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Scholarships In Germany For International Students

Germany is one of the most affordable study destinations in the world, which offers a lot of study opportunities for international students and a tremendous international reputation. The German universities are known to provide support to the students, but the selection criteria are very different. For example, some are based on your academic performance, some on your needs, and even on your social engagements. 

List Of Prominent Scholarships In Germany For International Students

Some of the popular scholarship programs provided in Germany for students abroad are listed down below. Let us discuss the eligibility criteria and also the scholarship amounts in detail:

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Scholarship Programs 

DAAD offers various scholarships concerning studying and pursuing research in Germany. The eligibility is based on academic proficiency. The student must have completed his Bachelor’s degree, and not more than six years have elapsed. He should also have at least two years of genuine work experience. The monthly stipend amount of scholarship provided by DAAD ranges from 850 Euros to 1,200 Euros for postgraduate and doctoral students, respectively. 

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany

Each year the Heinrich Böll Foundation offers around 1,200 scholarships to undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students of all nationalities. The application for scholarships in Heinrich Böll Foundation opens twice a year, in March and September. The monthly stipend amount of scholarship given to eligible students ranges between 750 Euros to 1000 Euros for the Master’s Program and Doctoral Program.

Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme

The Deutschland Stipendium offers both monetary and non-monetary provision to students from all over the world. Deutschland Stipendium is funded equally by both the German government and the private organization or individuals. The monthly stipend amount of 150 Euros is provided by the private organization, business foundations, or individual sponsors, and the German Federal Government adds another 150 Euros.

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Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarships are awarded to international students aiming for postgraduate and Ph.D. programs. The applicant must have excellent academic achievements. This scholarship program has an upper age limit of 30 years. The monthly stipend amount of scholarship given to eligible students is 850 Euros for the master’s or postgraduate students for two years, and 1100 Euros to Doctorate students for three years concerning their research in Germany.

Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany

The Erasmus Scholarship Programs are Government-funded scholarships and are the largest grants to study in Europe. The regulation of the Erasmus scholarship programs lies with the European Commission. Here, the selection is based on academic proficiency for all nationalities. 

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship programs aim to promote social democracy with the help of financial assistance. The applicant must be studying in a state or state-recognized university of applied science. The applicant must have proficiency in the German language, even if he has opted for an English-tutored course. The monthly stipend amount of scholarship given to eligible students ranges between 830 Euros to 850 Euros for undergraduates and master’s degree programs, respectively.

Is Getting Scholarships in Germany Realistic?

In general, German private universities lure the students in the name of scholarships. When it comes to private institutes, there is not a lot that provides scholarships with honesty. Public universities, on the other hand, take it seriously. They provide you with zero tuition fee studies and, on top of it, pays money as a scholarship. 

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There are a lot of international students who tend to apply for admission in German universities, simply because studying in Germany is the cheapest concerning the quality of education provided. 

Since German Public Institutions already offer international courses with low fees, getting a scholarship on top of that is highly competitive. This is simply because the taxpayer’s money runs the German public universities, and the regular students do not contribute much to the working of the universities. The standard fee from students is very less to be counted as a contribution to the university operations. Having said that, if you have a competitive profile, it should certainly apply for the listed scholarship options above. Also, if you are offered a scholarship or know someone, please share your story as it might be helpful for the community. 

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