MS in US without GRE

There are lot of USA universities which accept students without GRE score. They don’t require GRE score for admissions.

Usually all top universities require GRE score(with some exceptions) for Masters and PhD admissions. Too low ranked universities usually don’t ask for TOEFL and GRE scores.
Some program in a university may admit you without GRE score where as some other programs in the same university require GRE score.

Note: All the Engineering Major student are advised to take GRE, if you are planning for MS in US or PhD.

List of US Universities without GRE score Requirement

1. University of Dayton – GRE is optional for all engineering programs…adm_scores.asp

2. Stevens Institute of Technology…ams/index.html

3. New Mexico state University for Masters in Computer Science

4. University of Nebraska-Lincoln…uate-FAQ.shtml

5. University of Pittsburg – GRE score not required for Materials Science and Engineering

6. University of Northern Virginia in Manassas, VA

7. Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana…rements.sxhtml

8. MIT-massachusetts institute of technology – Electrical Engineering and computer science do not require GRE scores

9. California State University Sacramento – don’t require GRE for Civil Engineering

10. University of Bridgeport, Connecticut – Master’s of Science in Computer Science (M.S.), Computer Engineering (M.S.), Electrical Engineering (M.S.), Mechanical Engineering (M.S.), and Technology Management (M.S.) – GRE is recommended but not required

11. Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma – OCU does not require the GRE or GMAT examinations for entrance into the graduate programs, except for the MBA and MSA programs, which require the GMAT

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12. Farleigh Dickinson University(NJ)

13. Monmouth University(NJ)

14. Montclair State University(NJ)

15. The Richard Stockton College of NJ(NJ)

16. Rowan University(NJ)

17. Wichita State University

18. Kansas State University

19. Virginia State University

20. Florida International University for MS,PhD in Computer Science

21. Villanova University for MS in EE

22. University of Idaho for MS in Environmental science and Computer Engineering

23. West Texas A&M University

24. University of Florida for Arts Education

25. George Mason Univ (for Masters in Health Information Systems)

26. Revier University

MS without GRE

University Admissions without GRE is a good thing to get into few top universities like MIT(certain programs). But usually low ranked schools will have No GRE offer.
It is strongly recommended that you take GRE exam if you are planning to study in USA. In case if you want to transfer university after going to USA, you gre score might help you.

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