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Industrial Engineering & Management Rankings

US University Rankings for MS, PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Major. GIT occupied the first place for Industrial engineering.

1. Georgia Institute Of Technology ATLANTA
2. Stanford University STANFORD
3. University Of California-Berkeley BERKELEY
4. University Of Michigan
Ann Arbor
5. Purdue University West Lafayette
6. Northwestern University EVANSTON
7. University Of Wisconsin-Madison MADISON
8. Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State U BLACKSBURG
9. Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign URBANA
10. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst TROY
11. Pennsylvania State University University Park
12. University Of Southern California Los Angeles
13. Texas A&m University College Station
14. Ohio State University COLUMBUS
15. Auburn University AUBURN
16. University Of Iowa LOWA
17. Northeastern University BOSTON
18. Lehigh University BETHLEHEM
19. Arizona State University TEMPE
20. University Of Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH
21. North Carolina State University RALEIGH
22. State Univ Of New York-Buffalo BUFFALO
23. University Of Nebraska-Lincoln LINCOLN
24. Oklahoma State University STILLWATER
25. University Of Oklahoma L-1 Norman
26. Kansas State University MANHATTAN
27. Wayne State University DETROIT
28. Iowa State University IOWA
29. Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst AMHERST
30. University Of Florida GAINESVILLE
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