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Feedback from DAAD Seminar-Webinar sessions

Usually everyone suggests that a person should attend a DAAD Seminar / Webinar so as to get an overall idea of German Education System and some very important points regarding the German Education system are as follows :-

1.) You should prefer Courses / Modules in which you are interested instead of Universities i.e. one should focus more on Curriculum of M.Sc. Course rather than Universities rankings within Germany as Quality of Education is majorly equivalent throughout any University in Germany. Henceforth, you will study only those Modules in which you are Interested and that’s the best part of doing M.Sc. from any of the German Universities unlike Indian Universities for Higher Studies.

2.) Quality of Education is preferred within all the German Universities in comparison to Ranking Tolls which is more preferred by almost all Universities in US, UK, Canada etc.

3.) 18 Months Time will be allotted to you for the search of a Full Time Job after your completion of M.Sc. Courses from any University in Germany.

4.) You are allowed to work either 240 Days Half Time or 120 Days Full Time within Part Time Jobs in Germany on your Student Visa during your Higher Studies. However, if you are Working within the Same University in which you are Studying then there is No Time Restriction on you regarding the Part Time Job Working Hours. On an average every Individual during their Part Time Jobs will get paid around 8 Euros – 15 Euros for One Hour. Usually, there are Two Types of Part Time Jobs in terms of Working Hours i.e. 40 Hours Jobs & 80 Hours Jobs. Every Student will have to cover either of these 40 Hours or 80 Hours within a Total Time Span of One Month that comes to around 10 Hours a Week or 20 Hours a Week.

5.) If you wanted to apply for any PhD Program then the Gap between your MS / M-Tech date of Completion and the start of PhD should not be more than 6 Years.

6.) University of Applied Sciences doesn’t Offer PhD programs usually. Also, Masters Courses in Universities of Applied Sciences are only of 90 Credits instead of 120 credits usually. However, you can join a PhD Program within Other German Universities or Technical Universities after completing Masters from any of the Applied Sciences Universities. There is No restriction as such on Students Completing their Masters from any of the Applied Sciences Universities or FH within Germany that they cannot pursue Higher Studies i.e. they cannot join PhD / Research Programs in Germany. Most of the Applied Science Universities Subjects / Course Contents are designed in collaboration with the Corporate Companies present within Germany with whom FH or Applied Sciences Universities are having the Partnership. It’s just that Normal Universities and Technical Universities offers Courses which are Not that much inclined towards different Industries Day to day requirements (Job Oriented) instead it’s inclined more towards Research Work. Courses in the Normal Universities & Technical Universities are designed to promote Students to further pursue PhD or Research Programs. However, it’s ultimately the Students Choice whether he /she further Pursues or Not Joins the PhD / Research Programs. It all depends upon individual choice. Also, there are some Applied Sciences Universities or FH who either in Collaboration with a Research Institutes or Normal Universities or Technical Universities offers PhD Programs but that is Not the Usual scenario. However, this Joint sort of PhD Program is getting a Boost Up from Multiple German Universities currently which had started on the lines of Joint Master Programs these days in order to Promote Research Work.

7.) Most of the Masters Programs doesn’t have any Tuition Fees. However some of them does have which is essentially mentioned on DAAD Database and University Official Website.

8.) All the enrolled students within any German University irrespective of any program must have to submit the Semester Fees which includes Admin charges etc for the whole Semester. Also some Universities offer a Public Transport Ticket from the same amount for the Complete Semester else for that particular Year as well but that also depends upon University to University.

9.) DAAD usually does not offers any Scholarships for Majority of the Engineering related Masters Program relevant to Computer Science and Electronics.

10.) Internships are Free and Paid as well depending upon your University or M.Sc. Program.

11.) Usually Master Graduates from India & Other Countries were Concerned on How they can Pursue their PhD within Germany ?

If you have set your mind on a PHD in Germany then you can consider One of These Two Approaches followed by German Universities :- The Traditional Approach & The Structured Doctoral Approach.

Traditional PhD Programs

The traditional approach involves identifying a supervisor at a German University who is willing to guide your research. This system offers a lot of freedom with no compulsory attendance, deadlines or curriculum, but calls for a great deal of personal initiative right from identifying a topic in your research field. This kind of doctorate takes about 3-5 years to complete.

Structured PhD Programs

Structured PhD programs are internationally oriented, conducted largely in English and are comparable to PhD programs offered in English-speaking countries. Here supervision is carried out by several university teachers.There are over 600 Structured programs in Germany.These programs lead to a PhD in almost 3 Years.

a. Doctoral programmes at Universities www.daad.de/international-programmes )

b. Graduate schools at Universities  ( www.daad.de/international-programmes )

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c. Reserach Training Groups coordinated by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
http://www.dfg.de/en/research_funding/programmes/coordinated_programmes/research_training_groups/index.html )

d. International Max Planck Research Schools ( www.mpg.de/en )


12.) Multiple Students over Different Forums Usually Asks Which is the ” Best Institution” in Germany ?

