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SOP for M.S. Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

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People see things; and they say, “Why?”But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?”

The above philosophy has played an important role in the shaping of my objectives and framing of my plans for the future.

The past century has thrown open the doors for unabated technological advancement and has created opportunities of growth in newer dimensions which we never thought existed even a short time ago. To excel in the futuristic workplace of tomorrow, one will need to posses a perfect blend of theoretical study and practical experience. I want to be a part of this exiting race to create a more scientifically advanced tomorrowand I envision graduate studies as a path towards my advancement in this direction. To me, Biotechnology is not just a tool that benefits an individual, but also the community and society at large. To realize my dreams and to achieve my career goals, I foresee your university as the right destination.

Educated at one of the nation’s best schools, I was exposed to diverse objects that expounded the myths and mysteries of life. It was the Biological Sciences that titillated me the most with the very first acquaintance. After obtaining the best grades of 95% in Biological sciences, I chose Biology and Mathematics as my electives at High School. My incipient enchantment with Chemistry and the burning desire for a scientific career persuaded me to opt for Biotechnology as my career option.

`The continuation of my pursuit, I successfully got admission into Kumaraguru College of Technology, an institution renowned for its Biotechnology department. Driven by the desire to do research in Molecular Biology, from my very first day at college, I explored several options and obtained a cutting edge, assimilating to the maximum, from my coursework to in plant trainings.

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During my undergraduate program the two areas that evoked an ardent interest in me were “Molecular Biology” and “Cell Biology”. That I obtained the first best grades of 75% in a class of 40 in these subjects is testimony to and reflection of my zest and zeal for these subjects. My insatiable thirst for delving deep into these subjects coupled with my profound aptitude for research in Molecular Biology has inspired me to pursue a Graduate career.

I began my steps towards a research in Molecular Biology career by attending an in plant training at Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB), Agricultural University which is known for its Molecular Biology Department in the country and participating in several National and International conferences. Through these programs I learnt thoroughly the concepts of research and development and quality marketing. I have undergone training in industries such as 2+Biogenomics and Yercaud Biotech.

My passion towards Molecular biology further motivated me to work on various projects. My undergraduate mini project work deals with the “Isolation and Characterization of Protease from industrial effluents”.

I have also co-authored papers on “DNA NANOTECHNOLOGY” and “STEM CELLS AS BIOSENSORS”, which were selected to be presented at various Inter Collegiate Technical Conferences. These papers won several prizes and have helped me understand the avenues to research. I still feel that the knowledge I have gained is infinitesimal and fragmentary. I realize that I am still languishing on the shores and yet to venture into the vast ocean of Molecular Biology.

Creating effective and efficient technology to develop and conceptualize Molecular Biology as a valuable elixir to the man kind is the end I have in mind. I look forward to the best in Graduate Education and Research.

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My search for the best match of objectives, passions and dreams has ended at your university with the best of fundamental research in all avenues of Molecular Biology. I am confident of realizing my goals here, as the best outlook and facilities are available to students with the best of opportunities. I am sure, I am behooved to the University’s requirements with the right goals and attitude towards educational and research excellence. My goal is to train myself thoroughly through my M.S. programme and proceed further on to a PhD in Molecular Biology.


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