Documents Required for H1b visa in Advanced Degree Quota

This article lists the documents required for H1B Visa Quota 2014. H1B Documents Check list.

H1 Visa application Date (Apr 1st 2013) is approaching soon for the H1B Visa Quota 2014. You can send the documents to USCIS April 1st on wards. Any documents sent prior to that date with be considered for previous year Quota.

Here i am listing out all required documents for H1B Visa. Some of these documents are needed only by the masters, PhD students in USA.

Documents Required to Apply for H1b visa in Advanced Degree Quota


1 SSN Copy (You don’t need it if you are in India)
2 Copy of Passport (All pages)
3 Certificated of 10th standard, +1 and +2
4 Masters(MS) or Phd certifficates (or any highest degree certificates)
5 Transcripts sem wise and Final Transcripts
6 OPT Card (Master,PhD Students in USA)
7 Resume
8 Drivers Licence copy (If you have it)
9 Employer Letter
10 Paystubs (if you are already working for the employer)
11 Previous year W2s
12 Client Letter
13 Vendor agrements
14 Client Place Photos(If you are working at Client place)
15 I-20 (Masters Students)

List of Documents to Apply for H1b visa (If you are in India and applying in General Quota)

1 Copy of Passport (All pages)
2 Certificated of 10th standard, +1 and +2
3 Bachelors, Master,PhD certificates
4 Transcripts semester wise and Final Transcripts
5 Updated Resume
6 Employer Letter in USA
7 Paystubs (if you are already working in India)
8 Tax Documents
9 Client Letter mentioning Roles, Responsibilities)
10 Vendor agrements between Client and your Employer


I have completed my masters and haven’t received final degree certificate yet???

You can apply for h1b visa with out certificate. They will give RFE after applying to submit the degree certificate. If any of these documents are missed from the application packet you may get RFE.Can i apply for H1b visa myself?No. You need an employer to sponser you H1B Visa.

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May 14, 2017

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