massive study loans, even got scholarships, life has become disconcert and hopeless. Times were different 3 years back, imagine that you have your life settled, work a regular job with a handsome money to live in one of the most expensive countries on the earth, and all of a sudden it is rampaged.

Think about the young kids who have always dreamt of pursuing an MBA from Harvard, or an MS from Stanford, have a great job and settle in the United States. Maybe you are one of those kids who plan to go on for higher studies and now are delving in deep dismay. We have sorted out all the possible solutions one could take at present.

Solutions to pay hefty debts, earn money and finally settle in the United States

Remember that every individual is different, each option comes with its own cost and it won’t necessarily make you happy at first. But it will be worth in the long run.

  • If you are a student who is planning to go to the United States for higher education, consider other countries which have a relaxing job opportunity tenure after your course. Explore similar options you were looking in the United States in China, Australia, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. This will also give you a huge ease with finance.
  • If you are a student who is currently studying at a university in the United States, begin with your job hunting as soon as possible. However, this has a greater possibility of failing, so resort to other countries for work. Search if there are any countries which will accept you and sponsor your Visa, or else start looking for jobs in your home country furiously. Do not stick to the United States thinking something big might turn up at the last minute. You will only be wasting time.
  • If you are an employee who is on H1B Visa, learn and expand your skills, create a dependency on yourself in your company so that you have an edge over the whole scenario. Remember, the H1B Visa is still applicable to those who are highly skilled and needed in the tech sector. Planning for a start-up in your home country or finding jobs already can also be an alternative for you.
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