Indians students detained for visa fraud in the US

The students, who had been charged with committing visa fraud by enrolling in the fictitious “University of Farmington” in Michigan State, along with eight recruiters in different U.S. States, were caught in a sting operation. Worried about the condition of 129 Indian students arrested in the U.S. for alleged visa fraud, the Government of India issued a démarche to the U.S. Embassy in Delhi on February 2, demanding that the …

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Donald Trump and the US F1 Visa Policies

Ever since Trump made clear his intentions with regard to visa policy for immigrants, the number of international students, especially those that follow Islam, have been understandably dropping. These unfriendly policies have definitely impacted Indian students as well. Irrespective of what religion they follow, the number of Indian students wanting to study in the US has been adversely affected. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for students still interested …

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Is USA still a Good Study Abroad Destination for the Indian & International Students?

Of late, there has been tremendous hullabulla with Trump Presidency, safety issues of Indian and International Students studying in the US, job uncertainties in the US. So, I would take this opportunity to give you some insights so that you can take a better-informed decision. The US President Donald Trump has introduced (or proposed) quite a few vital changes in the immigration laws. However, the international students are least likely …

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Political Climate Change causes drop in applications from International Students

Political climate might keep International Applicants away. Nearly 40 percent of U.S. colleges are seeing declines in applications from international students, and international student recruitment professionals report “a great deal of concern” from students and their families about visas and perceptions of a less welcoming climate in the U.S., according to a survey conducted in February by multiple higher education groups. More than 250 American colleges and universities responded to the survey, …

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UK Transit Visa not required for Travel by British Airways

TRANSIT WITHOUT VISA (TWOV): A visa national who is going to the UK simply to travel on to another country may enter without a visa if these conditions are met: He arrives and departs by air His onward flight is confirmed and departs within 24 hours He is properly documented for his destination and has a visa if he needs one TWOV is a concession which does not apply to nationals of the countries …

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Germany Announces New Immigration Laws To Entice More Skilled Immigrants

With an intention to bait more skilled employees to Germany and address the skill shortages, the officials of German have announced a scheme to overhaul the nation’s immigration system. The new proposal is presented by Social Democrats, German party Chancellor, Angela Merkel ’s coalition, to meet the growing skill shortages in the country. The officials of party said that the proposal also intends to better manage and assimilate the rising figure …

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