Visa Chances if Brother, Sister or Relatives living in USA

I am going to attend F1 Visa Interview for Fall semester. While filling DS – 160 I came across a question – Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents in United States? I have my brother and sister living in USA. My Sister got married and my brother is doing MS in US. Do I really need to mention about my brother and sister in the DS 160 form. I heard if I mention them, visa officer will reject my student visa. Will it cause any problem in the visa interview if I mention them?

You MUST mention about your relatives, siblings living in USA on the DS 160. I will ask for their Name, Relationship and Contact details. Misrepresentation of the Information on DS 160 may cause permanent denial of entry or visa into United States.

Visa officer can easily find your siblings living in USA by matching you father and mother names. So, Don’t lie on the Question in DS-160 about relatives, Siblings.

Coming to Visa chances by having a bother/sister living in USA, I could say visa officer will never reject your visa just because of having siblings in USA. There are many people who got their F1 Visa having their brother or sister living in USA.
Key point in getting visa is – you need to show strong ties in India to come back after you course of study.

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