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Profile of Selected Applicants in German Universities

1) Subham Agarwal

Department of Information technology: JSS, NOIDA

Acceptance: TU Delft(CS)-Netherlands, TU Eindhoven(CS)-Netherlands, Politecnico Di Milano (CS)-Italy, Univ. of Stuttgart (INFOTECH-CHSE)-Germany, Politecnico Di Milano(Information System)-Italy- Gold Scholarship(500 Euro per month, tuition fee waiver and semester fee waiver), Universitat Siegen(Economics Policy)-Germany,RWTH(Media Informatics)-Germany (My Destination), University of Basel(Switzerland), Humboldt Universitat Berlin(MSc in Economics and Finance)-Germany, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciene(High Integrity Systems)-Germany, TU- Dresden-Distributed System in Engineering(Germany)

Rejection: Imperial College London-UK, EPFL Laussane(Computer Science)-Switzerland, TU Darmstadt (Germany) (joke)

  • Strength: Strong LOR, SOP, International Internship from Germany, 1 In-Sem Internship
  • Microsoft Certification: Software Specification Development
  • 4 Times International Nomination as Exchange student for Poland, Germany, Austria and Australia.
  • Down Side: Belong from non elite institute
  • Profile: 10th:82.5, 12th:82.5, ug:77%, GRE:1250, Internships, Projects and Extra Curriculars, NGO Member.


2) Sarthak Gupta

Electronics and Communication Engineering, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad

Acceptance: ETH Zurich (EEIT) (Mostly my destination), TU Delft(Microelectronics), North Carolina State University(Quantum Electronics), EPFL(Electronics and microelectronics), RWTH Aachen (MSCE)

Rejection: –

  1. Profile: 10th:93.6, 12th:94.8, ug:9.54 GRE:1380, Internships, Projects and Extracurriculars
  2. Strong Points: Internship in Germany under DAAD Scholarship
  3. Good recommendations
  4. Downside: No publications



  • Acceptance : Duisburg-Essen
  • Rejection : Kaiserlautern, paderbonn, munchen.
  • Profile : 10th – 74.6% , 12th – 70%, UG – 68%, IELTS – 6 Band, Projects and Extra-curriculars


4) Ankit Goyal

Department of Chemical Engineering , IIT Madras

Acceptance : EMM Nano Masters of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

  • Profile : 10th- 93.8%, 12th-: 83% TOEFL- 100, CGPA:- 8.24
  • Strong points: Mainly projects which were in coherence with program I applied. Good Internships like one at Max Planck.
  • Good recommendations
  • One publication

Down side: CGPA


4) Aishwarya Sharma

Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Delhi( Electronics and Communication)

Rejection: Stuttgart Step 1

  • 10- 91 %, 12th 83%, Btech – 73 %, toefl 91
  • Strong points: german upto 5 levels, internship at TATA, CCNA Certificates, 4 Research papers
  • weak points : btech score

Acceptance: Saarland University (MS in Computer Science and Communications Technology), University of Applied Sciences Offenburg( Communications and Media Engineering), FAU- Erlangen- Nuernberg (Communications and Multimedia Engineering, TU Ilmenau ( MS in Communications and Signal Processing)


5) Sourabh Dhotre

Mechanical Engineer from Govt College Of Engineering Karad.

Acceptance : Duisburg Essen, TU Dortmund Manufacturing tech ( my destination),

FH Aachen Mechatronics.

Rejection : TUHH, REM univ of Freiberg, TU Frieburg comp material

  • Profile : UG 61% (Topper at 71%)
  • Campus placed in BPCL, work ex 15 months. (Highest package company 8.3 lpa)
  • GRE : 314/340
  • TOEFL : 106/120
  • Strong LORS
  • few extracuriculars.


6)Sarat Chand Kandukuri

Major:Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU-K affiliated college

Rejections: TU Kaiserslautern and Fachoschule Rosenheim

Acceptance:Hoschschule Bremen and Kassel University


  • BE: 70%
  • TOEFL: 97/120
  • German Knowledge:A1




7) Ninad Gawade

BE from Univeristy of Pune

Admit: Toronto University (Canada), Paderborn University (Germany), Saarland University(Germany), RWTH (Germany), TU Darmstadt(Germany), Texas Austin, NCSU, UB,

ETH, KTH , Ecole(France)

Reject: UBC

  • 1 Patent
  • 4 International Papers
  • Work Experience – 2.6 years
  • Decent overall profile in CS with decent LOR and SOP





ADMIT- H_DARMSTADT, TUHH mostly my destinaation, ESIEE paris, Paderborn



GRE- 1380






9) Aalok Bhatt

Course: M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering

Accepted: TU Darmstadt, TU Delft

Rejected: NUS, NTU, Purdue

Awaiting: RWTH

Profile: 10th 87 %, 12th 91%

B.Tech Electrical Engg

CGPA 8.81/10

3 Gold Medals with BEst student award

Working at Tata motors since Aug-2010

2 Fascinating projects (1 Research project)

1 Publication


10) Rohit Dhakate


  1. German Universities: HS Esslingen/ASM & DDM, TU Dortmund/A&R, University of Siegen/Mechatronics, TUHH/Mechatronics, Duisburg Essen/Mechatronics & General Mech. Engg.
  2. UK Universities: Kingston University/ Automotive & Motorsport, Brunel University /Automotive & Motorsport, Oxford brookes University/ Automotive & Motorsport, University of Bath / Automotive Engineering, University of Glasgow /Automotive Engineering & Mechatronics, Kings College London/ Automotive Engineering, Kings College london/ Robotics.

ACCEPTANCE: TU Dortmund – Automation & Robotics.UK – Kingston University/ Automotive Engineering, Oxford Brookes University/ Motorsport Engineering & Automotive Engineering, University of Glasgow/ Automotive Engineering & Mechatronics, University of Bath/ Automotive Engineering, Kings College london/ Robotics.

REJECTION: TUHH/Mechatronics, HS Esslingen/ASM & DDM, HS Ravensburg Weingarten University of Applied Sciences.


  • 10th – 77.46%
  • 12th – 74.17%
  • B.E (Mechanical) – 72.47% (Class Topper)
  • GRE – 302
  • IELTS – 7.0
  • German A1 Level
  • 6 Months work ex. at an Automobile Ancillary Comp.
  • 2 Months Industrial Training at MSEB
  • Certified courses in Pro-e & CATIA
  • Projects on Automobile Technology.


11)  Nikhil Upadhyaya

My Profile:10th SSC : 90.93%

12th HSC : 85%

CET (Common Entrance Test) : 178/200

BE Production Engineering, University of Mumbai.

BE Agg. : 64% (upto Sem 6)

Rank 6th.

In all one year internship from,

Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mumbai.

Hiflex Hydraulics Pvt. Limited, Gandhinagar.

Flutec Industries, Mumbai.

Decent extra curriculars and project.

Recommendation from the Principal of the College.

GRE: 1320

TOEFL: 102

German: A1, A2,B1(Learning)

Interests: Production Systems, Manufacturing, Computational Mechanics

Applied to: RWTH, TU Berlin, Duisburg-Essen, TUHH, Ruhr-Bochum,Sudwestfalen, Rostock.

Reject: TUHH, Ruhr-Bochum, Rostock.

Acceptance: None till date.


12) Prasanna Raut

UNIVERSITIES/COURSES APPLIED: HS Esslingen/ASM & DDM, HS Ravensburg-Weingaten/Mechatronics, University of Siegen/Mechatronics,Duisburg Essen/Mechatronics & Computational Mechanicas, TU Dortmund/MMT, University of Applied Sciences Jena/Scientific Instrumentation, FH Aachen/ Aerospace Engineering, Energy Systems.

UK Universities : University of Glasgow- Automotive Engineering & Mechatronics, Kingston University- Automotive Engineering, Advanced Product Design Engineering, Mechatronic.


UK – University of Glasgow- Automotive Engineering & Mechatronics on 28 th April 2012, Kings College London- Robotics , Kingston University- Automotive on 25 May 2012, oxford brookes university.

Germany- FH Jena on 7 June 2012, University of Duisburg Essne on 6 July 2012

REJECTION: HS Esslingen -ASM and DDM on 17th April 2012, HS Ravensburg-Weingarten -Mechatronics, University of Upper Austria, , FH Aachen- Aerospace Engineering , Energy System University of Siegen-Mechatronics,TU Dortmund-MM


  • 10th – 69.60%
  • 12th – 67.17%
  • B.E (Mechanical) -64.93%
  • IELTS – 6.5
  • German A1 Level Completed
  • 6 Months work ex. at an Automobile Ancillary Comp.
  • 2 Months Industrial Training at MSEB
  • Certified courses in Pro-e.
  • Projects on Automobile Technology.