The German Answer to this Question is : –


There is “NO “BEST UNIVERSITY”, Neither in ONE SUBJECT and Certainly NOT Across ALL SUBJECTS.”

What Germany Offers instead is a Multidimensional Ranking, considering various Criteria like

  • Students & Staff Judgements on Quality of Teaching,
  • Atmosphere at the University,
  • Library & Other Equipments,
  • Student Numbers,
  • Average Study Duration,
  • Number of Graduations,
  • Third Party Funding etc.

Several Tables based on these considerations give you a detailed picture of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each University on https://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/ranking/en/


In above mentioned Link One can Find Program by Selecting a Subject, a University or even a City in Germany.


13.) Germany EU Blue Card

It is introduced as an immigration card at par with US Green Card to attract skilled professionals from different parts of the world. The card came into effect from August 1, 2012 for Indian citizens. People with technical skills are targeted mostly, but the German blue card is not limited to technical persons only.


Eligibility Criteria for EU BLUE CARD

  •  You must be a Non – EU National
  •  Holding a Masters Degree
  •  5 Years of Work Experience
  • You must have a valid employment contract with a gross annual compensation of at least 44.800 € (3733 Euros per month)


  • A employment contract in an occupation with skill shortages ( scientists, mathematics, engineers, doctors and It- skilled workers) with the amount of 34,944 € (2912 Euros per month).


Features of EU BLUE CARD :-

  •  EU Blue card system is single card for both work and residence permit
  • The card permits highly educated and skilled foreigners to stay and work in the EU
  •  On completion of initial 2 years in the card issue country, migrant can move to any country under the Blue Card Agreement
  • On completion of 5 years in a country under the Blue Card, a migrant can apply for PR


Benefits of EU Blue Card

  • Same working and salary conditions as the country nationals
  •  Right to socioeconomic rights
  •  Perfect for family reunification
  • Freedom to associate
  • Blue Card makes it easy for migrants to get a Permanent Residence, after staying for 5 years in the same country
  • Free to travel anywhere in European Union
  • Tax benefits, pension funds, social benefits to be same as a citizen of that country
  • Enjoy free education


Visa Fees for EU BLUE CARD :

Germany EU Blue Card has a visa application fee which is charged by the German embassy.

The Charges are:

For First Time issuance of a Germany EU Blue Card: 4400 INR

For renewal of Germany EU Blue Card: 100 Euros

Disclaimer: Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.


14.) Currently One Must possess 8040 Euros within his / her Blocked Account if he / she wants to Apply for the VISA for the First Year of Masters Course i.e. this much Minimum Amount is the Most Mandatory Requirement for the GERMAN EMBASSY to GRANT any Individual the Long Term Visa ( Student Visa ) for Two Years Masters Courses usually. However, at the Time of VISA Extension within Germany you will be asked to show 8040 Euros again for the Second Year Expenditure of your Master Studies by the GERMAN EMBASSY. Hence, Total Expenses of your 2 Year Masters Studies is around 8040 Euros + 8040 Euros assuming Tuition Fees is Zero within your selected University. However, 8040 Euros is sufficient for any Student under Normal Circumstances for the Semester Fees Contribution, Living Expenses for One Year as per DAAD Officials.

Usually, there are 2 Ways of Opening a Blocked Account in Germany either doing through the Deutsche Bank Branches in India which usually takes lesser time or Opening the Blocked Account on your Own via applying through a Online Process which sometimes takes More Time.

Applying via DB Bank Indian Branch

If you Opt to Open up the Blocked Account via DB Bank Indian Branch then it becomes convenient but you have to Submit an Additional 1 Lakh INR within DB Bank Indian Branch which You Cannot Use in Germany most probably during the First Year of your Studies. However you can Withdraw the Complete Amount Once Only when you returned from Germany to India or probably after Completion of Your Studies.

Applying on your Own

However, if you opt to open up the Blocked Account on your own via applying Online then the Process is Not that Convenient or Fast sometimes and you might have to struggle  with the Bank Rules and Regulations since No DB Bank Official in India is Going to Assist you and you have to manage on your own while Dealing with the DB Bank German Officials but You Don’t Need to Deposit an Additional Amount of 1 Lakh INR within  DB Bank Indian Branch. Instead you Only need to submit the 8040 Euros + Transfer  Or  Remittance Charges within your Local Bank so that a Blocked Account Can be Opened within DB Bank Germany directly.

