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List of Ivy League Universities & Tuition Costs

Ivy League is a name that refers 8 private universities in USA as a group. These 8 institutional usually stand in Top 15 universities in USA every year. These are most prestigious institutions which attract highly talented students in USA and across the world. Ivy league mainly refer to athletic teams of these 8 schools.

You can find more number of India students at Harvard, University of Penn, Columbia University. Some of these universities admit students only from IITs, NITs and few other premier institutions of India. Given is the estimated cost per year for International students at Ivy league universities.

Tuition(Round Figure)/year
Brown University Providence, Rhode Island 1764 40,000
Columbia University New York City, New York 1754 44000
Cornell University Ithaca, New York 1865 41325
Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire 1769 40000
Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts 1636 37,000
Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey 1746 38000
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1740 28000
Yale University New Haven, Connecticut 1701 34000
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