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Germany Survival Tips

First of all, make sure you’ve a glance at this document on Predeparture Tips.

Germany Survival Tips #1

  • Keep the jam/butter u get in the flight.They come in handy in the first few days when u are jetlagged and dnt feel like preparing your food.
  • Don’t run about looking for an aquaguard/water purifier.There aint any.Accept it and fill your botttle/glass from the kitchen basin.U wont get sick.Believe me.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you open the giant window in your room and see it almost falling on you.It opens 2 way- one-the normal way,the other opens from the top.
  • Don’t get all uptight if the tram door does not open for you at the station.Look for the button near the door,it opens as soon as u press it.make sure to remember that!
  • Make it a point to carry you room keys everywhere.Remember once the door closes behind u its locked for good.


Germany Survival Tips #2

  • Refrain from stepping onto the the track bordered by red lines on the pavement.Of course you may choose to ignore the warning.The worst thing that may happen is that u get run over by a bike
  • There are no fans here.None whatsoever.There is the dryer in the laundry rum for which u have to cough up 1 euro everytime u use it.And there is the rum heater.Both dry stuff pretty quick.U decide
  • Its a “give me some sunshine,give me some rain” scenario out here.Keep am umbrella/raincoat with u.At all times.
  • Dont confuse between the 50 cent and 1 euro coins.The 1 euro may be comparatively smaller but its worth is (of course)greater!
  • Plaster a smile on ur face everytime u step outside.These Germans are a friendly lot.And ensure that u know the usual “guten tag” “,guten morgen”,”tschuss” etc.Inclusion of “Danke”(thank u)in ur vocab is mandatory:)
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