Acceptance Rate of TOP US Colleges

Usually a top College with lowest acceptance rate is tough to get admit one.

Formula for Acceptance rate is: University Acceptance rate = (Accepted number of applications)/Total number of applicants * 100.

1California Institute of Technology8
2Harvard University9.8
3Princeton University10.4
4Yale University12
5Michigan State University12.3
6University of California, Berkeley12.4
7Vanderbilt University12.9
8University of Wisconsin, Madison15.6
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology16.4
10University of California, Santa Barbara16.7
11University of Notre Dame16.7
12University of Virginia16.8
13University of California, Irvine16.9
14North Carolina State University17
15Rice University17.1
16Iowa State University17.2
17Lehigh University18
18Ohio State University18.3
19University of Washington18.4
20Case Western Reserve University18.7
21University of Texas, Austin18.7
22Duke University18.9
23Stanford University18.9
24Dartmouth College20.9
25Brown University21.2

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