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SOP Sample for MS in Data Science and Analytics

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The art of predicting future outcomes based on historical data and trends is a topic that has always fascinated me. Data analytics is in use everywhere now, whether it’s for predicting buyer preferences on online shopping sites or for influencing political victories. On a mundane level, even as a huge soccer fan, I am highly intrigued by statistical determinations used by experts to pre-empt different patterns of play. The utility of data science and analytics and its vast scope for practical application in all areas of industry and technology has made it my dream choice for further studies as well as the ideal career option.

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It was primarily my interest and acumen in both Mathematics and Coding from as early as the 10th grade that led me to pursue my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. I wanted to expand my logical faculties and reasoning abilities. I excelled in Mathematics-based subjects such as Discrete Computational Structures, Engineering Mathematics, Operations Research, as well as programming concepts such as Computer Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Programming Language Concepts. Other subjects that I developed a strong foundation in include Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Data Structures Lab, Theoretical Foundation of Computation, Database Management Systems, and Information Storage Management, amongst many others. I believe that my studies in these subjects will prove extremely useful as I further my education in Data Analytics.

I worked on several projects during my undergrad to develop a practical understanding and application of everything I learned. For my thesis project, we developed ‘Tourism Management System’ (skills acquired: Android, SQL, PHP), an android application catering to a much-ignored segment of the tourism market – small townships and hill stations. The application provides accurate information about nearby hotels and other services such as car rental services at a chosen location on the basis of customer reviews and ratings and enables online booking of the services. Another application called ‘Restaurant Management System’ (tool: Eclipse IDE, skills acquired: Android, PHP) was built to receive orders from tables and rooms for different services and pass these on to the right persons or teams for necessary action, thus reducing the time and effort spent in otherwise managing these tasks manually. I also completed a 5-day internship in NIELIT (Android Development), where I familiarized myself with the basics of android development and was able to create applications hands-on.

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After completion of my undergraduate degree in 2016, I started working as a software engineer with Vanenburg Software in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. My tenure here has given me incredible exposure in working with big data, and my passion for the subject continues to grow stronger day after day. I find data analytics to be a subject that’s very challenging and yet hugely rewarding. I make use of every opportunity to learn the major languages and different techniques involved in data analytics. Exploring, researching, and innovating new ways of analyzing data and implementing algorithms to expand my intellectual rigor, as well as practical skills, are other areas of intense focus for me. Obtaining an MS degree in Data Science and Data Analytics is a strategic step forward in the right direction.

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At Vanenburg Software, my key remit was the document manipulation component of the company’s leading business collaboration platform Collabrr. The platform offers enterprises a tool for social collaboration on documentation, connects the primary processes of partner organizations, and also functions as a PaaS to facilitate application development. The document manipulation component includes functionalities like CRUD operations on documents, sharing, importing documents from CSV files, as well as manipulation via SOAP APIs.

Additionally, I also worked on two other components, namely ‘Log Analyzer’ and ‘Email Receiver’. Log Analyzer is a component which extracts specific details from the logs of Hbase and indexes it to Solr. I also developed UI pages with AngularJS. ‘Email Receiver’ is a component that creates trusted recipients for the installation of Collabrr and facilitates the sending of emails based on set criteria such as invoice generation, error scenario identification, and a lot more. ‘Everbinding Chatbot’, another program which I worked on helps to troubleshoot and resolve customer concerns upon entering the platform. I worked with importing and exporting training data to the platform and different UI interactions. I believe these skills will enable me to bring a reliable software development perspective to my course of studies in data analytics.

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My career has taught me the importance of data and the accurate analysis of it for problem-solving, decision making, and solution development. I genuinely believe data analytics is the future.

Along with academics and the practical application of my knowledge, I was keen to develop other facets of my personality to ensure I became a well-rounded individual with a lot more to offer to the world. To build my ability to lead and manage others, I took up several assignments, including Secretary of the Student Federation and Convener of TECHNOS (Technical Students Association), during my undergrad. I have coached junior students to enable them to clear their Math/Programming examinations as well as provided mentorship on how to approach companies for obtaining jobs. I also served as House Captain in various positions for multiple years in high school. I am a member of the Euphoria Club at the company I currently work for, which has been tasked with organizing recreational events for the employees.

In the long-term, I see myself growing into a Data Analytics expert who is able to provide new and innovative solutions for tackling the innate challenges that arise from business processes. Chiefly, I would like to use my expertise to build efficient models with minimal to no-risk factors using relevant data extracted from the large source material. I have a keen social consciousness and want to also look at solving real-world problems that affect humans on a day-to-day basis.

My immediate plan after the MS degree is to pursue an opportunity as a Data Analyst with a strong focus on research. I’m looking to utilize the profile to enhance my knowledge and expertise in the subject. I hope to use the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in the field and make attempts to contribute to the same. I also plan to study different algorithms in-depth and learn how to improve upon them and develop them further. The MS Degree in Data Science and Data Analytics will facilitate my progression and take me closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a Data Analytics thought leader and expert.


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