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Guidelines to write a good SOP

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“The SOP is an essay that a student is required to write wherein he/she has to clearly state their intentions to study abroad. A well drafted SOP is essential and can be crucial in the admission committee’s decision making process. A SOP should ideally be original, precise and focused with clarity of thought. It is your opportunity to convey information to the admissions committee which needs to be highlighted”.

SOP should include the following points:

1) Why have you selected the particular course and how it will enhance your career?
2) Why are you applying to the particular institution and country?
3) Your long term career goals and how will you achieve them?
4) In case of relevant work experience, mention the connection with the course.
5) Your accomplishments in academics, extra-curricular and sports activities etc.
6) Becoming a responsible and competent candidate to hold good jobs and carrying forward the placement records of the university.

Your SOP must be clear with short sentences, precise, honest, enthusiastic, realistic and in a confident tone.

Contents of SOP:

1-Considering all the above-mentioned points, you must start framing the very first sentence of your SOP. Remember, this line and the following first paragraph will make your SOP stand apart from that of others. As you know, first impression lasts, make sure your first paragraph should be well framed and organized enough to grab the reader’s attention.

2- First two paragraphs should describe your academics in brief. Don’t be so elaborate, since your marks cards and project details are sufficient for this.

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3- Present your favourite subjects that are related to the opted one in your application. Make the reader feel your interest in pursuing the subject from early stage of academic.

Note: If you have changed your stream of specializations, be confident and provide reasonable arguments for that. Convince the reader about your right decision.

4- Forecast on your intention behind studying the particular subject/course. Present your intelligence, skill and aptitude, which are required by the opted course to be completed.
Assure the reader regarding your eligibility to get into the course.

5- Present your prospects after the course completion. You can either talk about good jobs (by which you can raise the placement record of the university.); or you can wish for further study and mastery over the subject and carry on research (contributing towards the prosperity in research papers published by the university.)


You must keep an account of the following things while you pen down your SOP:

1- Use grammatical correct sentences. Frame paragraphs with good usage of vocabulary. Avoid using bombastic words even if it is not required.

2- Do not tend to lie regarding your achievements which can be easily traced out and prove wrong.

3- You may hide your flaws and your fickle nature to keep a good impression.

4- Don’t disgrace other universities in order to show the applied one more respect. Try to club up their good points regarding, faculties, quality of education imparted, infrastructures etc. Be brief regarding this.

5- Spot the importance on your future plans rather than playing the saga about your earlier years.

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6- Don’t use biased or questionable words or sentences. You can even put a line describing your tolerant nature (towards religious, cult, and cultural and political diversities.


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