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Best Universities for MBA in Germany

Germany is one of the best countries to continue your higher studies, and when it is about studying business, there are very few countries on par with Germany. German business schools are known as some of the best and most prestigious business schools in the world. 

According to recent studies and researches, Germany has entirely raised the bar of education and revolutionized the entire education system for developing the all-round skills of the students right from the primary stages so that you can expect a stiff entrance examination and interviews for admission in MBA. 

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Also, most of the MBA programs in Germany are designed in both English and German languages. Therefore, you need to learn German as well for boosting your chances to get admission in one of the most prestigious business schools of the world. 

Here are the top German schools offering MBA program. All these schools are unique in their way, and if you can make to any one of them, you will feel the effects of studying at the top international schools.

WHU Vallendar:

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management or WHU Vallendar a well-known business school in Germany. The school was founded in 1984 and is financed privately by the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce. 

The schools offer around 200 seats for admission in graduation. The selection process comprises of two separate stages including preselection of students based on their academic performances and personal achievements, and final selection for around 200 seats. 

If you are successful in passing the first stage, you will have to display your intellectual skills by preparing presentations, talking and interacting with the representatives from the private business sectors. You will also have to take a mathematics test. Around 50% of the top students are then offered bachelors program. 

To know more about admission processes, course structures, and fee, etc. visit https://www.whu.edu/en/

The Business School of the Mannheim University:

Founded and became fully functional in 1969, the Business School of the Mannheim University was a part of Department of Economic and Social Sciences of Mannheim’s College of Trade. The institute follows the historic “Mannheim Philosophy” and has been one of the most prestigious MBA institutes of Germany. 

The Business School of Mannheim University is known for its excellent research and training levels, quality management, practical orientation, and international focus on various other aspects of the business. 

As many as 4000 business students from across the world are involved in the modern way of learning the business and various applications. Highly motivated and skilled faculty of 34 full-time professors, five junior professors, and more than 140 additional teachers are working very hard to prepare students according to modern global demand of the business sector. 

Making to the Business School of the Mannheim University is never easy due to stiff competitions. Students from various parts of the globe are always looking to get admission in one of the leading business institutes of the world. In addition to excellent academic performances, you need to be very good at some other extracurricular activities as well. 

For detailed information, click the link https://www.mannheim-business-school.com/en/ to visit the official website of the institute. 

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management:

Formerly known as Handelschochschule Leipzig, it is one of the oldest business schools in the world. Located in the Saxony state of Germany, the institute has been providing a world-class environment for business studies since 1989. 

HHL Leipzig is very popular among the business students of almost every corner of the world due to its high standards. International competence and global partnerships are two of the most important hallmarks of HHL Leipzig. The school maintains a strong relationship with various foreign universities from Australia to Uruguay. 

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The institute never compromises on the standard of management education and provides the whole range of expertise in every aspect of the business. In addition to the full-time business teachers, the school also invites guest professors from other international universities to make sure every student can get the best present practices and upcoming trends in the global sector of business. 

If you want to pursue your MBA dreams from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, get complete information on https://www.hhl.de/. 

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management:

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a complete world for MBA students. The school isn’t only known for highly job-oriented management courses; it is conveying every aspect of finance as well. A very attractive portfolio of education services like degree courses, executive education programs, and research consultancy projects designed for international students with keeping every aspect of global business in mind. 

Frankfurt School isn’t only working to enhance the business skills of the students; it is also working as a catalyst, adviser and educational partner to numerous individuals trying to make a career in business, experienced business executives, global companies and organizations. So, at the Frankfurt School, you get excellent exposure to almost every aspect of the business. 

The Frankfurt School’s faculty is always involved with research scholars and consultancy experts from around the world to provide all the bits and bytes of modern business to every student in the best way possible. 

You can think about making to one of the most innovative business schools in Germany. To know more about the school, its admission processes, fee structures, and rule and regulations visit https://www.frankfurt-school.de/en/home.

ESCP Europe Business School Berlin:

When it is about business studies in Germany, the name of ESCP Europe Business School Berlin is taken with so much respect and esteem. The independent management school in Berlin has been one of the most estimable business institutes of the world. There are around 4,000 business students from 90 different countries acquiring the knowledge of business from 125 professors of 20 different nationalities. 

