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Guidelines for a Good LOR

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Letter of recommendation (LOR), as the name describes it is a letter either from your professor or principle of your last educational institutions or your last employer that ensures your ability and skill to make up to the course completion. This LOR seems

Very simple and easy to frame but be sure it holds great value in evaluating your profile both academic and nonacademic wise. It plays an important role for overseas applicant.

Points to considered while asking for letter of recommendation:

1- LOR should be from your lecturer who knows you better and with whom you have a good rapport. This helps you to get good words of praise from the recommender.

2- LOR, if you are working, should be from your immediate Boss who knows your capabilities and initiatives properly rather than the HR or higher management authority.

Guidelines for preparing LORs:

1- LORs should describe you the way you are and the way you would like to be represented as.

2- This letter should highlight your strengths rather than misleading the reader about your fake qualities.

3- The more specific is the appreciation the more is its trustworthiness.

4- The letter should throw light on your keen interest to pursue your career in the particular subject under the applied university.

Framing a LOR:

1- Avoid headings like: “ To whom so ever it may concern”

2- If the person recommending you knows you from a short time, its always better to be silent about the period. Normally LOR should be from a person who knows you for more than 2 years.

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3- If the person knows little about you, avoid specified description about your nature. Faking of things may be dangerous.

4- If the recommender is your relative don’t mention that in the letter. It may give rise to question their authenticity.

5- Keep a vigil eye to notice whether the information in LOR and your SOP matches. If not do the required modification to strike off the contradicting lines creating a symphony.

6- If the LOR contains some very specific information demonstrating your skills and initiative impulses, make sure you provide a brief idea about the same in your SOP. (Don’t be elaborate)

7- LOR should be on the original letter heads of the respective institutions or organizations.(whichever is applicable)

8- LORs should be different formats giving variety of information about you. These letters are more like assurance to your SOP, so they should be moulded accordingly to justify your SOP.

9- Remember, these letters may give you an added advantage to earn part-time jobs within the campus. Sometimes, these may do wonder in getting you the deserving scholarship. So make sure they are framed properly and in an organized manner.

10- Be ready with the proofs to justify the authenticity and reliability of these LORs. So avoid exaggerating something.

11- Avoid using the university and program name in the LOR.

12- Avoid using the sentences for funds like financial aids / monetary aids/ Scholarships etc.


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