13) Suraj Dholu

Applied: TUHH(IPM), TU Dortmund(MMT), TU Berlin(GPE), RWTH Aachen(PSE)

Acceptance:TUHH (IPM), RWTH Aachen(PSE)

Rejection: First round in TU Dortmund


  • 10th -73.86%
  • 12th – 75%
  • B.E (Mechanical) -73.45%
  • University – Gujarat University
  • IELTS – 6.5
  • GRE – 302/340
  • German – A1 & A2 Level
  • 18 Months work ex. at Prism Pharma Machinery (Pharmatulical Machinery Company),Ahmedabad
  • 1 Month Industrial Training at Ingersoll Rand
  • Certified courses in AutoCad 2008, Pro-e.
  • Project on Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Horn


14) Bhavin Bora:

Applied: TUHH(IPM), HTW Berlin.

Accept: TUHH, HTW awaits.


BE Mech: 71%, GRE: 1300, Toefl: 101

Working with L&T Powai since July 2011. 2 projects & a certified course.

Suggest you to write decent SOP & LOR’s.



15) Harish Krishnamoorthi

Courses applied: computational mechanics/engineering, energy

Accept: TU Freiberg – computational material science, TU Braunschweig – computational sciences in engineering

Reject: Ruhr Bochum – computational engineering, Offenburg – energy conversion and management, Freiburg – renewable energy management

Waiting: Ulm – energy science and technology

B.E Mech: CGPA – 7.134/10

Strength: strong lor’s, sop, projects, IELTS-7.5, internship

downside: CGPA

Will be shortlisting my university once i get all the results.



16) Prashant Chauhan :

UNIVERSITIES/COURSES APPLIED: HS Esslingen/ASM ,Communication Engineering in TUM/University of Erlangen,Nuremburg/ University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt/Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

UK Universities : Communication Engineering in University of Glasgow/University of sheffield/University of southhampton/University of Bath/University of York

ACCEPTANCE:University of Erlangen,Nuremburg(FAU)/ University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt(h_da)/ University of Glasgow/University of sheffield/University of southhampton/University of Bath/University of York

ACADS:10th – 77.5%(State board)12th – 79.2%(State board)B.E (Electronics and communication Engg) -73% IELTS – 6.5German A1 Level Currently doing *18 Months work ex. at Ericsson India*.2 Months Industrial Training at BSNL and ptps


17) Chandra Shekhar Menaria

UNIVERSITIES/COURSES APPLIED: RWTH AACHEN( Media Informatics) , TUHH (Information & Media Technologies) , TU Dortmund (A&R)

Sweden:- Chalmers , Uppasla, Linkoping, Blekinge (Late application in all) (Comp science in all)

ACCEPTANCE: RWTH AACHEN( Media Informatics) , TUHH (Information & Media Technologies) , Blekinge, TU Dortmund (A&R), Chalmers (Sweden).

Reject :- Uppasla, Linkoping.

Destination:- TU Dortmund (A&R)


10th (State Board) – 86.50%

12th (State Board) – 86.62%

B.tech (Comp Engg/ MNIT , Jaipur) :- 8.31 CGPA

email:- [email protected]







10th- 74%





Holds advantage of numerous Industrial Trainings


19). Shanker Mohanan

Applied: Politecnico di Milano, National University of Singapore, Technical University of Munich, KTH Sweden, karlsruhe institute of technology, Technical University of Berlin


Politecnico di Milano: Mechanical Engineering

Politecnico di Milano: Energy Engineering + Scholarhip

Technical University of Munich: Power Engineering (My destination)

King Fahd University Saudi: Industrial Engineering + Scholarship + Stipend


National University of Singapore


10th: 78% CBSE

12th: 76% CBSE

Bachelors of Engineering : Mechanical, Anna University Chennai: 8.539 CGPA

Toefl: 94

Relevant Internships and Projects, Six Sigma Certification in Yellow Belt


20) Balaji Visvanath Bheeman

Applied : TUHH-International Production Management

Acceptance : TUHH-International Production Management


X – 92.75%

XII 94.45%

B.E. Production Engg (SW) – PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore (Class of 2012)

GRE 307


One Internship, A few summer inplant training stints, 5 Projects

John Deere TechnoChamp 2011 WINNER


21)Saurabh Parandekar

Applied-:TU Berlin GPE-Manufacturing

Acceptance-TU Berlin GPE-Manufacturing




IELTS-8,German language started with A1

BE Mechanical -68% (U of Pune,2011 passsout)

6 months internship, 10 months job (Automotive sector)


22) Subhash Pujari

Applied – University of Gottingen. (ITIS & computer science)

Acceptance – University of Gottingen(ITIS)

Profile –

X – 80.4%

XII – 73%

B.E. – Computer Science & Engineering. 72% (Topper 82%)

TOEFL – 94

Experience – 2.5 years.

Other – CCE course in IISc in Communication Protocol.


23) Bhargav P Swaminathan

Applied – TU Munchen, RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt – MS Power Engineering.Acceptance – TU Munchen.

Awaited – RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt.


X – 80%

XII – 82%

B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering – 82% (Topper 89%)

TOEFL – 112

Experience – 10 Months (L&T ECC)Strong Points: IIT-M Internship, Strong SOP and LOR, High TOEFL Score.


24) Sri Karpavarthan Kanagarajan

Applied –¬†TU Munchen – MS in Power Engineering,

Brandenburg TU – MS in Power Engineering,

Univ of Stuttgart – COMMAS.

Acceptance –¬†TU Munchen,¬†Univ of Stuttgart – COMMAS.

Awaited – BTU


X – 91.82%

XII – 96.02%

B.E. Mechanical Engineering (PSG TECH, TN) – 83.2%

IELTS – 7/9

GRE – 293/340

4 Projects – 2 Social Welfare Projects and 2 Industry Welfare Projects – Power related Projects (2)

3 In-Plant Trainings – one at Thermal Power Station

4 National Awards for Project Works and LeadershipStrong Points: SOP,LOR Academic Achievements, Industrial Project at Mettur Thermal Power Station to improve the boiler effficiency by 1.36%


25) Shashank Sharma: Department of Mechanical Engineering: NIT Hamirpur

  1. Acceptance: TU Munich (Power Engineering), Universitat Stuttgart (Computational Mechanics of Structures and Solids),Friedrich-Alexander-Universit√§t Erlangen-N√ľrnberg (Computational Engineering),TU Munich (Computational Science and Engineering)¬†, RWTH Aachen (M.S in Simulation Sciences , German Research School)
  2. Awaited :TU Karlsruhe
  3. Rejection: ETH Zurich (Energy Technology), TU Munich (Computational Mechanics)
  • Strength: Good Projects in relevant field , International Internship from Germany (FH Ingolstadt), Decent SOP, LOR for Professors at NITH and FH Ingolstadt
  • Down Side: Low CGPA , Low GATE score (reason for rejection at TU Munich)
  • Profile: 10th:92, 12th:87.4, UG CGPA: 8.36, GRE:318/340, TOEFL: 115/120, Internships, Projects and Extra Curriculars, NGO Member, lots of prizes in science quiz, project presentations an automotive quiz at state and national level.


26) Sai charan : Mechanical engineering, Anna university Trichy.

1. Applied : Chalmers(product development) , Politecnico di milano ( Mechanical engineering) , politecnico di torino ( Automotive engineering), RWTH aachen ( computer aided

conception) , TU braunschweig(computational sciences), university of siegen, uni of wuppertal( computational mechanics, TU freiberg( computational material science)

2. Accept : Chalmers, milano ,TU Braunschweig, Torino

3. Reject : RWTH aachen (CACP)

Personal profile

1. 10th – 86.8 (CBSE)

2. 12th – 88 (CBSE)

3. UG – 7.41

4. Three projects – Ashok leyland( Gearbox), ICF( hydraulics) and TCS ( programming), training at L&T .

5. GRE – 1370

6. IELTS – 8.0

7. German language – A1 level (91 %)

8. Lot of extracurricular activities, prizes in dance , singing, NSS member, organising head in quiz

9. Strong points – Diversity in Projects( Programming and mechanical) which was the reason for a strong SOP, GRE, IELTS.

10. Downside – Poor CGPA, fresher.


27) Ravi Kumar Ganesh

Mechanical Engineering, St.Joseph’s College of Engg,Chennai

10th : 84 (CBSE)

12th : 73 (CBSE)

UG : 7.4

GRE : 301

IELTS : 8.0

German : B1


UK: Manchester, Leeds, Loughborough, Sheffield, Coventry,Sussex

Germany: TU Braunschweig

Rejects: Esslingen, TU Munich, GRS Aachen


28)Shrishail Joshi(BE Mechanical,Shivaji university)



BE aggregate-70.5%( upto 7th semester)(2nd topper)



1 national level paper.

