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Story of Denied entry of Student into USA

This story of a student who got Denied Entry into U.S.A at the Port of entry. I have seen couple of students who got Entry denied due to talking about some other university which is not listed in their Passport/visa.

Which university you are heading to?

When Immigration officer at port of entry ask ‘Which university you are heading to’ ? – You have to say the university listed on Visa. Otherwise Officer may understand that you are not planning to join the university listed on visa he can reject your visa for a valid reason from his end.

Things didn’t work well for me. I traveled to U.S.A on 11th August as planned. I reached Chicago Airport which was my port of entry for Immigration and Customs.

CBP officer : Where are you going?
I : Findlay University.

But my visa was issued for Oklahoma City University.

So they cancelled my visa for Oklahoma City University, took my Findlay university I-20 and immediately sent me back to India.

I called the Findlay University before leaving to USA. I spoke to some one in admission office. It could be ***[Name]. I am not sure but I spoke to a lady about my admission status. I told her that my F1 visa was issued for Oklahoma City University and I asked her how to transfer to Findlay University,She said that, I need to come to Findlay University directly and then apply for University transfer online. I said the same to CBP Officer at Port of Entry in Chicago. He then cancelled my F1 visa.

Because of one person gave me the wrong information, ,my dream of studying in USA came down crashing.
I don’t know what to do now.I have spent 2 lakhs for all this things and everything is wasted. My career is spoiled here. I’m from Hyderabad, India. CBP officer called the Findlay University in front me and came to know that there is no one with my name. They have played with my life.

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This is what was stamped on my visa in my passport, what do they mean by 22 cfr41.122(h)(3)*(4) of the INA.

Assume a scenario that You got Visa for University X, but you want to join University Y for which you have I-20. You have to Enter into USA with the Visa of University X. Since Immigration officer’s records only have University X information on your file, you have to talk about university X only.Tip: If you are planning to transfer to a different university, first go to the university that is listed on Visa and then transfer the university.


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