Immunization Requirements for International Students at US Universities

Immunization and Vaccination requirements for International students at US Universities. Tests and Vaccinations required before travelling to USA. Where to get the Immunization certificates?

Immunization and Vaccinations for International students

US Universities require all students joining the university to provide proof of immunizations against
2) Mumps
3) Rubella
4) Tetanus
5) Diphtheria
6) Pertussis
7) Hepatitis B
8) Meningococcal meningitis
9) Varicella (chicken pox)
Usually students need to download the immunization forms specified by University, fill them and signed by a doctor at your local hospitals. you need to submit the form to the university at Student Health Service center. Make sure you submit them on time otherwise it may delay your enrollment

Once you reach the university you may need to have Tuberculosis (TB) blood test done at the University. This will cost $50-100 depending on the Health Services center.

Immunization Requirements of some Universities

University of Maryland >>
Rutgers University >>
University of Florida >>
Stanford University >>

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