Good extracurricular, LOR

Acceptance-TU DORTMUND (MMT),FH Achen (Mechatronics)




29) Krishnaprasad

Amrita University ( B.Tech CSE – 8.9 CGPA)

12th – 95%

10th – 90%

TOEFL – 96

Acceptance –¬†RWTH¬†(¬†Media Informatics¬†and Systems Software Engineering)

KTH , Swden ( Software Engineering in Distributed Systems)


30)Jawahar Annabattul

Electrcial and Electronics Engineer from JNTU Kakinada,Andhra Pradesh



Rejection : RWTH Aachen University

  • Profile : UG 87
  • Campus placed in TCS
  • IELTS : 7
  • Strong LORS
  • few extracuriculars.


31) Mokrala Sri Krishna Kartik : Department of Biotechnology: JBIET,JNTUH


Acceptance: University of Trier (Environmental Sciences)

Rejection: University of Stuttgart (WASTE), Kiel Unversity, TUM

Profile: UG: 67, 10th: 80, 12th:76

  • Decent LOR’s
  • Curricular activities, NGO work experience
  • IELTS: 7
  • Certifications and Trainings



32) Kaushika Kumar A K

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Anna University, Chennai

Applied: TU Dortmund( A&R), TU Kaiserslautern (Electrical and Computer Engg), TUHH(Mechatronics), TU Paderborn(Electrical Systems Engg), FH Cologne( AIT)

Acceptance: TU Kaiserslautern-EIT, TU Dortmund- Automation and Robotics, FH Cologne- Automation and IT


  • Profile: B.E. 9.37- university topper (up to 7th sem), 12th 98%- District topper
  • TOEFL 114 GRE 307
  • One paper, Few projects
  • Strong LORs
  • Internship at an Automation company
  • Several In-Plant Trainings


33) Aditya Nisal

Department of Electronics and Telecom: Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad MH

  1. Acceptance: Uni Saarland РComputer and Communication TechnologiesInformation Systems: Vienna University of Economics and Business Politechnico di Milano Telecommunications Engineering (NO Scholarship)University of Kiel Digital Communications
  2. Rejection: TU Darmstadt ICE. RWTH MI. RWTH MCSE. TUM MSCE. TUHH Microelectronics. Stuttgart INFOTECH. Liebniz Hannover: ITIS
  3. Awaiting: TU Dresden Distributed Systems, Karlsruhe Electronik & Informetik
  • Strength: Good LOR, SOP,11 National Paper presentation prizes, 5 National managerial prizes, award from state director of technical education, great extra curries, topper of TCS’s training program ILP
  • Down Side: Only the GPA.
  • Profile: 10th:88, 12th:88, ug:7.74 GPA, GRE:1310, 3 month research Internship under my professor, Projects and Extra Curriculars, NGO Member


34) Pradeep Durail : Department of Electronicsa and Instrumentation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  1. Acceptance: RWTH Aachen (Electrical Power engg), TU Dortmund(automation and robotics), TU DArmstadt (Electrical Power engg)
  2. Rejection: TU Munich (Power engg – rejected as i lack strong knowledge in Thermodynamics and power generation)
  3. Awaiting : —
  4. Destination : TU Dortmund(automation and robotics)
  • Strength: Strong recommendations, Silver medalist from Anna university Tamilnadu, Inplant trainings at Ashok Leyland and Neyveli power generation plant, Final year project sponsored by MODROBS and approved by AICTE.
  • Oracle Certification: Oracle certified Java programmer
  • Various roles as School pupil leader, placement coordinator, Main coordinator for National level tech symposiums.
  • Down Side: oly few paper presentations which are not recognised
  • Profile: 10th: 91.6, 12th: 90.6, ug: 90%, IELTS 7, Internships, Projects and Extra Curriculars, IEEE student member.


35) Rohit Kumar Ageer : Electrical and electronics engg ,JNTU H

1) Acceptance : university of bremen , HS bremen (my destination )

2) Rejection : TU Kaiserslautern ,hs darmstadt

3) Awaiting : Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg ( Micro systems ) ,fh rosenheim

  • profile : 10th -84(cbse) , 12th -95.8, B tech -73
  • GRE : 317/340
  • IELTS :6.5
  • Internship (BHEL ) , MIDHANI , ISRO (NRSC)
  • placed in INTEL technogies PVT LTd
  • Live Projets
  • Strong sop and Recommendations , four international Papaers
  • Down side : low CGPA in B tech


36) Chandramouli Gnanasambandham B.E.Production Engg. at Velammal Engg. College, Chennai.

Applied : TU Dortmund (automation n Robotics), RWTH Aachen (PSE), HS Esslingen (ASM), FH Aachen (Vehicle Integration n Chassis Engg.),Uni Kaiserslautern (CVT), TUHH (IPM).

Admits : Techniche Universitaet Kaiserlautern (Commercial Vehicle Technology)

Rejects : HS Esslingen (ASM)

  • X- 85%
  • XII- 94.5%
  • CGPA- 8.35
  • Toefl- 100
  • GERMAN- Niveau C1
  • Intership at RAMS RACING chennai
  • projects, papers
  • strong side- stong SOP,LOR, projects like BAJA 2012.
  • Down Side – lack of work experience.


37) Vignesh Venkataraman B.E Mechanical engineering

Admits:RWTH Aachen- Production systems engineering, TU freiberg

Rejects: TUHH, HS-Esslingen

CGPA: 7.42 (Upto 7th sem)

IELTS: 6.5

Industrial project at Hyundai motor India limited

Inplant trainings at AIR INDIA, TAFE, ICF

Technical papers

Decent lor and sop

Downside: low GRE Score, No work experience


38) Aravindh K

Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology-Tiruchirappalli

Profile: 10th : 94 (CBSE)

12th : 91 (CBSE)

UG : 9.32 (upto 7th Sem)(3rd Topper)

4 research projects ‚Äď 1 in RWTH Aachen,Germany under DAAD-WISE scholarship program

German : -nil-


RWTH Aachen ‚Äď German Research School for Simulation Sciences ‚Äď Aachen

for MS in Simulation Science, in Applied Supercomputing Laboratory

Features of Admit:

Offered admit directly by my prof. after my research internship.

Also Read:  Update 2018: Problems with US H1B and F1 Visa

Excempted from TOEFL and GRE!

Scholarship of 1000euros p.m.

Email : [email protected]



electronics n communication -VTU

10th-80% 12th-84% be-69%(upto 7th sem)

ielts-8.0 gre-1100

intern in BEL(bharat electronics limited)

admits- TU CHEMNITZ information and communicaton systems

halmstadt university embedded systems(sweden)


40.) BHASKAR CHATTERJEE, Department of Electrical Engineering Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

B.Tech : 7.48 OGPA

12th: 83%

10th: 81%

GRE: 313

TOEFL ibt: 114

Acceptance: RWTH (Electrical Power Engineering) #my Destination

Rejection: TU Kaiserslautern

Awaited: TU Delft (probably rejected), Dortmund, GPE Berlin, National University of Singapore

Strengths: Strong LORs, SOP, International Internship(Serbia), Extra curriculurs

Exprience: 8 months as Excavation and HEMM Engineer at Coal India, 2 Month Automation and PLC expert at Thermal Power Plant, Serbia

Weaknesses: 10th, 12th, OGPA



41) Arjun; B-Tech. Mechatronics, SASTRA University, Chennai.

Applied : HS Esslingen (ASM & DDM), FH Aachen (Vehicle Integration n Chassis Engg.),Uni Kaiserslautern (CVT)

Admits : Techniche Universitaet Kaiserlautern (Commercial Vehicle Technology), FH Aachen (Vehicle Integration n Chassis Engg.)[heading to fh aachen]

Rejects : HS Esslingen (ASM & DDM)

X- 85.3%

XII- 86.2%

CGPA- 8.33

Toefl- 95

GERMAN- A1(Will be completing till B1 by Aug’12)

Presented technical paper in clg.

1.5 years work exp. in Rane TRW steering systems ltd.


42) Vidya Sagar Chikkala

B.Tech: EEE, PEC, Puducherry.

