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GRE Score for Carnegie Mellon University

One of the finest grad school, ranked #5 by US news, Carnegie Mellon University. What are the GRE scores for Carnegie Mellon University? This article explains. CMU Requirements for GRE General test score are a way above normal score for other universities. Average GRE score for admission is also given.


Selection of universities is a challenging task. The following data show the GRE score required for Carnegie Mellon University.

For Master’s Programs in EngineeringVerbal Reasoning Score Range : 152 – 156

Quantitative Reasoning Score Range : 159 – 163
Analytical Writing Score Range : 3.0 – 4.5

For Doctoral Programs in Engineering

Verbal Reasoning Score Range : 154 – 158
Quantitative Reasoning Score Range : 162 – 166
Analytical Writing Score Range : 4.0 – 5.0

These test scores should come along with fine acads, good written SOP, heavy weight LORs and relevant projects; then Carnegie Mellon University is not too away for you.

CMU has not listed any minimum score for any departments. But it is always suggestible to apply if you have 315+ GRE.

Institute code for GRE , TOEFL score report : 2074

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