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SOP for MS in Aerospace Engineering

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Flight is a cardinal fascination for me and for many aerospace engineers who are awe inspired and galvanized by it. We can move through water without boats and move across land without cars, but we can’t fly without machines. We can walk by taking a single step and swim by holding our breath, but to fly, we have to outsmart nature. This very thought inspired me and made me curious about the science of flight which propelled me towards the profession of aerospace engineering.

I always believed that some people make their lives happen, while others let life happen to them. I wanted to be of the former kind which led to my inquisitive nature. This driving force of exploring and learning developed into an interest in science and technology. Realizing the necessity of a conducive atmosphere to nurture my interests, I toiled hard to secure admission for an undergraduate program majoring in aerospace engineering at Karunya University, Coimbatore which is rated as one among the best engineering colleges in South India.

In my baccalaureate program, I learned the broad aspects of aerospace engineering, which started with generous portions of maths and physics and then the application of the same in aerospace specific topics. My undergraduate education has provided me with an impregnable and comprehensive background in aerospace technology that has kept me abreast of the latest developments. The curriculum included all the basic courses like aerodynamics, gas dynamics, flight mechanics, aircraft structures, space dynamics, advanced propulsion systems, computational fluid dynamics to name a few.

In the third year of my undergraduate program, I was able to acquire a consummate knowledge about the manufacturing of fighter aircrafts by successfully completing an in-plant training at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore. During that time I also developed a huge interest in advanced propulsion systems. I was enamoured by the developments in the field of electric spacecraft propulsion, particularly in low cost electric propulsion systems for cubesats that are able to provide higher specific impulse and therefore more time to explore the depths of space. I wanted to design and develop a low cost pulsed plasma thruster but due to the paucity of technological assistance and infrastructure in India I was unable to do so. Hence I needed to shift dimensions staying within my domain of space propulsion systems and thought of working on a project of developing a free jet test rig. The development of a free jet test rig would assist me in analysing the various degrees of under expanded exhaust nozzle plumes in vacuum and it would serve me in acquiring adequate knowledge about the vacuum of space. This will help me enhance my knowledge to pursue my graduate studies in the field of electric spacecraft propulsion.

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Having been enlightened by my professors about the thorough coursework of the MS degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering (ASE) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the exposure I will get by meeting the avant-garde of the aerospace fraternity, I was not at all pendulous in choosing this program for pursuing my graduate studies. I am sure that this graduate program would leave me well prepared for any postgraduate endeavours, be it academic or corporate. An advanced degree will not only elevate my career but will also help me to stay on top of the aerospace industry. It is important to be a lifelong learner to succeed in the field of aerospace engineering, which is reaching greater heights every day. I believe that with my capacity for diligence, commendable logic and commitment to achieve my goals, I will be able to do very well in this program. I avow that I will contrive in utilizing the resources available at my disposal. Financial assistance will give me an enormous morale boost in this long pursuit to achieve academic excellence and will also bolster my financial needs. I am sure that you will share my confidence and give me an opportunity to continue with my further studies and research endeavours at your prestigious university.



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