Applied: FH Bremen(EE), Uni Paderborn(ESE), TU Kaiserslautern(ECE), TU Dortmund(Automation), Uni Windsor(Canada)(ECE), Ranvensburg-weingarten

Admits: Uni Paderborn( Electrical Systems Engineering), Uni Windsor(ECE), Ravensburg-Weingarten(EE)

Rejects: Bremen (EE), TUK ( ECE), TU Dortmund

X : 88.1%

XII : 96.1%

CGPA : 7.52


German : Pursuing A1 – B1

Strengths: 21 months work experience in H-Coca Cola in Tech dept, strong SOP,LOR, Extra Curriculars, PPTs

Weaknesses: B.tech subjects mainly of Power Systems. It makes limited scope for applying to courses. CGPA.




X: 82%

XII: 75%













44) B Bipin Kumar

B.E. Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering, R.M.K. Engineering college, Anna University, Chennai

10th 84.8%,

12th 80.2%

B.E. till 7th semester- 7.44

Applied: NUS, NTU, University of Applied Sciences- Bonn Rhein Seig, Kaiserlautern TU, FH Cologne, FH Rosenhiem, FH Ravensburg Weingarten- Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering,

TUHH- Hamburg Mechatronics, University of Paderbon.

Acceptance: FH Ravensburg Weingarten- Electrical Engineering,

Rejections: NUS, NTU, University of Applied Sciences- Bonn Rhein Seig, Kaiserlautern TU, FH Ravensburg Weingarten- Mechatronics.

Awaited: FH Cologne, FH Rosenhiem, TUHH- Hamburg Mechatronics, University of Paderbon.


Internship at an startup in IIT Madras- a robotics Company, One month Training and Internship at an Automation Company

Presented Papers at NIT Warangal, IIIE Mumbai(National Conference),IIT Madars- shaastra- Participated in many events and many other colleges.

Few mini Projects and final year project funded and supported by IEDC Government of India.

Decent SOP, LORS



Extra Curriculars

Weak Points- Low BE %


45) Muthu Ravi

B.E Mechanical Engineering, Veltech Multitech Engineering College

10% – 83.8%

12%- 91.5%

BE cgpa till 6th sem -7.66


German Language – A1

Applied: RWTH, TUMunich, TU Berlin,TU Hamburg, Freiberg, Ulm, KIT, FH Aachen, Eindhoven(netherlands), Twente(netherlands), Dortmund

Acceptance –¬†RWTH, TUMunich , Eindhoven( Netherlands)

Rejections – Dortmund, Twente(netherlands), TU Hamburg, TU Berlin



46) Priya Munagala

B. Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, MGIT, Hyderabad

10th-90.3; 12th-81.5; B. Tech-83

TOEFL-102; GRE-305/340

2 projects in Germany, 3 projects in Ministry of Defence research labs

2 international paper publications filed

organized many national level seminars (in my stream) and a secretary of an international conference.

LORs from college, Min. of Defence and Germany

Applied-TUD, TUM, UULM, FAU (ELITE MAP), Stuttgart

Accepted РFAU, UULM, TUD

Waiting for decisions – Stuttgart,


47)  Abhijeet Kumar

BE Industrial and Production Engineering, MIT Manipal, Karnataka

10th-87.6; 12-69.4; BE – 7.91/10

TOEFL – 108; GRE-313/340

Work experience in Wipro Fluid Power and then Oracle India for 2 years

Paper presentation in National Conferences

Applied – ETH Zurich(Mechanical), TU Dortmund (MMT), RWTH Aachen(PSE), TU Berlin(GPE-Manufacturing)

Acceptance –¬†TU Dortmund (MMT) Final Dest, RWTH Aachen(PSE), TU Berlin(GPE-Manufacturing)

Rejection – ETH Zurich(Mechanical)



48) Murugesan Venkatesan-Department of Mechanical Engg

Applied for:-1.RWTH Aachen for pse 2.TUHH for IPM 3. TUD for MMT 4. FH Aachen for Industrial Engg 5. Duisberg Essen-Production and Logistic

Acceptance: 1.RWTH Aachen for pse 2.TUHH for IPM

Rejects: TU Dortmund for MMT

Profile:10th-90% 12th-91%,U.G-7.85 till 7th sem.

Gre-297 German Knowledge: cleared ZD Exam (B1), Ielts-7.

2 industrial Projects and 1 Research Project

Certification course in Design.


49) Sandip Kumar РDepartment of Mechanical engineering, Dr MGR Univ. ,chennai.

  • Acceptance : TU DORTMUND (Automation and Robotics),Politecnico di torino (Mechanical engineering),Politecnico di milano(Mechanical engineering,with gold scholarship,mostly my destination )
  • Rejections : University of stuttgart(COMMAS), Essilingen (vehicle dynamics) (both waste,stood no chance).
  • Waiting for Kaiserslautern (CVT)
  • Profile :10th: 94.2 % , 12th : 77%

B.Tech : 8.8/10


German : A1 level

certification course in solidworks with projects.

Placed in : BGR energy systems ltd.

    • Strength : Two consecutive year team leader for university racing team,strong LOR,best student start up project award and lots of extra curricular activities and awards.
    • Downside : No work experience ,no internship (though summer trainings in railway,maruti etc.),no GRE result.



50) Govind Mohan- Mechanical Engineering-2012, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai

12th – 84%

GRE- 1210

Toefl- 97

B.E- 7.87/10

German- A2

Placed in TAFE and Ashok Leyland Technical Center


RWTH Aachen (CAME) – accept

Uni Stuttgart (COMMAS)- reject

Ruhr Boschum Comp engg- results not yet available

Decision——- RWTH

8 months part time industry internship at Ashok leyland tech center


51) Thimmaiah K G —- RV college of Engineering Bangalore in 2009BE: 71%12th: 91%

10th:87%GRE: 323/340

IELTS: 8/9

German language: Nil

3 yrs work exp. in Audio signal processing

2 IEEE papers

Was part of Team Studsat

ACCEPTS: TUHH; TU Darmstadt; TU Dortmund; FAU Erlangen; MERIT (ERASMUS); VIBOT (ERASMUS); REJECTS: TU Munich; RWTH Aachen



52) Pavan Kumar P N

GRE 1270 | TOEFL 109 | GPA 8.89

MSRIT/ VTU, Bangalore

1 International Robotics Project & Paper | Research Assistantship for 6 Months at college

Admits: TU Dortmund Automation and Robotics (A&R)

Awaiting: TU Kaiserslautern (Embedded Systems), TU Darmstadt


53 ) Vinit Kumar Mittal

GRE 310/340, toefl 102/120

10th 95%, 12th 82%

Btech. BITS Pilani Goa Campus

CG 8.19

1) summer internship at BARC hyderabad

2) Summer Internship at Max Planck Institute Magdeburg, Germany

3) Bachelor thesis at Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg, Germany

4) Research assistant at Max Planck Institute Magdeburg, Germany for 8 months,


Admits : University of California Irvine, Ms + Phd ( but without funding), Erasmus mundus master for membrane Engineering ( with category A scholarship 48000 euros for 2 years, my destination)

weakness : low CG, specially in 3rd Year courses

strong point : Research work at MPI and good SOP


54 ) Sri Harsha

TOEFL 97/120

10th 89%, 12th 97.5%

B.E EEE C.B.I.T Hyderabad

Aggregate 72.1%

German A1

Work Exp: 1.5 years at Cognizant

Accept: TU-Kaiserslautern CVT, University of Siegen(Mechatronics)

Reject: HS-Esslingen ASM, HAW-Ingolstadt

Contact: [email protected]

Profile: fb/harsha.bonmec


55)Rohan Kamat


US: ASU Power Engg, NCSU Power Engg, Ohio State University EE, Virginia Tech EE, UColorado Boulder Power Engg

Europe: TU Delft Systems and Control,TU Eindhoven Systems and Control, Chalmers University of Technology Systems and Control(75% Tution fee waiver)TU HamburgMicroelectronics and Microsystems(Most likely my destination)


Rejects: Uni of Michigan Ann Arbor, Uni of Wisconsin Madison, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, RWTH Aachen



CGPA: 8.5/10



4 strong projects related to field

Strong SOP and good LORs

Work Experience: not relevant


56) Royce L. Pinto

Admits: FH Frankfurt, FH Kiel, SRH Hidelberg, Univ of Paderborn, Univ of Manchester, Heriott Watt Univ, University of Leeds, University of Liecester

Rejects: HF Stuttgart



10: 91%, 12: 84.33% BE: 71.6%

TOEFL: 104

Work Exp: 2yrs in SAP ABAP


57)Chinmay Bilgi

B.E. Instrumentation

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

  • 10- 81 %, 12th 65%
  • B.E. 63% (Topper 74%)
  • IELTS band 7
  • Strong points: Scholarship exam ranks
  • weak points : B.E. score

