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Information for new comers and Prospective Applicants

To get to know the courses available and Universities offering it .You must try to search courses in

  1. www.daad.de
  2. www.mastersportal.eu
  3. www.hochschulkompass.de

There you will get to know the courses that you are eligible for, my suggestion would be to apply to all the courses that you are interested in.. (atleast maximum number of univ you can), because Intake is the same whereas the number of students applying is increasing semester to semester.

Then you have to get transcripts, from your University, not the affliated college you are studying in. It costs some money so check the website before going to apply them, also in most cases only Demand Draft is accepted, so have all the details as well.

Then you have to apply, go to the univ home page and check the documents required, it varies so it cannot be totally generalized.

Then you have to get the docs notarized, you can do this in two ways. One way is fixing an appointment with the German Consulate and getting their Notarization/Attestation, I am not sure about the current price for this. Another way is to get it from a Notary Public, they will charge you like 5 rupees – 15 rupees per page, so explain them, that you need more number of pages, and ask for a discount (money should not be that easy to spend, we are just starting to spend so be as stingy as you can 😉 )

My suggestion would be to apply for the blocked account while you are waiting for the admission, it helps a lot during the visa process, (Check other document for DB opening)

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The documents that are needed mostly are

  • Transcripts
  • Application Form

Notarised copy of :

  • Consolidated Marklist,
  • Degree Certificate,
  • Passport,
  • IELTS/TOEFL, GRE certificate (Mandatory for few courses), (Some University need the original sent to them)
  • German Lang Certificate
  • All semester mark lists,
  • Other certificates (No culturals, as far as i Know, Social Service activities are considered in some university)

If applying via Uni-Assist check the other document’s in the group.


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