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First Steps to Study in Germany

It is a common question that “What I have to do for applying to Germany?”

This section is to guide persons who is not having a basic idea about things to do & to apply for Germany.

1) IELTS (More than 6 or 6.5)

2) German Language (Atleast A2 or B1 levels)

3) GRE – It is not mandatory for all universities

To know about the language requirements first you have to shortlist the universities. You can shortlist universities as per your interest through https://www.daad.de/de and http://de.mastersportal.eu Visit the particular university website and get clear idea about requirements.

What are the documents to be notarized?

All the documents related to your studies must be notarized. It is advisable to include notarized extracurricular and co-curricular activities certificates. No need of notary for resume, SOP.

Structure for Applying

1) Shortlist universities

2) IELTS exam and GRE exam (GRE is not mandatory for all universities)

3) Learn German Language

4) Send all documents (directly to university or to Uni Assist) by getting notary

5) Open Deutsche Bank Account

6) Apply for Visa Interview after getting admission

7) If you get positive result in Visa Interview then transfer amount to Deutsche Bank account

8) Do shopping

9) You will get a visa call or email for stamping

10) Take insurance (Least amount) and book flight ticket (Baggage allowance must be noticed)

11) Visit Consulate or Embassy with insurance and book flight ticket for stamping your passport

12) Bring all your original documents while coming to Germany

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