Rejection: Dortmund, Kaiserslautern, Jena

Acceptance: TU Chemnitz (Micro and nano systems)

Waiting: Paderborn, Cologne



58) Makwana Yatin

Profile : B.E(Mech) – 71.58% ,

12th:88% , 10th- 84%

.IELTS bands 7,

Rejection:automotive engineering-esslingen,CVT- tu kaiserslautern

Acceptance:siegen-mechatronics, osfalia-automotive service technology and processes,BTU cottbus-power engineering



59) Raghu Sagar

profile : b.tech (civil) – 77.7

12-83% 10-81%

IELTS – 7 Gre- 1090

german A1


acceptance : Bauhaus university of weimar РNHRS , TU DRESDEN РACCESS program

waiting : TUHH – environmental engineering

60) Jayaananth KG

B.E Mechanical Engineering in Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology,Coimbatore





Xth : 90%, XIIth : 92.83%

UG : 8.88/10(TILL 7TH SEM)

IELTS : 7.0

GRE : 295/340 (VA-137/170 ,QA-158/170)





















62) Digant Dalal

B. Tech in Electrical Engineering CGPA: 7.24/10

Nirma University, Ahmedabad

XII: 81%

X: 91%

GRE: 750 & 550 (1300)

Toefl: 99

One research project on power supply design in UG

Engineer E & I at Vedanta Resources plc from August 2010

Two professional excellence awards and training certifications in PLC and SCADA

Applied: RWTH, NUS, NTU, BTU Cottbus, TU Darmstadt, Uni of Paderborn

Admit: BTU Cottbus, Universitat Paderborn

Rejects: RWTH, NUS, NTU

Waiting: TU Darmstadt



B.sc(Biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics) Jain University, Bangalore

X :95%

Xii : 88%

Bsc : Overall excluding languages 92 % including languages : 89%

IELTS: 6.5

Have done advanced proficency course in Genetic Engineering+ Intensive course in enzyme technology+ Recombinant DNA technology+ attended national conerence-International year of chemistry-2011 + Workshops in animal cell culture+workshop in bionformatics +A project on CLONING .

Applied: Bremen,ulm,jena,gottingen,regensburg,bonn,ruhr bochum

Rejects: Bremen,ulm,regensburg

Admit: BONN

Waiting: jena , gottingen,ruhr bochum

64) Richa Singh

Electronics and Instrumentation, Galgotias College of Engg. & Tech. (UPTU)




1 national level reserch paper


Rejection:TUHH, tu dortmund, esslingen university of applied sciences

Acceptance:FH Jena:-Scientific Instrumentation

65) P. Jyothi swaroop

Electronics Instrumentation Engineering, Pondicherry engg coll

10th : 83.85%

12th ; 95.2%

Btech : 7.22

Applied : TU dortmund, TU freiberg, TU Chemnitz, FH jena, FH cologne, siegen, paderborn, Ravensburg.

Rejected: TU freiburg, FH cologne, Ravensburg


Admit: TU dortmund – Automation and robotics, FH jena – Scientific Instrumentation, TU chemnitz – nano-electronics, Paderborn – Electrical Technology


Relative work exp of 19 months in COCA-COLA

National level paper resentations

Training related to Automation


66) Arunkumar

B.E Automobile Engineering in Madras Institute of Technology,Anna University, Chennai

  • 10th- 89 %, 12th -94%, B.E – 9.0 CGPA
  • 2.5 years experience in Ashok Leyland Ltd – Product Development

Acceptance: Esslingen University of Applied Sciences – M.Eng in Automotive Systems-Vehicle Dynamics


67) Udhaya soorya Sambath

B.E Mechatronics Engineering in Sri Krishna college of engineering and technology,coimbatore(2012)

  • 10th-89.5%, 12th-88.5%,B.E-8.1 CGPA
  • IELTS-7.0
  • Implant training in Ashok Leyland.chennai.



Rejected: ESSLINGEN, SIEGEN(Rejected coz of not submitting final mark sheet by may)


68)Ashwath Suresh

B.E mechanical in ssn college of engineering


Admits:Tu freiberg-computational material science,duisburg-essen-computational mechanics,siegen-mechatronics

rejects:ruhr bochum-computational,offenburg-ecm,ravensburg-mechatronics

waiting:fh aachen-energy systems


strong sop,lor n projects


69) Md Ibrahim Khalil Razu

Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh


Acceptance : EPFL Lausanne (Microengineeing), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Optics and Photonics)(my destination),University of Freiburg(MEMS),Stuttgart University(Micro&Opto Electronics).

Rejection : University of Cambridge,UK [Rejected from the very last step-phone interview] ūüôĀ Really hopefull on this…now i realize why it’s world’s top 3 school!!


  • Profile : UG 3.88/4 (93%)
  • 1.5 years job experience with telecom industries including orascom and nokia siements networks.
  • IELTS:7.5/9
  • Strong LORS
  • Two international journals on 4G communication.


70) Pankaj Tanotra

National Institute of Technology Raipur


Acceptance: TU Darmstadt(iCE Desti), TU Dortmund (Robotics & Automation)

Rejects: RWTH, TUM(MSCE), Uni of Stuttgart

  • Profile: 10th: 89.6
  • 12th 81
  • B Tech 8.06/10
  • IELTS: 7.5

Gud SOP, Projects


71) Vedang Rajyaguru

B.E Automobiles from L.D College Of Engg, Ahmedabad in 2010

Applied: Esslingen, Ingolstadt uni, FH aachen, Ostfalia

Acceptance: FH Aachen AVI, Ostfalia ASTP

Rejection: Esslingen ASM (Vehicle Dynamics)


  • 10th: 85%
  • 12th: 80.3%
  • B.E: 73.3% (University 4th rank)
  • TOEFL: 111
  • 2 yrs work-ex at an Tata Motors Nano plant in Powertrain Manufacturing
  • Lead designer of the team from my college at Baja 2010


72) Prashanth Ramakrishnan

Admits: CAU Kiel (Digital Communication), Universitat Kassel,TU Ilmeanau, University of Siegen, TU Cheminitz

Rejects: RWTH Aachen



10: 88.16%, 12th. 83% BE: 70.4%

IELTS: 8/9

Work Exp: 2.5yrs in SAP SRM






Acceptance : Duisburg Essen(Automation and Control Engg), FH JENA(Scientific Instrumentation).

Rejection : TU Dortmund

  • Profile : UG 7.7 CGPA
  • Campus placed in HCL
  • IELTS 7/9
  • Strong LORS
  • few extracuriculars.


Contact [email protected]


74) Gouri Gaikwad

Electronics n Telecommunication Engg – Sinhgad College of Engg, Pune

Acceptance: Hoschschule Darmstadt РElectrical Engg РAutomation




1 year experience in the field of Industrial Automation

BE project in automation


75)ManojKumar. Arekapudi

Hi Guys…

Acceptence: SRH Hochschule Heidelberg.

The course is Master of Science in Informatics.

B.tech is 60%

Inter is 80%

10th is 75%

GRE: 282


1 year work experience.


76) Steeven Tpk

From Hyderabad

B.Tech(2012 passout) – Sreenidhi Institute Of Science And technology, hyderabad

Admits – RWTH (PSE)

Rejects – TUHH (IPE)

FH Aachen (AVI)

Esslingen University of applied sciences (Automotive)

Hochschule ingolstadt ( IAE)

Waiting – none


10th – 88%

10+2 – 88%

B.tech – 78%

GRE – 1110

IELTS – 8.0

1 month Internship at DRDO

Final year B.tech project (IC Engines)

No work experience


77) Rahul Balmuri

From Hyderabad

*B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (2012) – Sreenidhi Institute Of Science And technology, Hyderabad

*Admits –¬†RWTH (CAME), TU – Hamburg (IPM), Hochschule ingolstadt (IAE), CTU – Prague (EMAE)

*Rejects – FH Aachen (AVI), Esslingen University of applied sciences (Automotive) – (Told me i was on waiting list and couldn’t make it due to lack of Work Experience)

*Waiting – None

*Going to TU-Hamburg for International Production Management (IPM)


*10th – 87.34%

*10+2 – 95.3%

*B.tech – 86.5%

*GRE – 1060

*IELTS – 7.0

*German Language Level – A1

*1 month Internship at NTPC Limited, Ramagundam

*Few Merit Certificates in National Level Tech Symposium’s and Papers

*Final year B.tech Project in IC Engines

No work experience


78) Raghuraman Rajaraman

From Chennai

*B.E in Mechanical Engineering (2009) – Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai

*Admits –TU – Hamburg (IPM) – NIT (Tech Mgt),¬†GPE (Berlin), Esslingen ( DDM) and Duisberg Essen (Mechanical)

*Rejects – RWTH ( missed the deadline for sending the application)

*Waiting – NITHH for Sponsors.

