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GRE Exam Tips And Tricks


So you are planning to give your GRE Test soon and panicking, rushing, floating back and forth worrying about it? We know the feeling and the intense last set of days when the REAL COUNTDOWN BEGINS.

This is the time you had been waiting for years and now you are having second thoughts about the whole idea in the first place? Or maybe you are forgetting the easiest quant formula that you read last night.

Students who score the highest do not have superhero brains or magic formulas, all they do is put their focus into one thing and excel in it. Here are some SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE TIPS AND TRICKS that could help you score better in your GRE Test.

Everyday Tips To Crack Your GRE With A Good Score

Practice, Practice And More practice!

The more you practice, the handier will the questions and their formulas become for you. Feed information to your brain on a regular basis, make it like a usual everyday habit so that it gets registered in the mind and comes out naturally. 

Pay High Attention To Detail

There are some questions in the quants section which require high attention to detail. It might be as simple as BODMAS which you might not even consider thinking of how big of an exam GRE is. Never go for the obvious assumptions. 

Hang On There!

It might be your first, second or third chance at the test, but you need to assimilate one thing hard in your head that you need to hang on there! Maybe you left your job for this, or you left going out and hanging out with people, and you want to clear it this time with shooting scores. Remember that everything has a time, all you need to do is give your best and have patience.

Tips And Tricks For Solving The Verbal Section Quicker And Better

Identify The Tone Of The Question

Try to understand the tone of the question from the words that it contains and the options it has for its answers. Supposedly, if there is a fill in the blank with two options, one is positive and the other is negative, ask yourself “Is the sentence leading me in a positive or a negative direction?”, “Is it sounding harmful or harmless?” 

Don’t Go For The Obvious Answer

At times the passages contain factually wrong information and since your brain is really smart, it just blurts out the actual facts in the answers whereas the Test demands the answers to be drawn with reference to the passage, irrespective of how factually wrong it might be.

Process Selected Information

The comprehension get too lengthy at times making you stuck at just one page. You absolutely do not need to read line by line. Try practising reading in between the lines and get answers from selected information.

Tips And Tricks For Solving The Quants Section Faster

Cross Check The “Units”

This is often a silly mistake which most of the students make while giving GRE. Some questions require you to change the units of the answer, which results in a completely different digit set that you got initially.

For example: If you have been given a question about temperatures and you have 4 options :

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  1. 70 C
  2. 73 F
  3. 158 F
  4. 80 C

How would you normally solve this? Consider the value you get after solving is 70.

Now you might just throw out 158 F and 80 C out of the window right away. From the remaining two you will think for a moment and go for 70 C anyway! You go home, check the answer key and bam! The answer was 158 F, you were supposed to convert the answer into F.

Design A Systematic Approach

The test tries to analyse your observational and logical skills in almost all of the questions. They don’t want the students to waste their time on useless 10 line questions but they still give them in the paper, only to nudge the student to decode the huge question in bits and pieces.

Skip It, Don’t Get Stuck

We believe that if we spend 2 more minutes on a question, we might be able to crack it down but that’s a rare case in reality. If an answer doesn’t strike you in the first 30 seconds you might not be able to get it in the next 5 minutes as well.

Tips And Tricks For Analytical Writing

Make Strong And Declarative Statements

Pick a side and give your logical opinion about it, avoid mentioning the word “I” too much and make your statements strong like they stand true for the world. Refrain from writing in a dubious manner, rather be confident about the topic and sound independent for it.

Use Real-World Examples

It is one of the best ways to get attention to your writing, imagine if you were a teacher and were given 2 sets of answer sheets. One, which is written completely on hypotheticals and assumptions with everything in theory. Another, which gives you 5 facts about the topic, an in-depth study about the future consequences

Your Experience Should Speak Up!

If you have a background with business then your writing should sound more or less like a business prospect, include terms that you are familiar with, which work in the industry. then it is expected that you write in a particular manner with a specific tone to your writing. However, GRE treats everyone on the same bars more or less, practice more writing with a hefty portion of good vocabulary and examples.

The Ultimate Tips For Your GRE Test Day

Stop Studying!

Give yourself a break, breathe in and out, go for a run, cuddle with your dog and listen to your favourite song. It is okay to panic and stress out before the test but remember that it can potentially ruin your exam so stop stressing and ease up. There’s absolutely nothing that you can mug up in the last-minute anyway.

Be Before time

Reach your allotted examination centre before time, almost an hour. There are certain procedures that you have to complete before writing the test which takes a substantial amount of time. Make sure you carry all the documents that you need for the test procedures.

Take A “Break” In The “Break”

You will be given breaks in between of the test, go grab a sandwich or some juice, freshen up and stretch your body. Do not run through your notes as the hasty writings only confuse you more!

Be prepared for anything that might come your way, remember that this is not the last attempt you have and this is not the last option left in the world for you. Value yourself and realise your potential before anything.

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