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MS Computer Science at University of Paderborn

Few words on Paderborn CS:

*I am no longer studying in Paderborn so those who are studying here, feel free to comment your views as well  I am just writing generic info since I am getting lot of PM asking for the same.

1. CS Department: Its quite reputed (specially in Germany and some part of Europe). I am getting lot of queries regarding difficulty level. I would say, its not too tough but its not that easy either. All depends on your fundamentals. If you are good at fundamentals then it should not be too tough on you. However, there is difference between difficult syllabus and management related issues (for eg: module structures, need to clear both exams then only your module is clear, different rules for different specialization). Unfortunately in PAderborn you have to deal with both these factors resulting into lot of frustration at students end. If you are in PAderborn then do not compare yourself with other universities like RWTH, TU Darmstadt or any FH’s since completing masters from PAderborn is itself an Achievement.  With proper technique and study plan you can clear it in respectable time. Professors has adequate knowledge in their field.

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2. Time taken for graduation: In most of the cases its more than 2.6 years so be mentally prepare.

3. Students jobs: There are few jobs available in university under professor and HNI institute. Lot of students are already doing hiwi under them. If you know German, then you can apply for other jobs as well in the university.

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4. Specialization: PAderborn is offering 4 different specialization. However, most of the English speaking courses are available under Software Engineering. Do not even think about going for Human Interaction specialization since they do not have enough subjects in English.

5. Internship: Most of the people from CS do not opt for this option since university does not give you any credits points for it unlike other universities. There are few CS companies near university wher you can apply for internship if you want.

6. jobs: I really have no idea about it. If you doing masters from job prospective then I wont recommend you Paderborn because its more of a Research institute. If you have plans for PhD then Paderborn is one of the best university in Software Engineering domain.

My 2 cents about CS.

– Ninad Gawade


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