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Flights to Germany from India

1.)   Aeroflot  :  This is the cheapest one. But it is only from Delhi. It is offering 23kg checked + 23kg checked + 10kg cabin + 1 laptop bag. I would suggest checking their website once before booking from any makemytrip or cleartrip website as they could be charging more than the Airline website. Roughly, it will come out to be 23kg.

Link –  http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/en


2.)  British Airways : They have come up again with the student offer of 23kg checked + 23kg checked + 23kg cabin + 1 laptop bag. The fare would come something around 32 to 35k depending on the city. But the only thing is you will have to get the transit visa for Heath-row Airport.

Offer: 23Kg + 23Kg Check-In Luggage, 23Kg Cabin Luggage (including laptop bag)

Flight can be booked online . After booking one needs to call and inform them and while boarding student visa needs to be shown. (Called their customer care and confirmed.)

Prices are on a higher side compared to other carriers but offer beats them all.

No transit visa required if connecting flights are from same airport.

Link – http://www.britishairways.com/en-in/offers/flights/student?source=H02X&hpsource=H02AXCarrytheworldwi

Link – http://www.britishairways.com/travel/student-promo/public/en_in


3.)  Turkish Airways : This is said to be best in Europe. They have halt in Istanbul. Call up them to inquire about student discount.


4.)  Etihad Airways : They are cheapest after Aeroflot. A Abu Dhabi based airlines has a halt in Abu Dhabi. You can get discount if you have an ISIC card. It comes out pretty cheap but you need to have your visa for them to book your tickets.

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Allowed Check-In Luggage : 30Kg
Student Allowance : Extra 10 Kg

Link –  http://www.etihad.com/en-in/experience-etihad/edufly/

Link  –  http://www.isic.co.in/fares-new.php


5.)  Emirates Airways : They come cheap too if you have an ISIC Card. Only downfall, it has halt in Dubai, a city with strict drug laws!

Offer : 40Kg Check-In Luggage and 10% off on Fare , Age limit 26 for availing this offer

Link -http://www.emirates.com/in/english/destinations_offers/special_offers/index.aspx
Link –  http://www.isic.co.in/fares-new.php

6.)  Qatar Airways :
Student Offer : Check-In Luggage – 40Kg
Link –  http://www.qatarairways.com/in/en/cugs/student-offer

7.)  Lufthansa  :
3500 rs. discount on fare. Valid for booking made up to 14th July.
Link –  http://www.lufthansaapps.com/studentcentre/lufthansa_offers.html

8.) Jet Airways  :
Offer: 40 Kg Check-In Luggage
Link –  http://www.jetairways.com/EN/IN/TermsAndConditions/eduJetter.aspx

9.) Air India

Offer: 40Kg Check-In Luggage
Link –   http://www.airindia.com/student-offers.htm

10.) Gulf Air and Oman Air also offer same 40kg luggage offer for students.


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