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MD Homoeopathy in Germany opens the door to Lucrative Career Opportunities

Germany is the paradise of education for international students, especially the medical students who seek to receive the medicinal knowledge from the best Universities. 

Apart from the hundreds of Colleges in different disciplines, Germany is also home to notable homoeopathic medical colleges. German medicines are the best researched and widely acclaimed medications that pass through various rounds of research and investigation before they are approved to be prescribed by the physicians. 

Homoeopathy is a branch of medical science which offers effective medical treatment of thousands of ailments with zero side effects. It is the science of complementary medicine which uses only the natural products for preparation of the drug. 

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Though the main hurdle for pursuing this course in Germany is the necessary knowledge of German and English, without which all external applications are rejected. 

Doctorate of Medicine in Homoeopathy

MD in Homoeopathy is one of the most promising courses for those medical graduates who seek to specialise in this field. It is a two-year-long postgraduate course which includes a year on paid internship and one year of study and research. Doctorate in Homoeopathic medicines is a course which primarily involves the management and treatment of ailments with the application of homoeopathic remedies.  

These remedies are administered in minimal possible doses which trigger the patient’s healing. These minute doses prepared from the natural flowers, leaves, reptiles, and many more substances have a beneficial action on the human body, and that too without any significant side effect. 

Course Highlights of MD Homoeopathy:

•    The Level of Course: Post-Graduate 

•    Duration of Course: Two Years (2 years of research and House Job)

•    Course Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. B.H.M.S Degree from a recognised university with a minimum aggregate score of 60%. 
  2. Sound Knowledge of German Language. 
  3. Medical Registration of the Applicant. 
  4. English proficiency/TOEFL with a minimum score of 500 for a paper-based test 
  5. Or
  6. English proficiency/TOEFL with a minimum score of 213 for a computer-based test.
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•    Average Salary: 5 Lacs to 15 Lacs 

•    Course Fee: Zero to 1000$ 

•    Recruiting Fields: Pharmacies, Colleges, Clinics, Hospitals, and Research Centers etc

•    Admission Process: Relevant entrance Exams based on the subjects studied in B.H.M.S. 

Top Colleges for MD Homoeopathy in Germany 

  1. German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians
  2. Dietrich-Berndt-Institut zur Förderung der Homöopathie, 
  3. Ars curandi Association of Homeopathic Physician., 
  4. Homöopathie-Lehrinstitut
  5. Dynamis-Schule für Homöopathi
  6. Schule der Homöopathie
  7. Schule fĂĽr Klassische Homöopathik. 

MD in Homoeopathy Course Description 

German Schools teach PG homoeopathy in six Semesters. The Course Syllabus used in Majority of German Institutes has been written below:

Semester 1

  • Applied & Clinical Anatomy
  • Applied & Clinical Physiology 
  • Biochemistry & Biophysics
  • Applied Psychology 
  • Integration of the subjects as mentioned above

Semester 2 

  • Pathology 
  • Patho- Physiology 
  • Bacteriology & 
  • Parasitology
  • Psychology
  • Understanding of Susceptibility
  • Miasmatic Correlations 
  • Clinical Investigation

Semester 3

  • History of Medicine
  • History of Logic & Philosophy
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Statistics 

Semester 4

  • Holistic Concept-Man in Health 
  • Holistic Concept-Man in Disease 

Semester 5 

  • Organon of Medicine 
  • Homoeopathy Philosophy
  • The practice of Homoeopathy in Medicine
  • The practice of Homoeopathy in Surgery 
  • The practice of Homoeopathy in Obs & Gyn 

Semester 6 

  • Psychiatry 
  • Organon of Medicine 
  • Homoeopathy Philosophy
  • Placement and Training 

Career Prospect of MD Homoeopathy 

Who doesn’t like taking medicines without worrying about the harmful side effects? 

Analgesics, Painkillers, Antibiotics, and all allopathic drugs result into cure but later show harmful side effects that are absent in homoeopathic mode of treatment. More and more patients are choosing Homoeopathy over others, and sooner, it is going to be the primary choice of treatment for a majority of people. 

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This course is a career-oriented field of medical science. It offers a great source of employment in several areas, and apart from that, gives the medical practitioner an opportunity to heal and serve mankind. Below here is the description of some of the popular career options one can choose after pursuing MD Homoeopathy in Germany

Professor/Lecturer in Medical Colleges: 

A post-graduate in this field of medical science can teach the undergraduate and graduates of medical schools. They can further serve at other science schools approved by the head of the department. They can assist the research graduates and the undergraduates too. 

