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Life on H1B visa is not as rosy as it seems

Studying in the U.S is almost every scholar’s ambition, but is it yours too? 

I bet many international students secretly wish to study in America and get exposure at renowned American Universities. Why shouldn’t it be when it’s a piece of general knowledge that education system in the U.S. stands the best in the world?

People who study in the States get better jobs with higher salaries. The education quality is excellent, the opportunities are limitless, and the career trajectory is worth every trouble that a remote student faces in a foreign land.  

As much flattering as the idea of studying in the U.S sounds to you, here’s a hard-hitting fact you must adapt your mind into- Life in the U.S is not as rosy as it seems. 

Wonder why? Below is the information collected from the real experiences of international students who went to America to pursue higher education. 

Disclaimer: I am not writing this article to deter your intention of living in America. I only wish to provide an insight into all the challenges that are likely to come your way. 

1. Problems with H1B Visa

H1B Visa, also called as the Speciality Workers Visa is for immigrants who seek work in a specialised field. Getting the H1B Visa in the United States is not different than getting from getting a job in any foreign country, but the standards are exceptionally high in the U.S. 

First off, this visa is specifically for skilled professionals. A person seeking H1B Visa has to be exceptionally good at his job. Unites States’ Companies prefer to hire people from other countries only when they don’t have the best talent in their country. Thus, if you are proficient in your line of work, then only you get a chance to avail the H1B Visa.   

Secondly, once the immigrant has a great skill to boast about, they need to find an employer or sponsor who is willing to take the risk. Unfortunately, the number of such companies is minimal. 

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Thirdly, only a fixed number of H1B Visas are available per year. So, you get the chance only if you apply at the right time. The next phase involves getting interviewed by an American consultant and screened for approval. Here’s a pictorial representation of the whole H1B process:

H1B Visa Process

2. No Job is secure in America 

It’s a harsh truth, yet if you think your job will last forever, you need a rude awakening. Indeed, the unemployment in the US has decreased over the years, but the significant shifts in the work-demand mean that no job is secure. Technology is continually changing, and this means changes for American workers too. The rise of machines in most of the US companies is an indication that the dynamics will change, and workers will find themselves in trouble. Why would Companies hire an immigrant when machines are getting better at computing, cooking, washing, stocking, packing, and a lot more jobs? Artificial Intelligence has started displacing many foreign workers. Are you tough enough to compete?

If you’re in the tech domain, finding a job might be easy but with H1B visa restrictions, it almost feels like your wings have been cut. There is absolutely no freedom to do things as you like. For example, if you’re fired from your company, you just got two weeks to be employed again or else face deportation.

3. Green Card’s Long Waiting List

The H1B Visa isn’t the only nut an immigrant has to crack. There’s a lot more they need to do to enter the U.S.A as a legal job seeker. One such thing is the Green Card. It represents the immigration status of a foreign person who got authorisation to work and live in the US permanently. After five years of getting this card, a person can apply for US citizenship too. One of the Indian newspaper reported that the wait for Green Card could stretch to a hundred years.  

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Sounds fretful, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s the truth. It indeed is a tough nut to crack. There’s a lengthy waiting period for people applying for permanent residency in the U.S. It’s complex process which demands both money and time. 

4. Trump’s anti-immigration sentiment

Trump’s presidency sure has an impact on many national and International affairs. But the most disappointing one is the impact on the admission of international students. Students are getting rejected irrespective of their skills and the versatility of their capabilities. Wonder what has changed?

The main reason is the increasing competition, for the applications from foreign countries, have been on the rise. The admission processes are becoming more strict, and so the acceptance rates are on a steady decline. 

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Another reason is the changes Trump proposed. It includes the ban on some countries (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen), and the more complex process of the H1B Visa. The crackdown on Immigration and diminished admissions add to the present trouble for an applicant. 

Wrapping Up

Sure thing, the road to the US is not simple. There’s going to be one roadblock after another, and you have to cruise through all of them if you are determined to reach your destination. One theory that applies to US Immigration is ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ You’ll be welcomed to work or study in the U.S if you master your skills, and be irreplaceable. You’ll outnumber other applicants if you are great at what you do.  Another important thing is to ensure that all the legal procedures are carried out with utmost care. 

Again, this article wasn’t meant to curb your dream of making it to America, instead a medium to make you aware of all the challenges that’ll come your way.



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