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Is USA still a Good Study Abroad Destination for the Indian & International Students?

Of late, there has been tremendous hullabulla with Trump Presidency, safety issues of Indian and International Students studying in the US, job uncertainties in the US. So, I would take this opportunity to give you some insights so that you can take a better-informed decision.

The US President Donald Trump has introduced (or proposed) quite a few vital changes in the immigration laws. However, the international students are least likely to get affected. Know more about the Potential Impact Of Donald Trump Policies on International Students in the US and Impact of Changing US Immigration Policies on International Students. At the end of the day, the US Economy does need International Students. So, the US will still continue to be the most popular and welcoming study abroad destination for the international and Indian students. It is true that there has been a decrease in the number of applications submitted at the US universities for Fall 2017. But, things will get better sooner than later due to the following key factors.

Reputation for Top Universities, Quality Education & Support System for the International Students

  • The US is home to some of the most influential universities in the world. In 2016-2017 QS & Times Higher Education world university rankings, 33 and 41 US universities featured in the Top 100 respectively.
  • The United States is by far the most popular destination for international and Indian students owing to its strong reputation for teaching, research, technology, innovation and career opportunities.
  • The US has been the top attractant for foreign students for decades now. In 2015-16, the number of international student enrollment was 1,043,839.
  • The student community in the US is very multicultural, and the support mechanism for international students is excellent.
  • There are dedicated staff (advisors and counselors) who are more than happy to help the international students with anything – settling down, studies, coursework, accommodation, part-time jobs, internships, career placements, visa etc.
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Extremely Low Unemployment Rate

MS in USA - Spring 2018

For any international student, one of the key things is to get a good job after studies. In that respect, the US is still the best among all the top destinations with a very low unemployment rate.

Excellent Job Opportunities in the IT, Finance and Engineering Sectors


IT Jobs in the US

MS in US


MS in US

Success Stories of Indians in the US

MS in US - Spring 2018

If you look at the CEOs and the business heads of the some of the top US-based MNCs, Indians have been the most successful immigrant groups. The pictures above say it all.

USA is still one of the Safest Countries to Study Abroad

If you are worried about the recent incidents – shooting of two Indians in Kansas (Srinivas Kuchibhotla & Madasani Alok Reddy), I do understand your concern. Similar incidents happened in other countries as well. But, these are just unfortunate events. Don’t get the idea about the US is not welcoming to Indian students. America has cultivated its reputation as the global beacon for education, research, and innovation over decades. Political events are unpredictable. Media reports are often sensational and agenda-driven. Recent events do not change the American commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and tolerance. The US is still the Best Place in The World To Study with Zero Tolerance for Hate Crimes.

Author: Tanmoy Ray


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