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Study UG MBBS in Germany

Do you have it in you to pursue a career in healthcare? Do you have the aptitude and interest to study medicine? Should you study MBBS? 

The answer to the above questions might be yes for those who have made medicine their first career choice or chosen it as a backup degree option. No matter what the reason is, one cannot put a blind eye to the fact that, MBBS at an International University isn’t a casual choice made by students. 

It’s a crucial and deliberate decision taken by students. Though, a good university opens the door to great opportunities. Talking about opportunities, have you considered pursuing UG MBBS in Germany? 

Why Study MBBS in Germany?

Germany sounds like a higher education paradise to those who wish to pursue their favourite subject without paying any tuition fee. It’s a magnet for students from all over the world. 

  • Germany ranks among the highest rated universities in the world.
  • Medical Universities in Germany are above the International higher education standards. 
  • Over 400,000 international students are pursuing UG course in Germany.
  • 35% of prospective international students in Germany highlighted the minimal tuition fee. 
  • These institutions offer recognised research and teaching excellence. 
  • Students get opportunities to improve academically. 
  • These institutions allow students to bring their contributions through various research findings. 

Structure of UG MBBS in Germany 

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) take a minimum of six years for completion, and then followed with compulsory state examination. When a scholar passes the state examination, the receive the official license for approbation (or practising the medicine at a hospital, nursing homes, or their clinics). 

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Stage 1: Pre-Clinical Phase
Duration: 4 Semesters (2 years)
During this period, the student will be introduced to the basics of medicine and natural sciences. Second year ends with a medical licensing examination. 

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Stage 2: Clinical Phase
Duration: 6 Semesters (3 years)
Clinical phase is the most important phase. It comprises of all the core subjects that are taught through lectures, seminars, practical classes, and paid internships.

Stage 3: Practical Year 
Duration: 1 year
One year of Clinical training introduces the students with the various aspects of Internal medicine, and practical aspects of surgery. It’s a crucial stage where students are prepared for their future profession.

Stage 4: State Examination 
Duration: 1-3 months
This last stage is essential to complete medical degree. Student must pass the State examination (a nationally recognized test) before applying for their medical license. Only after receiving the  medical license, can a medical student work as a certified doctor.

Eligibility Criteria for pursuing UG MBBS in Germany:

1. Secondary School Leaving Certificate or the University Entrance qualification documents. 

2. Sound knowledge of English and German. 

3. Extensive understanding of high school chemistry, biology, and physics. 

4. Qualified score for the TestAS exam, or the TMS (Test for Medical Studies.

5. A resident permit and student Visa (for Non-EU Students). 

6. It is helpful to have sound knowledge of Latin too. 

Required Skills Set for Career in MBBS

  • Communication skills in German (until B1 is recommended).
  • Ability to give attention to detail 
  • Empathy towards patient
  • Patient care skills, 
  • Confidence in Diagnosis
  • Being humane
  • Thoroughness

Top German Universities for UG MBBS 

The University of Heidelberg Internationally recognized research institutions
RWTH Aachen University Several specialized clinics and clinical institutes
LĂĽbeck University Biomedical Technologies and Medical Genetics labs
Witten/Herdecke University Nursing Science, Dental Medicine, and Surgery specialties
Magdeburg University Excessive range of illnesses in the region of Saxony
The Munster University 15 specialist departments and offering 250 different courses of study
The Wurzburg University Several research institutes 
Leipzig University of Saxony Excellent scientific institutes and theoretical facilities
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Salary Expectations 

Medical profession after pursuing MBBS in Germany offers high starting salaries. The practising doctors receive a substantial amount of money throughout their career. Here’s a table displaying the average wages of doctors in Germany.

Position  Average gross salary per year 
Assistenzarzt (assistant doctor) 65,000 euro
Facharzt (specialist) 80,000 euro
Chief physicians 278,000 euro

How to apply to Study MBBS in Germany?

Students who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in German Universities should send out applications to the University’s office in advance. It is advisable to contact to International Office a year before you intend to begin the course, for it allows student enough time to get all information on enrolment procedures, guidelines and deadlines. 

Since there are more applications than the vacant seats, the admission procedures in all German Institutions are carried out under a strictly organised system. There is a competitive selection policy called NC (Numerus Clausus).

Procedures, however, vary from university to university. Students who wish to get an admission should appear for university entrance qualification in they are from EU country. All non-EU students should enquire the International office of the University through the uni-assist admission procedure. 

Usually, the deadline for submission of application forms is July for batches starting from the winter semester, and January for the summer semester.


  1. Sir I am from Pakistan. I have completed SSC and MEDICAL TEST. I have good grip on English but not on German. Can I apply for mbbs in Germany 🇩🇪. Please contact me at my email address [email protected]. Thank you


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