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Erlangen Nuremberg MS in Advanced Optical Technologies

Advanced Optical Technologies Interview Questions:

Interview will last for 10-15 mins. One should not panic. Usually, the interviewer language can easily be understood and interview was conducted in a friendly manner.

  • What is your motivation
  • What are your future plans
  • Why you apply here
  • In which field you would like to specialize?
  • About your Proficiency in English language?


Interview was divided in two parts – First Normal followed by Technical Part

  • What is Eigen vectors.
  • Why it is called Eigen value / vector ?
  • Difference between FFT and DFT.
  • If you have input for LTI systems then how to calculate output
  • Source Coding and Channel Coding
  • Fading and its type slow and fast
  • AWGN and its distribution
  • Fourier transform of AWGN
  • Sampling Theorem
  • Some Probability related Questions
  • RAKE receiver and matched filter
  • Short Time Fourier Transform
  • Modulation and its Types.
  • What is Impulse Response?



  • Introduce yourself ( 2 mins ) ( Be Fluent, Speak Slowly, Clearly so that they can understand )
  • Tell them about your Final Year Project ( Fully ).


They will ask about courses taught in Bachelors degree relating to Masters Degree Pre-requisites. Let them know what you studied (usually Optical Fiber and Lasers, but tell them only if u have full command over LASER working phenomena).

  •  What is the relationship b/w Wavelength and Frequency ? Also, explain it by inverse relationship
  • What do you understand by Total Internal Reflection ?
  • What is MAXWELL’s Equation ?
  • What is a resonator or resonance ?
  • Tell us about what do you think how a ( Rainbow ) is formed
  • What is Scalar and Vector Quantity ?
  • Critical Angle.
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