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Why do most Indians...

Why do most Indians prefer to settle abroad?  


Bushra Rahmani
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August 7, 2019 1:58 pm  

Have you ever wondered why do most Indians prefer to settle abroad? According to reports from the United Nations (2015), over 244 million people live in countries outside their countries of birth. In this context it is important to note that Indians make up the largest diaspora population in the world. Over 16 million NRIs…

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August 16, 2019 9:12 am  

The educated unemployment in India

Unemployment is a significant problem in India. Its rate is increasing rapidly every year as people having a graduate or post-graduate degree can't find a job. This phenomenon is called educated unemployment. It happens when you are qualified enough, but not lucky enough to grab the vacancies in time. It occurs when a person is willing to work but cannot find a job that suits him for his living. The State of India’s Environment (SoE) 2019 states that the rate of unemployment has become twice in the last two years. That is an increase of 4% to 7.6% from May 2017 to April 2019. Unemployment in rural areas was also at the peak in April 2019.

Due to the lack of educational skills, people are unable to find a job where they can apply their low-level knowledge. It makes them unqualified for a job. Another kind of unemployment is getting a job but not getting enough wages as needed. This occurs due to unstable Economics of the country. It is also responsible for reducing the employment rate as people are not up for working in a no or low wage job. Our labour market has 55 million people who have their graduate degree, of which 9 million are unemployed. It will be hard to imagine India getting better with such a large amount of unemployed youth.

Many graduates and postgraduates end up being unemployed for a long time. The largest population of youth is in our country, India. 65% of the total population is below age 35; it remarkably affects the financial market and economic situation in India. If the rate keeps on increasing, then there will come at a time will people will stop believing in the education system to get a job. So, it is essential to create awareness about this and make changes now for a better India.

Why India has a high number of educated unemployed people?
The graduate unemployment rate was 9% even after a year of getting a degree in 2008. This is a significant concern as it arises question on our education system. Unemployment on such a large scale does not depend on one single phenomenon. There are many factors responsible for it. There can be reasons from a significant level, like population increase and slow economic growth to a secondary level like a joint family business. It is crucial to understand the reasons behind unemployment then only better solutions can come to give a sustainable livelihood to everyone.

Unemployment is a result of lousy schooling and the lack of sufficient jobs. People can get all the education they want, but if they are not taught practical skills, nobody will hire them. Ironically, 55% of college students are employed and arts- commerce graduates are only 30% employed. It is easy to get a temporary job but much tricky to get a stable, permanent one.
Some significant causes of unemployment are:
1. Population growth
India is a vast country that has 1.3 billion population of people, which is second to China. It is estimated that India's population will cross China's population by the 2024 year. Predictably India will become the most populated country in the 21st century. If employment growth does not increase with the rate of the increasing population, then there can be a huge economic disaster in the coming years.

2. Caste system
The caste system affects various aspects of a person's life in India, and its major drawback is unemployment. For particular caste, they are not allowed to do a certain kind of job in some places. It creates a range of employment in one caste community and a variety of abundant unemployment in other. And those who truly deserve the job they are left behind just because of their caste.

3. Slow industrial growth
Industrial growth can majorly improve the economy. Sometimes this universal phenomenon can have a relatively slow growth rate. When the industry is in full extension, it produces job opportunities. If it is unable to provide the estimated number of jobs as compared to the increasing population and their demands, then it will be of no profit.

4. Slow economic growth
Indian economy is one of the most underdeveloped economies in the world because its growth rate is considerably slower. Which means that the economy cannot keep up with the demands of increasing population and will not be able to provide enough employment. As a result, people won’t find work, which causes insufficient employment countrywide.

5. Joint family system
This kind of unemployment is termed as ‘disguised’ as it contributes to low productivity. Some people depend on their large family businesses and do not add to any other substantive work. It can be beneficial for those who cannot do any other job and get support from their family business.

6. Immobility
Due to attachment and maintenance of the family, many people avoid going outside to search for new jobs. They don't like long-distance travel for jobs, which makes them lose some best chances. Many people are skilled and talented enough to pursue a career but cannot reach the location; it also magnifies unemployment. Other reasons for immobility are culture, language, religion and climate concerns.

Life through the limbo period
It is the amount of period which people have to wait to get sufficient jobs. For a significant period, people are unemployed because of no vacancies available. Many factors influence people like mental makeup, behaviour and actions in the limbo period, for example, treatment given by families and also the financial status. People still believe college education can open doors for a promising future career, but even with a degree in hand, they continue to remain closed. This creates frustration and resentfulness in youth, which restricts them for applying to jobs.

Risks due to unemployment
• Unemployment leads to poverty
• If people are unemployed for a long time, then they are attracted to the wrong path to earn money
• Our youth can get stressed and depressed because of this problem
• Youngsters are motivated towards drugs and alcohol and even think about suicide is the last option
• Less economic growth

India can stop unemployment?
Two reasons for unemployment are when a person is not educated enough to approve for the job or if he is skilled but cannot find vacancies. Many graduates, like doctors and engineers, are unemployed or still seeking work. Recommended options to control unemployment are:
1. Control in rising population- Government should inspire people to have small families, and then there will be gradual control in population.
2. Improvement in education quality- Students should be taught knowledge about the practical work they will do and not just the syllabus because it is of no use to industries.
3. They should join proper training institutes, which gives them correct guidance for their future jobs.
4. The government should make the agriculturally based industry so that people in rural areas can find employment.
5. Development in rural areas will encourage people to stay there and do the job instead of migrating outside.
6. There should be more Rapid industrialization.

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August 20, 2019 1:56 pm  

This is so true. They should actually think and work on it for their own future

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