*Going to TU-Hamburg for International Production Management (IPM) with fingers crossed for Sponsors on NITHH.


*B.tech – 86%

*GRE – 297(new pattern)

*IELTS – 6.5

*German Language Level – B1 ( Dec’11)

* Work experience – Sr. Engr in TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipments) – Supply chain..


Contact details – [email protected] mobile – 9500153300


79) Pankul Jain

B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh

Admits –¬†TU Dortmund(Automation and Robotics)-final destination, RWTH Aachen(Computer aided conception adn Production in Mechanical engineering), North Carolina State University (Dynamics and Controls)

Rejects – TU Munich, University of Stuttgart, TU Hamburg, Hochshule Esslingen, University of Siegen, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota

Profile –

*10th – 85%, 12th – 84%

* BE – 8.07 cgpa on the scale of 10

* GRE – 1370, Start Deutsch 1

* 3 years of work experience

email id – [email protected]



B.Tech Mechatronics from SASTRA UNIVERSITY, Tamilnadu.

Applied : HTW Berlin (MBA&E), HAW Ingolstadt (IAE), Seigen (Mechatronics)

Admits : HTW Berlin (MBA&E)

Rejects : Seigen

Awaiting : Ingolstadt


10th – 83%

12th – 87%

BTECH – 71%

2.5 Years of work experience in ashok leyland – Product development.

email id : [email protected]


81) Somnath M

BE Computer Science, Velammal Engineering College, TN

Admits: Saarland (CCT). TU Dresden (DSE), Konstanz (Info Tech) and OVGU Magdeburg (DKE)


10th-78%, 12th-83%



2 Years of experience in Hewlett Packard

emaiil id: [email protected]


82) Hemendra singh Rathod

BE(Electrical) from mumbai university

Applied: BTU, FH Achen, Wildau, Freiburg, South westphalia

Admits: BTU(Cottbus) & Wildau

Rejections: Freiburg, FH Achen, South westphalia


10th: 79%

12th: 79%

B.E: 62% Aggregate & 75% in last year

3 years Exprience in electrical domain

Email id: [email protected]


83) Amitesh Jha

BE(Industrial & Production) from MIT Manipal(Karnataka)






BE-8.05/10, 2010 passsout

GRE : 297/340

IELTS-7,German language : A1

6 months internship (Eicher Volvo)

2 years work Experience in SCM SAP APO in TCS.

Email Id: [email protected]


84) Shahil M Momin

BE(Elecrtical and Electronics) from Gujarat Technological University

Applied:- TU munich , TU freiberg, University of freiburg.

Acceptance:- Tu munich (sustainable resource management), TU freiburg ( International management in resource and environment)

Rejection:- University of Freiburg (renewable energy management)




BE :- 8.29 CPGA /10 , 2012 passout

IELTS :- 7 , German Language – A1

1 Year Project Training in “Institute for Plasma Research” (IPR)

Also Read:  How to choose between the USA and Germany for studying abroad?

Extra curricular :- Represented Gujarat in Cricket and Swimming at national level competitions.

Email Id : [email protected]


85) Amar M Jadhav

BE Electronics -Vishwakarma Institute of Technology(Pune University)

Applied:- TU Dortmund,University Magdeburg,HS Ravensburg Weigarten,FH Cologne,Uni Rostock,HS Darmstadt

Acceptance:HS Ravensburg Weingarten ( Masters Electrical Engg)(Destination),TU Dortmund(Automation & Robotics),Uni Magdeburg

Rejection:- FH Cologne,Uni Rostock,HS Darmstadt




BE :- 7.59 CPGA /10 , 2010 passout

IELTS :- 7 , German Language – A2

Work Experience: 1year & 5 month At Alfatech Systems,Pvt Ltd,Pune (System integrator Schneider Electric)

Email Id :[email protected]


86) Wazeem Basheer K

Govt. Model Engineering College (CUSAT), Kochi, Kerala

Electronics and Biomedical Engineering

Applied: FH Aachen, FH Jena, CTU-Prague, HS Furtwangen, HS Anhalt, KIT

Acceptance: CTU- Prague(Biomedical And Clinical Technology), FH Jena(Scientific Insrtumentation- Mostly), HS Furtwangen.

Rejection: FH Aachen

Profile: 10th- 71.4%, 12th- 72.2%, B.Tech- 70%

Work Experience: Arbitron Technology Services, Info Park Kochi (2yrs).

E-mail: [email protected]



87) Aditya Akole

BE Mech S/W -AISSMS’S COE(Pune University)

Applied:- REM Freiburg, GPE-Solar at TU-Berlin, ME3 (Erasmus Mundus), ECM Hochschule-Offenberg, European master of renewable energy.

Acceptance:REM Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg (my destination), GPE-Solar at TU-Berlin, ME3 (Erasmus Mundus),European master of renewable energy.

Rejection:- ECM Hochschule-Offenberg




BE :- 76% , 2009 passout

TOEFL :- 113 , German Language – B1

Work Experience: 2.5 years at Akson’s Solar Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Email Id :[email protected]


88) Sneha Venkataramana (fb: sneha venky)

B.E EEE from Easwari Engineering College

Acceptance: TU Dresden (computational engg)

Hochschule Offenburg (CME)

Rejection: Kaiserslautern


10th : 90%

12th : 91%

B.E cgpa : 8.9

gre score : 315

TOEFL score : 108

email: [email protected]




Electronics & Communication Engineering from Gujarat University.


Applied: TU Dresden, TUHH, TU Munich, Freiburg, TU Chemnitz, RWTH Aachen


Acceptance : TU Dresden Course : Nano Electronic Systems (most probably), TUHH and TU Chemnitz


  • Profile : UG 79% (College Topper)
  • GRE : 305/340
  • TOEFL : 100/120
  • No experience !!!
  • few extracuriculars.

Contact : [email protected]



90) Rohit Menon


BE in Electrical Engineering, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, University of Mumbai, 2008


BE: 76% 2nd Rank in College

Std XII: 89.67% First in College, Best Student in College

Std X: 87.60% Second in School

GRE: 1530 (Q: 800, V: 730)

TOEFL: 116

Extra Curriculars: Student Council Member, Magazine Secretary


Work: Siemens Ltd (September 2008-Present)

Senior Executive- Engineering and Commissioning Automation and Drive Systems


Strong SOP and LoRs

No Papers

Relevant work experience with strong LoR by employer


Admits: TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, EMARO (without scholarship), TU DortmundRejects: UIUC, UCSB, TUHH, Purdue, UWaterloo



B.E in Aeronautical engineering, P.B. College of Engineering ,Anna University,Chennai,2012

Profile:B.E: 7.3 C.G.P.A




Strong SOP & LOR for Relavent work done in college

Done two challenging projects under guidence of my professor in feild of JETS



Email:[email protected]


91) Dhananjay Shah

2007-11 B.E. : Electronics and Communication, Manipal Institute of Technology, 8.35 CGPA

2011 not much, was hunting for a decent job, but then decided to pursue Masters instead.

March-July 2012 Taught PSPICE at CADD Centre

10 : 90.2%

10+2 : 84.6%

GATE 2012: 1595 rank

TOEFL: 111/120 (iBT)

GRE: 305 (that is a really bad score)

Admits : TUM(MS in Communication Engineering), TUHH ( Information and Communication Systems), Erlangen-Nuremberg , TUM-GIST Singapore( Integrated Circuit System)

Rejects : RWTH Achen, University of Stuttgart, NTU Singapore


A good SOP and LORs from prominent people in the faculty. A good enough score in TOEFL and GATE.

No papers as of now.

Did a project related to Image Processing in the final semester and was asked the technicalities of the same in telephonic interview which i answered without any problem.

Email id: [email protected]


92) Mangleshwar Srivastava

2006-10 B.Tech. : Electrical and Electronics , GLAl Institute of Technology & Mgmt(U.P.T.U),72%

2010-12 : Did Job in KEC International Limited in transmission Line

10 : 81%

10+2 : 75%

TOEFL: 93/120 (iBT)

GRE: 300 (that is a really bad score)

Admits : TUHH (MicroSystem & Microelectronicss),Univ of paderborn , Wichita State university(USA),Florida stae university,Florida International Univeristy

Rejects : TU Dramstdat, University of TEXAS, Iowa state univrsity

A good SOP and LORs from prominent people in the faculty.

