US visa interview experience



Donald Trump and the US F1 Visa Policies

Ever since Trump made clear his intentions with regard to visa policy for immigrants, the number of international students, especially those that follow Islam, have been understandably dropping. These unfriendly policies have definitely impacted Indian students as well. Irrespective of what religion they follow, the number of Indian students wanting to study in the US has been adversely affected. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for students still interested …

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US Visa Interview Experience as an Indian Student !

The US Visa Interview Experience can be intimidating one. To make it less intimidating, one can read more and more experiences related to actually visa interviews. US Visa Interview Experience as an Indian Student One of the visa interview like this is shared in the video below. This experience has been shared by an Indian student who is joining Purdue University in Fall 2017.The student has been admitted to the …

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