      Average Annual Salary: 10-15 Lacs


 The Pharmacist can control and dispense the medicines (both prescription and non-prescription). They can also share advice with customers on healthcare. 

      Average Annual Salary: 5-12 Lacs


After pursuing PG in Homoeopathy, one can open their clinic to prescribe patients with remedies based on their symptoms. They can have the role of disease diagnosis, management, and treatment. 

     Average Annual Salary: 10 Lacs to 20 Lacs

Wrapping Up

MD in homoeopathy, when pursued in Germany, opens the door to multiple lucrative Job Opportunities.  A postgraduate in this field can open his clinic, work in the hospital, research institutes, and the homoeopathic pharmacies. MD Homoeopathy also opens the door of teaching the homoeopath students.


  1. Hello….What level of German Language is required ?
    Also getting to hear that Homeopathy in not widely practiced in Germany and also facing a ban. Your views ?
    I have a gap of 07 years since I had passed BHMS ? Can I still do MD ?

  2. Hi
    I will complete my internship by the end of july 2019,,i want to have a bright future in GERMANY Or INDIA. I dont have any experience as working in clinic Or teaching or prescribing homoeo medication on my own. If I pass level c1 in German language what I have to do next, please guide me to build my future very strongly.

    • Assuming you completed regular C1, there are two things to need to do to practice as Doctor in Germany.

      1. Find an institute that offer Technical German courses.

      To work as a homeopathic doctor in Germany you need to take your exam papers of your general medical study to the “Ärztekammer”. It is a Specialist language exam, also called technical German, and is required to practice medicine in Germany.

      Why: Doctors who come to Germany from abroad and want to work here in their profession must prove that they have the necessary knowledge of the German language to practice for their profession when applying for a license to practice. Note that this exam and preparation is different from the German taught in regular institutes.

      More info: https://www.aerztekammer-berlin.de/10arzt/61_Fachsprachpruefung/

      2. Contact DAAD near you. https://www.daad.in/en/about-us/contact/
      They’ll guide in most aspects.

  3. I am studying bhms in India
    Would I able to do md homoeopathy in Germany
    What amount would it cost and
    After md
    Would I able to practice in India or any exam is written to practice in India
    By doing md in Germany is there any better scope for practice..
    Plz reply

  4. I has completed B.H.M.S. in 2016. Now i am pursuing my M.D. (2016-2019). Final exams to be conducted in next month. I am married having a daughter,My age is 26 years. Have a self clinical experience of 3 years. Now i want to move to germany with family. Any oppurtunity for me for PR in germany. Please guide me.
    Dr.jatin bhakoo

  5. Hello…
    I am shifting to Berlin shortly. I am a Homoeopathic Doctor. Want to study MD and also work there. Can we study MD in Berlin in English or language is compulsory for study also. For work C1 level is must I know. Can we do MD and also work simultaneously ? Which institutes can I apply in Berlin for MD ? Can you share link or names ?

  6. @yogita

     Can we study MD in Berlin in English or language is compulsory for study also?

    Programs are taught in German. C1 level proficiency is recommended.

    can we do MD and also work simultaneously ?

    Yes, you certainly can.

    Which institutes can I apply in Berlin for MD ?

    Try to follow the updates of funding agencies such as DAAD, Erasmus, DFG, MCurie etc. Visit Daad office in the city near you. daad.de

  7. Hi i am homeopathic dr i want further education plus practice in homeopathy in Germany how I can achieve this I knw english well but how I can start for this do you hav any direct contact number so that I can talk directly to you

  8. Hii,
    Myself Dr. Minali Rawat from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I have done my B.H.M.S in 2016 from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University. Now pursing Master Degree in Organon Of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy from same University, now i wanted to do PhD in Germany. Is there any institute in Germany which offers PhD degree in homoeopathic medicine, also tell me when the exams are held, which exams we have to clear to get PhD degree in Germany and when the admissions start.
    Thank you

  9. Can i Study online DHMS-4 year Course in Germany University/School. I had long study Gap because before I had work.But now in critical Covid-19 situation I am hardly suffering so I decide to study DHMS and after than BHMS Degree.Pls let me know Is German Homeopathy University or School Offering Full fund waiver with application fees,Arrange Accommodation,Health,Stipend etc. Pls reply asap.

    Best Regard’s
    Email:golam21214[email protected]


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