Strength: Had done lot of projects in field of robotics and have practical knowlege of embedded engineering

Made a vision robot using Image Processing in the final semester and was asked the technicalities of the same in telephonic interview which i answered without any problem.


93) Srignanakshi Iyer

BE Biotechnology, Sir MVIT B’lore

Profile : BE-73%, 12th-88%, 10th-89.4%, IELTS 7.5

Applied to Bonn, TU Dresden, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, University of Cologne and Jena

Accepted in Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Rejected Dreseden, Bonn, Cologne

Awaiting reply from Jena

DApart from the mandatory 8th sem project, Worked on a project in 6th sem, Attended and organised various National Conference and workshops.


94) Vignesh Ramani

B.E., Mechanical Enginerring

Profile: B.E.,8.464 out of 10

college: Anna University Trichy РAriyalur Campus (2012 passed out )

12th – 89.16%



Accepts : Politecnico Di Milano : Material Science and Nanotechnology

Politecnico Di Torino: Automotive Engineering

TU Dortmund : Automation & Robotics (My destination)

Rejects :Univ of Stuttgart (COMMAS) , TU kaizerslautern (CVT)


Projects: Did two research projects in the field of Automotive Engineering and two other mini innovative projects.

Mechanical Software knowledge (Acad,Proe, catia, s/w, ansys)

Gold medalist in AutoCAD s/w.

Inplant Trainings : ICF, Ashok Leyland, Ford

Paper: One on Automotive mechatronics. (combined paper with my friend )

Sports: University TT player, University Volley ball team (Libero), NSS


Downside: Medium LOR, No GRE, No German knowledge, No work experience!



95) Virendra Kumar Ashiwal


10th: 87.17%

12th: 73.38%

B.E.(Electrical & Electronics Engg)

OGPA: 8.45

2011 Graduate

Faculty of Engineering & Tech, Annamalai University.

Strong Point:

– Got First Place in International Industrial Project at IITM sponsored by Frounhofer ITWM, DAAD.

– Three Implant training at RRVPNL, SLDC,KTPS

– Strong Reccomadation.

– Several conferences & Project Competition.

Work Experience: One Year as Application Engineer, B&R Industrial Automation-India.



No Prior Knowledge of German

Applied: Politecnico Di Milano (Automation) , TUM (Power Engg),

TU Kaiserslautern(Automation & Control).

Rejection: TUM

Acceptance: Politecnico Di Milano , TU Kaiserslautern

Destination: TU Kaiserslautern(Automation & Control).


96)sashank kumar



b.tech(electrical & electronics Engineering):79.08%

2012 Graduate

BVCITS,affliated to JNTU kakinada

strong points:

-good sop,lor’s(thanks to my mentors)

-carried out various technical reports and attended conferences,workshops

-Presentations in various universities

No workexperience

Applied:Karlsruhe institute of Technology(Energy Technologies),Fh aachen:Energy Systems,Flensberg:Wind engineering,Btu cottbus:power Engineering,Tu darmstadt:electrical power engineering,EUREC program

Rejection:fh aachen

Acceptance:KIT,Btu cottbus,Flensberg,EUREC

still progress:Tu darmstadt(stilljoke)

Destination:Karlsruhe institute of Technology(Energy Technologies)


97) Narendra Kumar Chunduri


10th- 85%

12th- 75%

Bachelor of Sciences from BITS, pilani

Admit into Freidrich Schiller Universitat jena for Molecular life Sciences


98) Annamalai Palaniappan

Applied : FH Ingolstadt- IAE

Acceptance: FH Ingolstadt IAE

Profile: 10th 90%, 12th 97%, UG – 8.4 (GCT Coimbatore Mechanical Engg), A1 german, IELTS 7.5

Strength: Strong SOP, Final year project in OEM, trainings in automobile industry

No work experience


99) Kannikanti Anisha ( Department of Mechanical Engg. )

Acceptance: FH Ingolstadt (IAE)- my destination, TU Freiberg(Computational Material Science), Ostfalia(Automotive Service Technology and Process).

Rejection: FH Aachan, Siegen, Emden.Leer, Hamburg TU.

Strength: Decent LOR, SOP

Profile: 10th (CBSE) – 81%, Interter – 89%, Btech – 75%.(2012 passed out)

IELTS – 7 band.

No work experience.


100) Suraj Patel (Department of Electrical & Electronics Engg.)

Profile: 10th Р89%

12th – 78%

B.E.(2012) with 9.06 CGPA from Gujarat Technological University


German A1

Acceptance: FH Koln (Automation & IT)

TU Dresden (Distributed Systems Engineering)

TU Chemnitz (Information & Communication Systems)

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (Information & Communation Engg.)

Rejections: KIT (EEIT)

FH Rosenheim (EEIT)

TU Darmstadt (Elctrical Power Engg.)

Paderborn (Electrical systems Engg.) (not having IELTS report while applying)

TUHH (Information and Media Technologies) (not ahving GRE score)

Uni of Magdebug (EEIT) (not having final Degree certi at application time)

Strength: LOR, SOP, Industrial trainings & workshops, Final year project in eInfochips Ltd.

Down Side: Belong from non elite institute, No publications, few extracuriculars

Note: Decided to apply in first week of May so missed deadlines of good options

No work experince



101)Kirubakaran Kumara Vijayan (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)

Profile –

10th – 87.5 %

12th – 89 %

B.E – 88 % from Anna University,chennai.

TOEFL – 87

German skills – A1

Acceptance –

FH INGOLSTADT (Internatinal Automotive Engineering) – decided to go

FH Aachen (Energy Systems)

FH Ingolstadt (Technical Development)

FH Kiel (Wind Engineering)

BTU,COTTBUS(Power Engineering)

Rejections – NONE

Strength –¬†Academic profile (as i got university 9th rank among 3700 students)

Good SOP and Many award wining projects at Almost all IIT’s

‘Young innovator award for satellite prototype design”

Work Experience at Delphi-TVS (1 YEAR)

Drawback –¬†I have decided to pursue M.S only by April , so missed out deadlines of many universities .



102) BALAJI S (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)

Profile –

10th – 87.6 % (CBSE),12th – 87.4 % (CBSE)

B.E – 85 % from Anna University,chennai.

IELTS: 7.5,German skills – A1



Rejections – NONE

Strength – GATE 2012 RANKING -73/112320.

Academic profile (as i got university 78th rank among 3708 students)

SOP, Projects and work experience in Ashok Leyland for 2 years in Engines Dept.


103) Sudheer Mokkapaty

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, JNTU Hyderabad Affiliated college

Acceptance: Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus (Power Engineering), Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) University of Paderborn (Electrical Systems Engineering), University of Ulm (Energy Science and Technology), Fh Flensburg- Kiel (Wind Engineering)

Rejections: RWTH Achen University (Electrical Power Engineering), TU Darmstadt (Electrical Power Engineering)

Profile: B.Tech-74%, Intermediate- 91%, 10th-88%, IELTS-6.5, German-A1, Project-solved IEEE paper, Internship-APCDCL, few paper presentations and secured few awards in academics and also in sports.


104) Astha Sinha

Electrical Engineering From Pune University

Profile-10th-88% ,12th-83.2%, BE-66%(Pune University) Toefl-96 ,Project done with Cummins India Limited,6 months work experience as Maintenance Engineer with Epsillon cables Pvt Ltd,Nagpur.Has completed 4 week course on Industrial Automation .Certification in Auto CAD,took part in various paper presentations and few awards in sports.

Strengths-Good SOP,Good LOR’s,topper in core subjects of energy and electrical,project related to energy field.

Downside-Low ug percentage,no internship under renonwed professor,no publications in IEEE

Acceptance-Politechnico Di Milano-Automation Engineering,Karlsruhe Institute of Technology-Energy Technologies(Going here)

Rejection-Univ of Ulm,Tu dortmund,Univ of Kiel,Tu Darmstardt,RWTH Aachen


105) Abhishek Shrivastav

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, University of Pune – 2011

Acceptance: TU Chemnitz (Micro & Nano Systems)

Rejections: TU Darmstadt (Electrical Power Engineering), TU Cottbus (EPE), Rosenheim Uni of applied Sciences (EEIT), Frankfurt Univsersity of Applied Sciences (IT)

Profile: 1 year experience with Loop Mobile India Pvt. Ltd. in GSM maintenance and installation background (from MSC to BTS end),

B.E. 65%,

12th -72%,

10th – 72% (SSC),




106) Ajit Toradmal

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune – 2012

Acceptance: Uni Duisburg-Essen(Production and logistics), Uni Duisburg-Essen(Computational Mechanics)

Awaited: FH Aachen, Uni Duisburg-Essen, FH Ingolstald, Soest.

