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Is it Worth Coming on Job Seekers Visa, Germany?

Every individual wants to have a smooth and secure career with a decent salary, but sometimes finding a suitable job according to your priorities becomes a herculean task, especially if you are trying to find a job in foreign countries. Countries like Germany, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Denmark offer a special “Job Seekers Visa” to job aspirants from different countries. It is helpful for those who are unable …

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MS in Germany – Do Students find a Job in Germany after graduation

I have been asked this question several times, ‘do students find a job in Germany after finishing masters in Germany?’. I wish the answer was as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Here is my honest opinion on finding a job in Germany after finishing university in Germany. Full disclosure: I’m neither a consultant nor work for any consultancy. I have no stakes involved in encouraging or discouraging you to come to …

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Germany Job Seeker Visa 2019

If you are seeking cross-cultural experiences and wish to pursue a career in your field of interest in a foreign country, Germany might just be there on your list.  It has tons of industries which are growing exponentially every single day. With this immense growth ratio, Germany is looking out for skilled professionals. They are offering well-paid jobs to those who deserve it, be it be a foreign candidate or …

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Difficulties one face studying in Germany

Rather than saying it dark sides of MS in Germany I will call it difficulties one face during his/her MS in Germany. I have seen the list of persons who are following these particular question are Indian. As an Indian, I will highlight that particular section too. In Deutschland spricht man Deutsch Back home we were used to speaking in English with our colleagues and friends at the university as …

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Top 11 reasons to study in Germany

The first question one would face is: which country should he/she select? Choosing a country to study is not an easy task. Four years ago, I was faced with this question, and I selected Germany for my further studies. Based on my experience, I am going to help you make a decision on why choose to study in Germany. Germany is one of the most popular destinations among international students in …

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Finding Accommodation In Germany Is Not So Easy

The struggles of finding a new home are always pretty rough, and Germany comes at the top of the list when we talk about accommodations for students. Germany has 2 insane and extreme versions of apartments which entail furnished, which will be way above your budget definitely and unfurnished, which means LITERALLY UNFURNISHED WITH ZERO AMENITIES. If you are thinking it might give you the basic things like cabinets, closets, …

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