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How to pursue Bache...
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How to pursue Bachelors in Germany  



A German bachelor degree will give you a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of your profession. Know about how to pursue bachelors in germany Germany is often deemed as the birthplace of research universities. It has a substantialeducational history. Top six colleges among the top hundred Universities in the wholeworld are German. As it is…

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Additional details below.

Sending Application for Bachelor Courses in Germany

Since this article is specifically for Bachelor’s Courses, this article is going to discuss four ways using which an Indian student can apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany.

Route 1: Direct after 12th
For those students who have completed high school in an Indian School, German Bachelor Colleges offer admission only if they have sound knowledge of German Language.
The student should have secured B1 grade in German language test.
Having Cleared the test, they need to apply for a Student Visa
Once the Visa is granted, they need to fly to a German City to take the Aufnahmeprüfung, an entrance test that educational institutions conduct to select students for admission.
Once you pass the Aufnahmeprüfung, the student is required to attend Studienkolleg, a preparatory course for academic studies at university.
After completing the Studienkolleg, the student is eligible to begin the bachelor’s course in a German University.
Route 2: Admission after 1st Year Bachelor Education in India
Indian Students can also apply for Bachelor degree in Germany if they have passed year 1 of any bachelor course from an Indian Institution. The route is similar for this mode. However, there is some difference.
The college from where you’ve completed year 1 of your course, should be listed among the selective colleges available at anabin website.
This website has a directory of all the institutions whose pass out students are eligible for getting admission in a Bachelor’s program in Germany.
So, if you wish to apply through this mode, make sure to check you institute’s eligibility at https://anabin.kmk.org/anabin.html
For this route too, you need to have secured B1 grade in German language test.
Route 3: Admission after securing a Diploma from an affiliated Indian Institution
Indian students aspiring to study a Bachelors course in a German institute can apply if they have completed a Diploma degree in the similar field of education. The process for application is similar for this route too.
The student should have secured B1 grade in German language test to be eligible to apply for Visa.
The candidate needs to fly to Germany for taking Aufnahmeprüfung, and then to attend Studienkolleg, completing which, they become eligible to begin the bachelor’s course.
What can you do to qualify German language test and Aufnahmeprüfung?
You can take preparation courses for both these tests since. A lot of Indian institutes are offering foundation and advanced level courses that are adequate to prepare you for your degree program.
This is where most of the students get stuck. To enter into a German School, you must pass this entrance exam, which is not as hard as perceived.
Plenty of Preparatory material are available online, which you can use to study thoroughly.
Take practice tests online or offline, depending on your preferred study mode.
You can also get yourself a tutor
Start with short study blocks. For example, 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the morning, and add more time to slowly.
You can also get yourself some high school level textbooks in German and start reading the lessons.
German Language Test
The level of proficiency in the German language changes according to the standardized test you take and the difficulty of your course.
If your degree program will be taught in Germany language, German proficiency is a must. And so, you need to be able to understand lectures and communicate in German.
The language requirement may vary since some of the programs are taught in English languages too.
Some of the English language test you’ll be required to take are IELTS and TOEFL.
However, some universities may allow you to study without taking a test for the German language, but it's best to learn it before you start your academic sessions.
Even if your bachelor's program is taught in the English language, you will still need German knowledge to communicate with your classmates and teachers.
Managing the Miscellaneous: What else do you need to arrange?
Since you are flying abroad and into a foreign land, there’s a lot more you need to prepare than covering the basics like studying for preparatory exams.
You are required to take the test called ' Test für Ausländische Studierende' (TestAS) to show your aptitude skills. There are three sections in the examination called language test, the core test and subject-specific test.
All international students must get a student visa along with the residence permit. This is the final step of your admission to Germany's bachelor program. All the international students except for EU and EEA need to get a visa to study in Germany. It is advised to start the process of getting a visa three months before you start your study.
Proof for financial stability
It will take you a lot more money to have a bachelor's program in Germany for an ordinary student. You must have minimum €8640 in your bank to manage the studying and living cost in Germany. You’d need to show this amount to your university before you join the classes and fly to a German city to accommodate. When you apply for Visa, you will have to submit a document called 'Finanzierungsnachweis' which is a proof of your financial resources.
Health insurance
It may sound different to Indian students, but it is mandatory for Germany student to get a Health Insurance. After you receive the confirmed admission letter from University, you must opt for getting a Health Insurance. You can get public or private insurance depending upon your need and finances.
Application letter
You should gather all the documents required for your admission application and check them as many times as possible. After this, it's time to apply for your desired study course. The most popular online application website is uni-assist.de. Other than this, there are also many different platforms in which German universities participate.
Some universities may ask you to fill an application of their own along with Uni assist. It is crucial first to contact the university and ask about their terms of admission before you send the application form.
University receives your application then all you got to do is wait for their response. Every time there is a massive collection of apps from international students so yours can take a little time. Beware about the documents you've put along with the application; even a single missing document can delay the process for various days.
Are you ready to adapt to a new culture?
To many of the students, this section might sound unnecessary, but it’s important for you to know whether or not you are prepared to live in a foreign land. You’ve to understand that you will be getting out of your comfort zone; in a different lifestyle, different tradition, culture, food, custom, people, and you’ll have no friends or family to comfort you throughout the journey. Keep yourself mentally prepared. As much as financial and academic preparation is crucial, don’t neglect this aspect of mental preparation.
Do you know which University is best for you?
Here again, let me remind you that you’ll be entering in a foreign country. So, you, most probably don’t know which University is good for you. I suggest conducting a thorough search about all colleges offering your choice of program. Get a thorough analysis about colleges, the kinds of exams they conduct, the fee, and the faculty, and everything else you can get to know before sending out applications.
Here are some of the popular and highly rated German colleges for you to Consider:
1. Fachhochschulen - University of Applied Sciences
The course of this university offers the education of Engineering Social Studies, business and design. They have an application-based learning and need a professional mindset.
As it is application-based learning students are required to solve Complex real-life problems which relate directly to that field. It helps them understand the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the syllabus. University offers internships and a promising future career.
2. Technische Hochschule - technical higher education schools
A traditional learning method is followed in this education school, which includes teaching research since very initial period. It targets at finishing the theory components at the advanced levels of study.
3. Kunsthochschulen - college of Art and music
These universities are for the artist as it teaches creative fields like music, arts, writing, film making, communication-media and fine arts.
4. Dual degree University - This kind of universities offer the program for students full who want to relate the future career with their academic training. Being at this University, the student can continue his business organisation and learn at the institution simultaneously. Generally, students are asked to sign a contract before they opt for such a course.
Over to you now:
Wow, to say we’ve covered a lot, would be understatement. Through this piece, I’ve covered nearly all the basics, but please remember the requirements and conditions may slightly vary depending on your choice of program and the University you have chosen. And so, always rely on the official website and latest brochures for finding out all the relevant information. Is there anything else you need to know about pursuing bachelors in Germany? Hit the comments section below and I’ll answer.

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