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How much does it cost to do MS in US?

Total Cost of MS in US: How much would it cost to do MS, Phd, MBA in US? General questions from a beginner who want to study in USA are – How much do I need to spend to study Masters in USA? What is the living cost in USA for doing MS or Phd? This article will explain the expenditure for education in US Universities.

We can separate in MS in US cost into two parts. 1) Cost of Tuition and Fee 2) Living Expenses

Cost of MS in US (Masters in USA)

Tuition/Fee Cost for Masters in usa

First let me start with the way how American Universities will charge the student for the education. School’s tuition depends on the number of credit hours you take in a semester. Usually, one course is considered as 3 credit hours (In most of the univs). For example if you attend 3 courses in one semester, it is equivalent to 9 credit hours. Thus you have to pay tuition for the 9 credit hours in the first semester.  Low tuition schools will charge you less than $ 6000 per 9 credit hours or per semester. Average Tuition school means 6000 to 7500 per 9 credit hours or per semester High tuition schools will charge you above 7500 per 9 credit hours or per semester.

Most of the Schools ask you to take 12 courses to complete the masters degree which means 12*3 = 36 credit hours. Number of credit hours varies from university to university.
Students have to select well ranked and low tuition / fee schools with Assistantships or Fee waivers.

Living Expenses Cost:

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You can live in the University apartments (on-campus housing) or outside the university. Indian students generally live 4 or 5 people in a double bedroom apartment. If you are living outside the university, apartment rents will be lower. But always university apartments are safer than the outside apartments.

If you are living in a village living cost (including rent + electricity + food) may go up to $350 per month. If it is a mid-level town/city it will go up to $600 per person when you are in sharing.

Cost of PhD in USA

Generally speaking most of the PhD students will get full funding in the first semester itself though Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistance. Very rarely PhD students will not be offered funding with i20. Though they have better chances of getting scholarships or some sort of funding in the University. MS in US is expensive than MS in PhD. Masters student have less chances to get funding when compared to PhD students.

States with Higher Living Cost and High Tuition Cost

New York
New Jersey

How to Cover Costs While you are doing MS in US?

You are allowed to work for 20 hrs a week while you are a student. Usually pay for student worker ranges from 6 – 12 $/hr. If may also try to Fee waivers. TAs, RAs, GAs will cover some part of fee and you will be paid monthly. Whether you have any assistant or not, your on campus job will cover your living expenses in USA during your masters study.


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