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Procedure for Changing the First name or last name in TOEFL Exam

Procedure for Changing the First name or last name in TOEFL Exam. If any one has registered for TOEFL with the name that doesn’t exactly match with your name on the passport here is the thing.

TOEFL Name change

Common mistakes student do with GRE or TOEFL exams
1) Entering the name in wrong way – first name in place of last name and last name in place of first name.
2) Spelling mistakes in the name
3) Not entering all words of the name.

If you do any of the above mistakes during TOEFL registration – Fax your name change request write up along with a copy of your passport to 001-610-290-8972. This gets your problem figured out and this is the standard procedure.

Changing name at the TOEFL Test Center

Only misspellings of your name can be corrected at the test center—NAME CHANGES WILL NOT BE MADE. If your name has changed for any reason, including marriage, you still must present primary identification in the name under which you registered, or you will not be permitted to test. Marriage certificates and divorce decrees cannot be used to confirm name differences.

Tips to avoid First name, last name issues

You must use the exact name and spelling of that name as shown on the primary ID document that you will present at the test center. If the name shown on your primary ID does not match the name on your registration record, you will not be permitted to test and a refund will not be issued. You will have to register again and pay another test fee.

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Be sure to provide your entire first name (given name) and your entire last name (family name). Do not register under a nickname. If your ID document contains two last names, enter the names exactly as they appear on your ID. If you register by phone, please make sure you are registered under your complete name as it appears on your ID.

When applying to a college or university, use the same name and spelling of your name on your application.


  1. I have mistaken my last name so it’s sathiyanarayanan i typed it as sakthi.so if I say my last name at the center will they accept it?


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