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Minimum TOEFL Scores for US Universities

TOEFL Score is a requirement or Most of the US Universities. Usually US Universities ask you for TOEFL score of 79 or 80. Some top universities will go up to TOEFL score of 100 or above . Usually US Universities Admission office will not consider your application without meeting minimum TOEFL score set by the university or the department.

Some universities will waive Minimum TOEFL score requirement based on many factors like high GRE score. Also, some universities will give admission though you didn’t meet admission criteria and they suggest you to take English exam at the university. If you quality in their test, you can get rid of TOEF Score criteria. Otherwise you may need to take english classed instead of TOEFL. Here are some US universities with TOEFL Minimum score or Cut off Scores for US Universities.

Minimum TOEFL score requirements for US Universities

UT Arlington -79
University of Denver 80
University of California, Berkeley – 68

School Name TOEFL Score Required
Harvard 109
Stanford Minimum of 100
Wharton Required
MIT Not Required
Kellogg Required
Columbia Required
Tuck Required
Berkeley (Haas) 68
Michigan (Ross) 100
Duke (Fuqua) Required
Darden 100
Yale 100
NYU Stern Required
Cornell Johnson Required
UCLA (Anderson) 87
CMU (Tepper) Required
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