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IELTS: IDP or British council?

IELTS is jointly owned by IDP:IELTS Australia, alongside British Council and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations . IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, the world’s most popular high stakes English language test.

What is IDP and British council?

IDP and British council are two different organisations conducting IELTS test across the world.

Where to take in IELTS test?

you can take test any of the test centers by IDP or British Council.

How can i Book IELTS test dates though British Council?

If you want to take the IELTS test with IDP register through this page.

IDP – IELTS Test Center List:

IDP – IELTS Future Test Schedule:

How many free additional TRF(Test Report Form)?

you can order 5 free TRFs which meand you can report IELTS score at free of cost for five universities. Both IDP and BC will give same number of free reports.

How can i Book IELTS test dates though IDP?

If you want to take the IELTS test with British Council register through this page.

British Council- IELTS Test Center List:

British Council- IELTS Future Test Schedule:

IDP vs British council IELTS

Which is Easier IDP or BC? Where can i get good scores?

Both test are same across world. Questions will be in common database. All the test centers by BC and IDP will get Questions from Database. Questions are Randomly selected. So, exam in Both centers is equally tough.

I heard that through IDP, i can make better Scores than British Council?

No. It is just a rumor. Just Select the test center near by you.

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