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Sample SOP for MS in Sociology

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This sample SOP is for applying to a master’s program in Sociology in the UK.

In the modern world, in which cultures and countries are increasingly interconnected, it is essential to have a firm understanding of various world cultures. With this in mind, I am eager to undertake advanced studies of sociology overseas, learning more about this subject while also experiencing daily life in a new environment. I have always been driven to explore the world and learn more about how societies function on a macro-scale, and I was thus very excited when I found the MA in Sociology program at XXX University. I am encouraged by the curriculum, professors, and resources available in your institution, and I am inspired to devote myself to advanced studies of Sociology. Having done some research into the content of this program, I strongly believe that it will allow me to strengthen my analytical skills, whilst inspiring me and giving me the opportunity to develop my ideas.

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As an undergraduate in Goodwell University, majoring in Foreign Languages and Literature, I learned a great deal, both academically and in daily life. In this major, I acquired much useful professional knowledge and confirmed my strong interests in different societies and cultures by taking the required courses, including courses focusing on American literature, European literature, and the literature of different Asian countries. In addition to the required courses, I also took elective courses related to sociology, gender issues, communication and negotiation, and various language courses. Our instructors often shared with us their own practical foreign experiences which influenced me considerably and reinforced my determination to pursue studies abroad. I am drawn to the UK by its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and unique historical legacy. Although my university studies are not directly to my proposed major, I am confident that my passion and diligence will enable me to take full advantage of the education you offer and successfully complete my studies.

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With regard to my future plans, I hope to take advantage of my time studying in your MA in Sociology program to strengthen my background in the field, and I especially hope to focus on the area of Women’s Studies. After completion of the MA in Sociology program, I hope to enter the Ph.D. program to conduct further research. As for my long-term goals, after completing my postgraduate education I hope to return to my native country and apply my skills and expertise to make beneficial contributions to the field of sociology and the culture in general. I hope to combine my personal interest with the education and practical knowledge gained from your program to help advance the field of sociology in my country. The MA in Sociology offered by your school is integral to my goals, and I therefore sincerely hope that you will give me a chance to develop my skills and further reinforce my capabilities in your esteemed department.


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