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Procedure to apply to uni-assist based institutions

1.       Gather all required documents as specified.

2.       Get all Colour Xeroxes of these documents and get them attested  by Gazetted Officer.

3.       Scan attested copies.

4.       Upload the attested scans to uni-assist web site.

5.       Click on new application and select Winter Semester 2013 TU Chemnitz / Automotive Soft Engg

6.       Follow the directions on screen and fill in relavent required details.

7.       In the select files section, you will see the documents you uploaded earlier, with a tick mark box in front, select the relavent documents. The check marked documents only will be sent to the university.

8.       Once you go to next step it will ask you to download Application Form for TU CHEMNITZ, download the form, it will be auto filled except place, date & signature.

9.       Sign the form, scan it and upload again in uni-assist.

10.   Go back to the university-application you started from TU Chemnitz, this time select the application form which you uploaded just now also as a document to be submitted.

11.   Transfer an amount of 68 Euros + 16 Euros (European Transfer Charges) + 600/700Rs (Indian Transfer Charges) to the account mentioned below.

The bank account details of uni-assist:

Benificiary:  uni-assist e.V.

Account number: 523749001

Bank sort code: 100 708 48

Name of the bank:

Berliner Bank, Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank

Firmenkunden 2

Hardenbergstrasse 32

D-10623 Berlin

International bank code IBAN


BIC/SWIFT-Code * if your bank needs this information


In the payment description on the transfer form, please give the following information:

  • Your first name
  • the semester you wish to apply for
  • your uni-assist application number
  • your family name
  • your date of birth
  • your country of origin
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12.   Courier the all the attested documents to the below address- Use DHL/BluDart [Student Discounts available]

Technische Universität Chemnitz

c/o uni-assist e.V.

Helmholtzstr. 2-9

D-10587 Berlin


13.   Keep checking uni-assist for change in status.

14.   After 1 week of payment, status will change to paid. You will get email regarding the same.

15.   After 1 month or 1.5month of confirmation of payment, uni-assist will transfer your documents to the university.

16.   After Change in Status of application to “Data Sent to Institution”, wait for 1 month to hear from TU Chemnitz about admission yes/no.




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