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TU Dresden – Info regarding Elective Subjects, Student or Part Time Jobs

Here is some Information about Electives & Job Hunt

How to Choose Electives ?

Take All the Elective Course Classes for ,lets say one week and Choose the Ones you like. My suggestion is have as many credit points as possible in 1st semester since 2nd semester is a bit difficult.

About student jobs:

There are several possibilities.

1. University – You can get a Student Job at University for 10 hours or 20 hours a week.  Please consult the notice boards of university and check advertisement for jobs.If you find any job you are interested in send email / apply for the job. You can go to all faculty pages and see online advertisement for SHK (Student Job). Here is the link where mostly university jobs are available.



2. Fraunhofer – You can also get a Part Time Job at Research Institutes or so called Fraunhofers. Here is the link for Jobs in Fraunhofer.



3. In Companies – There are jobs in companies. You can find microelectronics companies on the left panel of this website.  You can also see some Research Institutes on this Website –


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