Rejection : FH Kiel (Wind Engineering)

Profile: Placed in Carraro Technologies India Limited, Good LOR,Distinction in all semesters.

B.E. 69%(Aggregate)

12th -71%,

10th – 82% (SSC),



107) Sheik Mohamed Riyaz

BE Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anna University – 2010

Acceptance: University Ulm ( Communication Technology )

Awaiting: University of Bremen (CIT)

Profile: Placed in AricentTechnologies Limited, Good LOR,SOP,Distinction in all semesters.

B.E. 78%

12th – 83%

10th – 89%




108) Yatin Shahl :Mechanical Enginering: Mumbai University, Maharashtra

  1. Acceptance: TU Berlin (GPE-Solar)
  2. Rejection: Duisber-Essen (Steel Technology, Automation & Control), Siegen (Mechatronics), Ravensberg (Mechantronics)
  • Strength: 1yr internship + 3 yr work experience in same company, average academics, don’t know about LOR & SOP
  • 1 National Level Paper presentation, knowledge of some softwares
  • IELTS – 8.0
  • Down Side: Belong from non elite institute, not given GRE
  • Profile: 10th:78%, 12th:72%, ug:65%, GRE:1250, Internships, Projects(on job) and Extra Curriculars.


109) Sandeep Bangera : Mechanical Engineering,BMSIT Bangalore

  1. Acceptance: Emden/leer, University of manchester, uni of lancester, uni of surrey, South westphalia uni of applied science
  2. Rejection: Uni of ingolstadt, Uni of cranfield
  • Strength: 3 years of work experience in General motos and Tata consulting engineers
  • Comprehensive IPR course for young managers org by Tata group
  • Was member of NSS and CSR in school and office
  • Profile: Degree 74.5%, Ielts 6.5


110) Rishikesh Bhosale: Electronics and telecomm. Enginner , VIT Pune University

1. Acceptance :Duisberg-essen for Msc in Technical Logistics

2. Rejection : Ingolstadt, FH Aachen.

3. Strength : Internships, SOP ,LOR and extra curricular

IEEE member, Teaching experience

4. Profile: BE- 7.8/10 ,10th -79.20% , 12th- 80.50%


111) Sameer H Panchamukhi

B.E – Industrial and Production Engineering

UG: 7.85

College: Manipal Institute of Technology

10th: 80%

12th: 75%

GRE: 311

TOEFL: 109

Work ex: Acceture – 2 years (by the time I start studying)

Applied: TUHH(IPM), TU Berlin(GPE), Tu Dortmund(MMT), RWTH Aachen(PSE)

Admit(so far): TUHH(IPM), RWTH Aachen(PSE)

Email: [email protected]


112) Koustubh D.Shirke

B.E. – Mechanical Engineering

College- Shivaji University ,Kolhapur

10th – 84 %

12th – 81%

GRE – 292

German Language – A1 & A2

Applied – Fh Achen ,Ingolstadt , Duisburg Essen University

Admit –¬†Duisburg Essen University

Email- [email protected]


113)Sriram Akkapeddi

10th- 86%

Intermediate- 87%

B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering ,75% (No backlogs) College-H.I.T.S (Affiliated to J.N.T.U,Hyderabad)


German language proficiency-completed B1

Internships-2 (Mahindra and Mahindra,National Thermal Power Corporation)


Workshop- Designed and assembled a Formula SAE car at IIT Chennai.


Softwares-Autocad,Catia,Ricardo and Lotus Shark.

Applied-FH Aachen,Hochschule Ingolstadt,University of Duisburg-Essen,T.U Freiburg,University of Stuttgart,Konstanz University of Applied Sciences,University of Reutlingen,Zwickau University of applied sciences.

Admits-All the above mentioned universities except FH Aachen and Hochschule Ingolstadt.


114) Bharadwaj Desikan

10th – 94%

12th – 95 %


TOEFL – 104

Work Ex- 3+ yr3

Papers Published – 2

Applied – Saarland Computer Science, Paderborn CS, TUHH (Info and

comm Technology), RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt,

Admits – TUHH (Info and comm )

Reject – Saarlan ,Paderborn

Awaiting – RWTH , TU darmstadt



Course: M.Sc. computatioal engineering

Accepted: TU Braunschweig( My destination) Univ of Duisberg Polimi


Awaiting: TU Freiberg

Profile: 10th 75 %, 12th 88%

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineerig

CGPA 70/10

(2 Research projects at RCI)


116) V.Pravin

Course: M.Eng Automotive Systems – Vehicle Dynamics

Accepted: Esslingen University

Awaiting : RWTH Aachen Msc in Automotive Engg

Profile: 10th 88%, 12th 95%

CGPA 9.1/10 (BE – Auto engg)

Work Exp : 1 Yr in Rane TRW steering systems Ltd

Few papers presented

German profociency: A2

email : [email protected]


117) Name:K Kalpesh Singh

Profile: Btech JNTUH (Mech ) 75.17%,XIIth 82.8%,Xth 70.4%,IELTS 7.0.GATE


Applied: Stugart(Mat Sc) Btu Cottbus(Power Engg), Augsburg, Emden

leer, Ruhr(Comp engg), Magdeburg, Ingolstadt(IAE)

Rejected: Cottbus,Magdeburg

Waiting: Stugaart, Ingolstadt

Admits: Augsburg, Emden, Ruhr (on hold)

Strong Points: Strong LOR‚ÄĚS and SOP,Intership in BHEL,CAD

courses form CITD

Downside: No Work Exp, Less grade, No gre



118)  G Anjankumar.

Intake: Summer 2013

Admits: Goa University (Physics) ūüėõ ūüėõ , HHU Dusseldorf (Int Masters in Physics), University of Siegen (IMP) , University of Nurnberg Erlangen ( Materials Sciences) ,¬†University of Augsburg ( Materials Sciences) ,Universidade do Porto, portugal (Physics),Universit√° degli Studi di Trento,Italy ( Physics ), Both India4Eu reserve list.

Rejections: TUD, University of Paderbon ( Late submission), MaMaSelf, FH Aachen.

Awaiting: None.

A1 Certifications, University level poster presentations, National Seminars, IELTS 8 , 2nd in college, Strong LOR’s.


119) Rohit Jain

Intake: Winter 2013

Profile: BE Computer Science 70%, Toefl 103, 5+ years work exp in Software Engg., 1 provisional patent, Numerous corporate awards and college extra curricular

Admits: TU Darmstadt (Distributed Software Systems), University of Paderborn (Computer Science) and HFT Stuttgart (GeoInformatics and Photogrammetry)

contact: msg  me in facebook = https://www.facebook.com/4rohitjain


120) Prasad Benakatti ( BVBCET, Hubli )


  • SSLC- 82.72,
  • PU- 87.33,
  • BE-8.54,
  • Ielts- 6.5,
  • Gre- 303,
  • German- A1

Intake: Summer 2014

Applied for: TH Ingolstadt( Courses:IAE & APE), TUHH( Mechatronics)

Admits: APE & Mechatronics

Rejection: IAE because of less aggregate

Destination: Ingolstadt




121) Uma Saranya AR

BE- 92%

Ielts- 6.5

German – B1

12th- 89%

10th – 91%

International journal and few papers projects.


Admits : H_da, Esslingen

Destination : Esslingen

Intake: 2014 Winter



122) Sunil Gopalakrishna

BE(VTU) -71%Ielts- 8German – A112th- 64%10th – 81%Project on CFD in IISc. ,attended workshops on computational Engg,Extra curriculars(No papers presented)

Applied: TU Braunschweig, TU Freiberg, FAU, Siegen, Duisburg-essen,CAU Kiel, Wuppertal, FH aalen, FH rhein WaalRejects: TU Braunschweig, TU FreibergAdmits : Friedrich-Alexander-Universit√§t Erlangen-N√ľrnberg (FAU)Intake: 2014 WinterContact: [email protected]


123) Gaurav Chotalia


BE (Mechanical) – 69.5 %12th – 82 %10th – 76 %IELTS – 7.5

No research paper.

Work experience: 3 yrs as Design Engineer with Indian subsidary of German Firm (Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.) out of which 4 months of International exposure while working at HQ in Germany.

Coursed applied: TUM(COME), Ruhr Bochum (COMP-ENG), ICAMS Ruhr Bochum (MSS), TU Wuppertal (Computer Simulation Science), GRS Aachen (SiSc), FAU Erlangen (CE-Computational Material Science), TU Freiburg (Computational Material Science)

Acceptance: FAU Erlangen (Computational Engineering- Computational Material Science), deciding factor – mostly due to work experience (Seems so from profile of selected students)


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