At ESCP Europe Business School, you won’t only get the opportunity to learn every business lesson extraordinarily, but you will also get to know about various languages and cultures of so many other countries. 

Every business student at ESCP Europe Business School is asked to involve in various extracurricular activities by interacting, learning, and dealing with students of different nationalities to learn how to build relationships, how to learn different natures and work ethics of different people and much more. 

Once you complete your MBA from ESCP Europe Business School, you will come out as a completely different person with deep knowledge of not only business but of other different aspects of professional life as well. You should visit https://www.escpeurope.eu/home-escp-europe to know more about ESCP Europe Business School. 

These are some prestigious business schools in Germany you can look for your business studies. Each one of them is unique and special in its way. If you want to raise your level of knowledge, business skills, relationship building, client dealing, etc. you can apply at any one of these business schools. You are definitely going to feel the difference of studying at one of the international institutes of business. Research properly, understand well, and then make a final decision. There are some other business schools in Germany in addition to these top schools. You can look at them as well to know if they are suitable according to your plans.

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Top Business Schools for an MBA in Germany

No.B-SchoolWorld RankingAverage Post MBA Salary
1University of Manheim – Manheim Business School#54
(FT Global Ranking)#18
(FT Euro Ranking)
2European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin#70 (FT Global)
#16 (FT Euro)
3HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL)#33 (FT Euro)$76,260
4WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management#37 (FT Euro)$98,861
5EBS University Business School#51 (FT Euro)$98,280
6Frankfurt School of Finance and Management#60 (FT Euro)$100,000
7University of Cologne Faculty of Management#76 (FT Euro)$70,700
(Post Master in Management)
8ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus#11 (FT Euro)$202,554
(Post EMBA)

Full & Part Time MBA in Top B-Schools in Germany

Program NameDurationTuition
Manheim Business School – Full Time MBA12 months
(Optional International Track)
Manheim Business School – Part Time MBA24 months$46,414
ESMT – Full Time MBA12 months$51,100
HHL Leipzig – Full Time MBA15 months$34,100 (Early) – $37,600
HHL Leipzig – Part Time MBA24 – 30 months$41,130
WHU Otto Beisheim – Full Time MBA12 months$43,360
EBS – MBA18 months (International Track)12 months (Fast Track)$39,370$27,620
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management- Full Time MBA12 months$38,780
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management- Part Time MBA24 months$42,300
ESCP Europe – MBA in International Management12 months$37,600

Executive MBA in Top B-Schools in Germany

Program NameDurationTuition
Manheim Business School – Executive MBA18 months
(44 working days, weekend based)
Manheim Business School –
ESSEC & Manheim EMBA
18 months
(modular based)
ESMT – EMBA18 months$67,570
HHL Leipzig – Global Executive MBA
(Rank #15 FT Global Career Progress)
21 months
(40 working days)
WHU Otto Beisheim – Global EMBA
(Partnered with Kellogg School of Management)
24 months$92,830
EBS – EMBA Management24 months$33,200(Early) – $38,200
EBS – EMBA Health Care Management~15 months$38,550
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management- EMBA18 months$48,760
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management- MBA in International Healthcare Management (IHM)20 months$37,490
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management- MBA for Executives Kinshasa-Frankfurt18 months$19,400
University of Cologne – EMBA
(Partnered with Rotterdam School of Management)
24 months$57,580
ESCP – EMBA18 – 30 months$65,800

The other famous B-schools in Germany include, among others, Technical University of Munich (TUM), IESE Business School Munich, Freie University Berlin, RWTH Aachen University, Humboldt University Berlin, and Goethe University Frankfurt.

Each is ranked between #100 to #250 of the world’s leading business schools, for an MBA, according to QS World University Rankings for Business Management Studies. You are advised to research your requirements in each and evaluate your choice best suited to your career.
German B-schools exist in the midst of one of the best economies in the world, making their MBA programs equipped with the training to be successful. Of course it helps that the employment sector, in Germany, has a stage set to take on the skilled and the highly qualified. Together these make the perfect ingredients for your bright future.

Source: MBA CrystalBall


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