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Help me with your useful suggestions. So that I can overcome my F1 Visa rejection.  



Hello everyone, I just wanted some suggestions or corrections if needed. So that I will get to know what went wrong during my visa interview. 
VO: what is ur age?
Me: it's 24
VO:which is ur home town?
Me: karwar district
VO: which specialisation?
Me: biomedical
VO: how universities applied?
Me:I applied to total of 3universities, out of which I received 2admits and 1was a reject.
VO: which are the admits?
Me: Duquesne univ and UNH.
Me: city college of New York.
VO: who is sponsoring u?
Me: my father is sponsoring my education.
VO: what is he doing?
Me:he work at construction business where he is a sol proprietor of shanteri enterprises.
VO:how many pple working under him?
Me: around 10pple
VO: how much savings does he have?
Me: a total of 50lks.
VO: how much liquid funds u have got?
Me: altogether 55 lks including education loan and savings. And savings include all FD's , RD, mutual fund and LIC.
She was typing fr some time and then she tld me sry you are not qualified under immigration act. And issued 214b.
This was the conversation in my visa interview. Help me with your useful suggestions. So that I can overcome my rejection.


Hey so I had a friend who went for visa counseling and she was very happy with it. She also received her visa. If you want you could get in touch with them.

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Funds. For my son I had to show minimum 35K in $, even though we are US residents and tax payers. For international, it is more. We need to show at least double the times of the amount in the I20


you have to fine tune your last 2 answers

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