Initially what you have to do is download application form for blocked account – student from the Deutsche Bank Website ….

URL  –  https://www.deutsche-bank.de/pfb/content/privatkunden/konto_international-students-en.html#accordion_10766

After filling the form, submit the application and copy of passport with original to closest German Embassy for attestation which will usually cost u around 1500-1800 INR. It will be done in a day. After attestation send the documents i.e. copy of the attested passport, account form and admission letter (if applicable, which is basically for the purpose of opening your Blocked Account closest to the University. Or else it will be usually in Hamburg or Leipzig).

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Send these documents via courier (DHL preferred usually 2000 bucks). It will reach the destination in 2-3 days time. You will get the notification from Deutsche bank within a day or so via email.

You can then transfer funds in week. National banks are preferred as they do it faster. Once you transfer the funds better get a TT Certificate ( TEX TRANSFER CERTIFICATE ) from the bank you are sending money from. It is said 7908 Euros in VISA requirement form, better transfer 8040 euros ( Plus Additional Remittance Charges ) as said in the application of Deutsche Bank as per the New RequirementYou will get the notification within 2 days from Deutsche Bank after you transferred the money. 

Better approach the Forex Exchange Office of your home bank which will be in the main bank branch office in your city. Forex office will transfer the money faster than the normal way. They will give you the TT Certificate / FOREX Advice. This document is very important as it is a proof for you to know how your transaction is done.

All these processes takes barely 7-10 days. 

After getting confirmation from Deutsche Bank you are clear for VISA. VISA process generally takes 4-5 weeks


16) Master Courses In German Language

If your selected Course is completely taught in German then usually up-to C1 Level followed by a Passing TestDaf or DSH2 Exam Certificate is sufficient in multiple Universities and if you have completed till C2 Level from Goethe Institute then you don’t need to give any of the German language tests i.e. DSH or Test-DAF. Getting a C2 Level means that you are qualified enough for the Masters Program whose Language of instruction is German Language only ….

One More thing it’s almost quite difficult or impossible to Clear the TestDAF or DSH Exam with B1 Level. Even People who had attained till B2 Level also finds it really difficult to clear any of these Exams. So Seniors suggests that One should at least attend till C1 Level instead of B2 Level and appear in Test-Daf or DSH Exams so that possibility of clearing any of these Exams are Much Much Higher.

Learning German from Goethe is a bit Lengthy Process in India.

If One is so keen to join a Master Course whose Mode of Instruction is German Language only then seniors suggests that One can initially join a Language Institute like ” Eurasia Institute ” in BERLIN followed by a German University of your choice provided you get selected within the same fulfilling all other Criterion’s of that German University apart from your German Language Skills. This Language Institute FEES is around 6500 Euros which also includes DSH Exam Preparation. Of course, Living Expenses are Extra.

This Language Institute also Helps you in getting a Conditional Offer Letter from German Universities and Visa Procedures as well. However you also have to first send the Language Institute your PROFILE for the Final Selection into their German Language Program. Since it’s a Private Institute you will definitely get the Admission into this Language Institute.

Duration of this German Language Course completion is completely upon you but If you are able to CLEAR Every Level of Exam within the Predefined Timeline as set by this Language Institute then the complete Duration will stand around 8 Months ……..

One More thing there is No Percentage Criteria within your Graduation / Bachelor’s Degree as such in order to get Enrolled within Language Institute in Germany like ” Eurasia Institute in BERLIN. ”

You can also apply to any German University before giving the Final DSH or Test-DAF Exam provided you had already completed your German Language Course from this ” Eurasia Language Institute in BERLIN ” while residing in Germany only.

You can initially get Conditional Admission into many German Universities if it allows you the same without submitting DSH-2 or Test-DAF Score but ultimately u will have to show them your DSH-2 or Test-DAF Score for the Final Conformation of your Admission into German University Master Program.

Sometimes, German Universities does gives you Additional Time Period of 2 Months to Submit your DSH-2 or Test-DAF Scores to them for the Final Conformation of your Admission into Masters Program whose Language of Instruction is German Only.

Please be aware of the fact that DSH1, DSH2 & DSH3 are only the Score Levels, the Exam is same i.e. DSH ….. If you have DSH-1 u have cleared the DSH Exam but you are Not Eligible for German Universities, If you achieve DSH-2 score then you can definitely get the Admission into any of the German University provided your rest of the Profile is also approved by the same University. Usually, every German University wants at least DSH-2 Score for the final selection as the Language requirement for German Language Programs and DSH-3 Score is like heaven, .the best one can get.

However, if your Course is partially taught in German than kindly check with the University – Course Official Coordinator .


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