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F1 Visa Financial Documents – Summary and Supporting Documents

A lot of students preparing for their F1 visa interviews on their own, just seem to panic at the last moments of their application, when it’s actually the last formality to be taken care off before you fly to your dream university.

Note: Before you read this, please note that Online blogs and forums are just meant to give you general awareness and should be taken just for information purposes. No agency, consultancy or organization can help you with your Visa Procedure / Guarantee you Visa, so beware :)

Now that the disclaimer for F1 Visa Financial Documents is done, let’s move on…

I myself, was one among those last month as I was preparing for my F1 Visa Interview. I have been through the hassles of piles of documentation, doing it all on my own (with a little help from Chirag and a very friendly uncle of mine, whose probably the coolest guy I know). So for those who are preparing on their own, without spending truckload of cash on the so called “expert consultants”, I decided to make things a bit more easier for your guys with this quick Summary of F1 Visa Financial Documents.

While each one’s VI will vary from one officer to the other, the basic criteria for judging a candidate’s financial stability is the same. The Visa officers want to ensure the following three things before granting you the Visa to your dreamland :

1. The student applying for the student Visa, has enough liquid financial resources to fund their studies for 2 years and manage living expenses.

2. The sponsor financing the student, has enough savings/ stable income, so they can sustain their lives comfortably while sponsoring the candidate’s education.

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3. The student and sponsor have a strong relationship, and ties with their home country to rule out potential immigration

So how exactly do you prepare your financial documents to cover the above 3 points, without actually loading up the consular officer’s desk with your Family’s full financial portfolio. The answer is simple. You need to prepare your financial docs methodically so that everyone’s time is saved. The less difficult you make the finance part of your VI, the smoother the interview goes. So here’s how it’s done:

1. Prepare a quick one page summary that gives the Visa officer an idea of your family’s financial stability, mentioning all Assests and Liabilities. Make two sections on this first page, one enlisting all the liquid assets at the top and the other mentioning the non-movable assets. The last two columns should show the value in INR and $ respectively.

2. The second page should be a quick summary of the current, stable source of Income for your sponsor or family. This is one of the most important document and expect to answer a couple of quick questions on this.

3. The third page, if the officer bothers to skim through, will be enough to convince them that you know your stuff and have sound financial planning. This page is aimed at summarizing how you plan to pay your fees and manage expenses over the course of next 24 months.

I would recommend you to prepare the above three pages in an excel first by yourself. Remember, each of the items, you mention in the first sheet, should have a valid supporting documents.

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