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List of H1B visa Interview Questions

List of H1B visa Interview Questions. This article talks about H1B Visa Interview Questions asked by visa officers at different US Consulates and answers for H1B Visa Stamping. You can also add your recent H1B Visa experience in the comment section of this post.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

Usually consulate follow some patterns in H1B Visa Interview Questions. Set of Visa Interview questions vary from consulate to consulate and the details they look into. So, make sure you go through recent H1B visa Interview Questions at that particular consulate in recent times. Remember that US Consualtes in Mexico won’t process first time F1 to H1B Visa stamping. You can attend US H1B visa stamping at US Consulates across the world. Most of the US Consualts process H1B Visa stamping except a few. Indians usually prefer Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary.

H1B Visa Interview is really tough in Hyderabad and Chennai Consulate and Simple in Canada.

H1B Visa Interview Questions – About You

Usually H1B visa Stamping interview starts with basic questions about you. These questions are intended to check your visa status and to verify basic details about you – like your education, previous immigration. You enter most of these details on DS-160. Frame the answers according to your situation.

Question: Why are you visiting USA?

Answer: To work for XXXXX(Your Employer Name)

Who is your Employer?

Tell your Employer name (not the client)

What do you for your Employer?

I work as a ‘Your Title’

What are your responsibilities?

I do programming on Health care claims processing with my skills XXXXX for our Client ###. If you are a Fulltime employee, you don’t need to mention the client name.

How long have been on H1B visa?

X years. Y Months

Did you do masters in USA?


Which university and what major?

Once you give the answer, your visa chances may increase. US Embassy visa officer have good impression on Advanced degree holders from USA.

H1B Visa Interview(Stamping) Questions on Employer

These questions are on your H1B sponsoring employer to find some details about him. Usually these questions are find whether your employer is good guy or fraudulent. Make sure you know about your employer activity and business before attending visa interview. Frequently asked H1B visa interview question are employer are listed here.

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What is your Employer’s Business?

Briefly describe about his business, like – Health Insurance, IT Consulting.

Is your employer paying you on time?


Were you ever on ‘Bench’?

No. (H1B rules will not accept to be on ‘Bench’)

How many employees your company had?

Give the rough number.

Did you see any suspicious activity in your company?


Show me your I-129 and I-797

Give them. I-129 is the document employer filed for you2 H1B. I-797 is your H1B approval document from USCIS.

Can I see IT return of your employer?

Your employer will pack everything in a sealed document. Pass that sealed document.

Do you have any other employees from your Employer working at same client location?


H1B Visa Interview Questions on Employee – Employer Relationship

This is the place where you struck without proper answers for visa officer’s questions. Employee – Employer relationship is introduced in Jan 2009, which is the reason behind 80% of the H1B Visa stamping rejections. Be prepared well for these questions. If you are a fulltime employee you may not see these questions.

Do you have a End Client?

Yes, #####(End Client Name)

How many vendors/Layers you have?

I have one vendor. I am working in EVC model.
(EVC means Employer – Vendor – Client. EVVC means Employee – Vendor – Vendor – Client)

How do you report the work to your employer?

You can give answers like By phone calls twice a weekend, Employer visiting client end of week.

Do you work at a different location other than your Employer’s location?

Yes, I work at my Client Place.

Can I see your pay stubs?

Show last 4 months paystubs.

Why your Salary is less than your LCA?

This question will be asked if your salary on the W-2 is less than that was mentioned on LCA.

Do you have a client Manager?

Mention the manager name assigning work to you.

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How long have you been working with the current client?

X years

How long with your current employer?

X years.

Why did you transfer to old company to current company?

Better Opportunity.

Who assigns work to you?

Should be your Employer.

Who recruited you at the Client place?

My prime vendor.

Why is your employer paying you when your recruiter placed you at the client? Why the recruiter and client is not paying you?

If you face this question, be careful in answering. You employer have Right to Control over you. So he can only hire, fire, pay you. To find more information on this visit the Employee-Employer relationship document.
If you still have any questions post them to MSinUS H1B forum.

H1B Visa Interview Questions for F1, OPT to H1B

If this is your first time H1B Visa stamping after the F1 visa or OPT, you may see these questions in H1B Stamping Interview.

Were you on OPT?
Did you get paid on OPT?
Did you ever benched on OPT?
How long have you been on F1 Visa?
When did you graduate?
How your employer selected you?

H1 Visa Stamping Questions for H4 dependent to H1B

If you are wife/husband of a US H1B visa holder, you may find these Visa interview questions in your H1B Stamping.

First time stamping for H4 dependent to convert H4 to H1B.
Where do you live in USA?
Who is sponsoring your H1B Visa?
What is your husband?
What are your roles and responsibilities?

H1B Visa Questions for Indian IT employees

If you are are employee of Firms like TCS, Wipro, Infosys you have to face these questions.

Who is your Employer?
What is your role in Project in USA?
Did you pay for H1B sponsoring?
How long is your project at the client in USA?
When are you planning to travel to USA?

H1B Visa stamping required to enter into USA as a prospective employee of US Company. H1B Visa Interview will not guarantee H1B visa.


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