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How long does it take to get Greencard for Masters and PhD students in USA?

Green card is nothing but permanent work authorization in USA. You don’t need any visa like (H1B, L1 etc) to work in USA, if you have a Green card. Here I am going to talk about employment based green card for Students in USA with advanced degrees like Masters, PhD.

How can I get Green card?

You need an employer in USA who is willing to sponsor you green card.

When should i start GC processing?

Once you get a job offer after completion of MS in US or PhD.

What is the suitable Green card category for me?

MS Students apply in EB2. EB1 is for PhDs and extraordinary skilled people. Your employer decides where to put you in.

How long will it take to Get GC in EB2 Category?

Currently people who applied for GC before November 2007 are getting GCs now. So there is a delay of almost 4 years.

Will it speed up in Future?

Yes, USCIS is speeding up the process. At current speed, in the near future, time to get GC in EB2 Category may get down to 2 to 3 years.

What are the Steps in the Green card Process? 

Your employer/you have to clear each and every stage of the below three to get Green card.

1) Labor Application – May take 1 to 3 months

2) I-140 – May take 4 to 12 months. You have to keep on waiting after this stage.

3) I-485 stage (Final Stage) – You have to wait until USCIS calls you based on the Labor Application (Stage 1) date you filed it.

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What should I do to get Green card soon?

Ask your employer to file the Labor for GC as soon as possible. The date you applied Labor decides the call to final stage. Currently USCIS is calling the people to apply for final stage (I-485), who applied Labor on or before Nov 2007.


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